A Spontaneous Date in my Truck - Camp, and Cook.

Apr 6, 2021
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wow that was a beautiful sunrise
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  • Man I have goals to live like you 🤣

    HUSTLER .GHUSTLER .G7 hours ago
  • I thought he was with that other semi homeless chick that helped him build his Ford home... guess I’m lost

    Salty FishSalty Fish7 hours ago
  • I like your videos you look like a really nice humble person hope this coments and likes support your channel

    Grabiel ValdesGrabiel Valdes8 hours ago
  • That looks ridiculously fun and hey maybe she’ll keep up with you!!

    Nicholas KelloggNicholas Kellogg11 hours ago
  • Anyone know what road that is? Or how to get to the camp area??

    Christopher LauChristopher Lau11 hours ago
  • we all know what happened that night

    hugo wheelerhugo wheeler14 hours ago
  • Outstanding trip! You took a chance and went to Moab, and it paid off. You only live once, brother.

    Wheelman JoshWheelman Josh15 hours ago
  • Slspwwls

    Aaron FrantomAaron Frantom15 hours ago
  • Where is that located? Great stuff

    ChrisChris17 hours ago
  • I don't know why but all the other guys in Sophia's groups gave me creepy chills up my back idk why

    Bobby ThompsonBobby ThompsonDay ago
  • I have been looking for some places to chill at in utah where did you find that natural hot springs ?

    Bobby ThompsonBobby ThompsonDay ago
  • I really respect that life, such freedom my man its inspiring on every lvl

    Hectik HectorHectik HectorDay ago
  • "I was having too much fun, let's just put it that way." Yeah we know what way. 😏

    iDoit4LoLziDoit4LoLzDay ago
  • I like the mandolin orange in the morning 🤙🤙

    Sam AbrahamsSam AbrahamsDay ago
  • Im from colorado bro. why havent you hit me up. it looks like fun. your the man. keep it up

    Adrian AccardiAdrian AccardiDay ago
  • Yo I hope you and this girl work out bro

    Cade StokerCade StokerDay ago
  • She be easy

    Zzst ZZzst ZDay ago
  • u get laid dude?

    Zach DerhakZach DerhakDay ago
  • This is my favourite video so far lol

    Ray SallansRay SallansDay ago
  • My guy had a 3some then some breakfast What a hero 😂

    Arroz Con PolloArroz Con PolloDay ago
  • 6:16 helll yeahhh mah bohy

    Arhtoin MeloesArhtoin MeloesDay ago
  • Is this near Durango?

    Ryan HayworthRyan HayworthDay ago

    Andrew PowersAndrew PowersDay ago
  • anyone know the song @ 4:52?

    Ryan ColumbanoRyan ColumbanoDay ago
  • what kind of people can dislike this?

    gardini100gardini100Day ago
  • what a homie. just sending it to moab with some girl he met at a shop 🤘🏼🤘🏼

    Riley JessenRiley JessenDay ago
  • im happy for him

    mad bro_mad bro_Day ago
  • boys i thinck yall boy mav is in a realationship

    mad bro_mad bro_Day ago
  • 5:38 all smiles in the morning, haha must have been a great night!!

    Brent RykalaBrent RykalaDay ago
  • This man got not only 1 but 2 girls jesus

    Mihai TomaMihai Toma2 days ago
  • i am so jealous of the places that they can go. facking belgium

    Car FreaksCar Freaks2 days ago
  • Your date is beautiful

    Mgm GranTTMgm GranTT2 days ago
  • What would mav do.

    LAMAR RansomeLAMAR Ransome2 days ago
  • Datsss soo coolll.....got this on my bucket list

    NathanWafu VLOGZNathanWafu VLOGZ2 days ago
  • It’s shackin season

    Ryan NealRyan Neal2 days ago
  • Glad you went Mav! Looks like a blast!

    Gailon HillGailon Hill2 days ago
  • LETS GO MAV!!!!!!!!!!

    BIZY YTBIZY YT2 days ago
  • Mav’s truck bed & breakfast.

    InshoreAndyInshoreAndy2 days ago

    JieJie2 days ago
  • Add that to the bucket list. Rail a girl in your truck with a sunset like something out of the lion king

    Archie MarshallArchie Marshall2 days ago
  • Where is that camping spot in MOAB?

    Bliss MadnessBliss Madness2 days ago
  • Where is that Hot Spring it looks dope

    Bliss MadnessBliss Madness2 days ago
  • Mav bussin cheeks again

    mcrelanomcrelano2 days ago
  • I’m proud

    RAWzMediaRAWzMedia2 days ago
  • Dude ,hands down, I enjoy this channel. Discovered it by chance cause it includes my interests, and keep it 👍

    ジャロッドジャロッド2 days ago
  • So cool, Mav! Way to Carpe Diem! ✌

    Emmy ArellanoEmmy Arellano2 days ago
  • Mavs not just alive, hes living. Hell yea my man! Keep it up.

    James OtisJames Otis2 days ago
  • Bro 😎✌🤙

    RUTHLEXRUTHLEX2 days ago
  • No Maverick you are having fun getting laid LOL

    Mike MartinMike Martin2 days ago
  • Anyone know what trail this is?

    Christian LeagreChristian Leagre2 days ago
  • I’d marry her.

    Wes WarrenWes Warren2 days ago
  • So amazing...I'm glad you said yes! Fun group of people.

    EyesMindOpenEyesMindOpen2 days ago
  • I was grinning the whole time bro. Really happy you went.

    SauravSaurav3 days ago
  • Anybody know the trail he’s on?

    LandgrenadeLandgrenade3 days ago
  • The Mav Man!!!!!

    Michael V Archey JrMichael V Archey Jr3 days ago
  • Sticky Fingers playing in the back is amazing. Love from Australia, home of STIFI!

    JarvisJarvis3 days ago
  • Cmon. What happened to you & Hannah? Poor girl can’t get over you when you’re hot and online

    toni ptoni p3 days ago
  • Smooth as water...

    Johnny GarciaJohnny Garcia3 days ago
  • IK THAT HOT SPRINGS!! Its about 30 min drive into the valley passing carbondale!!

    Cristian Cuevas DíazCristian Cuevas Díaz3 days ago
  • I'm so glad you went to Moab, Mav!!! Looks like an awesome trip..all of it! I have a 2013 F150 XLT, and now I'm chomping at the bit to get on the road!! Thank you for inspiring me! I found your USworlds channel very early yesterday morning, and I am addicted! I can't wait to see where you're traveling to next!! Safe travels and Keep On Truckin'!!🤙🤘😊🌞

    MontanamtngirlMontanamtngirl3 days ago
  • Did he hit tho?

    John ChurtonJohn Churton3 days ago
  • Mav is the guy she told you not to worry about ......

    Jake QuincyJake Quincy3 days ago
  • Dude!! Stick with this group as much as you can!

    aaron tenaaaron tena3 days ago
  • good for u mav!!!! awesome vid!

    mallard slayermallard slayer3 days ago
  • got the same orange pan, loved it but it only lasted a few months

    MikeMike3 days ago

    Dab King420Dab King4203 days ago

    Dab King420Dab King4203 days ago
  • Dude this was sick good job mav way to know how to have fun

    Chris ChrisChris Chris3 days ago
  • Can you keep dating her please! You guys look sooo cuute together 😀

    OMGitsMAMAGEEOMGitsMAMAGEE3 days ago
  • Well done! never say never to a good opportunity of good fun!

    Hector RiveraHector Rivera3 days ago
  • Did u hit

    Aye SonnAye Sonn3 days ago
  • Better grab those opportunities while and when you can!

    ldn0224ldn02243 days ago
  • Got a lot of leavin left to do🎶...

    Charles MorrisCharles Morris3 days ago
  • Hope you got laid for feeding everybody 😂 good man

    luis sanchezluis sanchez3 days ago
  • He makes pulling girls look so easy LMAO

    beanboibeanboi3 days ago
  • yeah i think id have passe dup fishing too and went with the girl and those peopel i think thats a good decision. im not good wiht people in general myself or new peopel especially unless i have soemone i know there...im older now 40 but for soem reason that part of me has gotten worse maybe? idk i just have less desire to mingle wiht new peopel i guess idk neat stuff anyway...........YOUD BETTER CALL HER

    Sonny CSonny C3 days ago
  • Bro, I’m so jealous!!! I am going to make this happen one day. I hope you had a ton of fun!!

    beanboibeanboi3 days ago
  • And people wonder why he has a bedroom in the back of his truck.. well after this, there should be no reason to ask

    CharlesCharles3 days ago
  • Man..living the life. Awesome mav!!!!

    Heath SageHeath Sage3 days ago
  • This is hella fun to watch

    ConorConor3 days ago
  • My favorite episode, the love is in the air!!!

    Jose HereterJose Hereter3 days ago
  • Imagine camping with Mav

    Euro TrashEuro Trash3 days ago
  • Hey I see you have a PO Box in Duluth. I’m from Superior

    Jesse StienJesse Stien3 days ago
  • Mav found himself a lady friend

    Marcus HMarcus H3 days ago
  • Happy to see Mav hanging out with people and just having fun

    Tomas BotsfordTomas Botsford4 days ago
  • Mav what was the name of the trail/campsite you guys stayed at overlooking the canyon? Heading that way in June and would like to check it out. Great video

    Jake ShawJake Shaw4 days ago

  • They did the deed

    Syfe pigSyfe pig4 days ago
  • Gotta do more vids like this. This is one of my favorite videos from you. Or maybe i just like the off roading clips lmao

    BH _ 916BH _ 9164 days ago
  • Awesome

    Guy with GunsGuy with Guns4 days ago
  • She's a cutie. Hang onto that one.

    mntwins28mntwins284 days ago
  • "Hell yea brother" hahahaha

    _Optifine_Optifine4 days ago
  • My guy mav got game 😂😂🤝🤝

    Balmain TvBalmain Tv4 days ago
  • You should do more videos like this nice 🤙🏽

    andres bernalandres bernal4 days ago
  • Legend!! Lol

    B BB B4 days ago
  • It’s the way of the road:)

    Timothy GrahamTimothy Graham4 days ago
  • That’s my boy !! Enjoying his life !!!

    Si OmarSi Omar4 days ago
  • I enjoy your fishing videos but off-roading is a good change of pass hope you put both types of content out in the future

    JayJay4 days ago
  • Prolly one of my fav vids. I think you may have found your pac!!

    Trent AdcockTrent Adcock4 days ago
  • You got it made my dude 🤘!! Enjoy these moments as much as possible. And thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us. Much love and safe travels Mav.

    Jeff FreemanJeff Freeman4 days ago