A Philosopher Reacts to "God's Not Dead"

Dec 31, 2020
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God's Not Dead: Can God and Philosophy just get along?
God’s Not Dead is a film that takes place inside a philosophy lecture hall. It’s also a film where philosophy is depicted as a method of radical atheist indoctrination. In this episode of A Philosopher Reacts, we explores the relationship between academic philosophy, atheism . . . and the guy from Duck Dynasty.

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Hosted and Analyzed by: Michael Burns
Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
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  • A professor in an academic institution would definitely be able to chase a student in a hallway and assault him if you live in shitty Eastern Europe.

    Porkus MaximusPorkus Maximus15 hours ago
  • Kevin Sorbo channeling his inner sovereign

    Mr.NobodyMr.NobodyDay ago
  • I remember when this movie came out. I thought it was good because what my Mom mentioned is that "You should practice your faith." She is totally right! It's just that most Christian movie are just cringy. Most of the Christian movies and songs just have a lack of passion in the art there making. One of my favorite Christian movies is The Passion of Christ as it's actually really good. That one and The Prince of egypt is also another great movie!

    Its MyDyslexiaIts MyDyslexiaDay ago
  • My own mother tried defending this movie. I still don't know how to confront her.

    Antonio cernaAntonio cernaDay ago
  • I love how this movie shows just how little these Christians understand atheism

    TheWizardGameingTheWizardGameingDay ago
  • The producers of this film: Look I am a mighty warrior for I have vanquished the army of straw men!

    Alyssa NeilsonAlyssa Neilson2 days ago
  • I knew the movie was blatant propaganda when it became clear that everyone in the movie who was non-Christian leaning was portrayed as villainous blights on society, and everyone who was seeking out Christianity was portrayed as saint-like lambs awaiting a shepherd.

    The Great DragonThe Great Dragon3 days ago
  • This movie would've been more fun if the philosophy professor was a die hard absurdist, imagine the "everything is permissible" scene but the professor is just saying yes to every claim that continues this phrase

    david camilo quintero restrepodavid camilo quintero restrepo3 days ago
  • "I wonder what God's GPA is."

    Jason Dias author pageJason Dias author page3 days ago
  • I love how they build a strawman and still fail.

    Rivga CooperRivga Cooper3 days ago
  • I strongly believe that there is finally something that religious people, atheists and people who enjoy philosophy can agree on: that this movies SUCKS big time … please correct me if you or someone you know thinks different.

    Bernhard MaierhoferBernhard Maierhofer5 days ago
  • This is painful to watch even as review

    João V M L SilvaJoão V M L Silva6 days ago
  • Please do a philosophy of Xenosaga!

    DJKokaKolaDJKokaKola6 days ago
  • Yes, that is the average atheist, thanks for not misrepresenting or straw manning.

    MegaBd23MegaBd236 days ago
  • Oh god. Someone actually found this piece of crap of a movie.

    Chartreuse MaidenChartreuse Maiden6 days ago
  • If you hate God, you aren't an atheist.

    Troy DurhamTroy Durham7 days ago
  • "Mr. Protein-in-his-toothpaste" OMG, that was a great one! XD

    FranciscusListFranciscusList7 days ago
  • 16:15 he contradicted himself *oof*

    jayvhon calmajayvhon calma7 days ago
  • God is not dead but either way I don't care I neither hate him or love him the teacher in this movie is pretty ironic

    jayvhon calmajayvhon calma7 days ago
  • Chomsky is def a philosopher especially for his contributions to philosophy of language

    Thomas HowaldThomas Howald8 days ago
  • My favorite thing about this video is all the petnames you gave Prof Hasbeen 🤣🤣🤣

    lordgabuxlordgabux8 days ago
  • Note to actors: If you ever find yourself in a movie, opposite Kevin Sorbo.....your career is over. Sorry:(

    Randy KrusRandy Krus8 days ago
  • The guy is an idiot he has no idea what he’s talking about. God is real believe me when I tell you he is real. Everything what the Bible is saying today is coming through as we live our lives out. This guy he said he went to Bible school for summer camp or something and his destination is hell. Anyone who believes there is no such thing is God I feel sorry for you. There is so much proof that God is real it is unbelievable. I have traveled to Brazil witchcraft is very strong down there. They have a bunch of witchcraft stores. In Africa before before they declare a person dead a pastor prays over therm. person deada past appraisal with them. In a county that I used to live in there was a woman dead and these two men were praying for her she was in the morgue with the undertaker she woke up in the bag and undertaker flipped out. She came alive. God is real and Jesus is returning. If you wanna believe this guy can you do it. Believe me there’s only two places heaven and hell. Look at Ari hallmark who is caught in a tornado and she saw her grandpa that much she never knew because he died when she was six months old. She saw her baby sister in heaven. She saw her father was a full head of hair. she was telling her grandmother what her grandfather look like because she was only six months old as a baby when her grandfather died. she described her grandfather to a T. Also the top psychologist tried to prove this little girl wrong but they couldn’t because they know the children do not lie. Jehovah witnesses and also Mormons are a cult. Atheist who say there is no such thing as God a are foolish they will be in hell when they die. If you want to believe what he saying then that’s your choice. When you die since we all have an appointment with it you can’t say I believe in Jesus at the last second. I wouldn’t listen to the guy for nothing he makes me laugh. I have way too many stories in my life to prove that God is real. Evolution is also false because they can’t prove it and the reason they can’t prove it it’s all guesswork and they know it. Who created the mind.? Who created the universe? Why is it that in Boston the top hospitals are proving that people have been healed in the name of Jesus Christ from cancer and that’s a fact. The choice is yours.

    Pastor Bob GillPastor Bob Gill8 days ago
  • Damn now that you mention it "Signed Atheism pledges on the first day of class" really puts the movie into it's proper dumb perspective.

    Austin BakerAustin Baker9 days ago
  • As a Christian every (or the vast most) argument and science presented in this movie is sound but none of that matters if it is not done in Love and the absolute demonization of atheists and anyone not believing in God is Satanic and the creators should be ashamed for making it.

    Austin BakerAustin Baker9 days ago
  • Science explain why religion explain how

    Seth WattersSeth Watters9 days ago
  • one argument a christian to use as proof by contrandiction against the statement "god is dead " god doesn't exist he never lived hence what has never lived cannot die

    Ahmad AGAhmad AG10 days ago
  • Please watch the sequels! They're equally bad!

    Crypto FactsCrypto Facts10 days ago
  • Ihave hated and loved many fictional characters, doesn't mean I think they exist lol

    Crypto FactsCrypto Facts10 days ago
  • If you need god to justify being good, then you're implying that all of humankind are sociopaths. It's like saying you only follow the law because if you don't, you would go to jail, instead of following the law because it's the right thing to do. Sure you can question why, and that's why philosophy is a thing, but that's besides the point. You're doing something of your own free will and not because some implied super powerful entity would condemn you to an eternity of torture because you fucked up in life.

    TheSonicfanx1TheSonicfanx110 days ago
  • I had a philosophy class in college and it was never like this.

    William PlaudWilliam Plaud11 days ago
  • Someone converting another person when he is almost dying is such a creepy thing, like let him believe in what he believes and call an ambulance. Also, i have always hated the "atheists hate god" stuff, basically ignoring every discussion about the existence of god like if the other person was just a Naruto villain with a tragic backstory, once someone asked not "why don't you believe in God" but "What happened that made you don't believe in God" and i felt a little offended, i felt like they have already assumed a tragic backstory

    Emmanuel ThoméEmmanuel Thomé11 days ago
  • Ironically, philosophy doesn’t make you an expert on what this movie is really about, it just makes you an expert on what this movie *CLAIMS* to be about. What makes you an expert on what this movie is really about is online flame wars. I could explain, but that’ll start up those debates up right here. Let’s just say, a straw-man putting Dawkins and Hume on the same list makes a lot morse sense if you have experience arguing with people who like to make up such straw-men.

    Dan HamlishDan Hamlish11 days ago
  • Please talk about "After the Dark". It's an interesting movie about philosophy majors playing out a doomsday scenario.

    Henry PattersonHenry Patterson12 days ago
  • I attended several secular universities - my philosophy classes were *nothing* like this.

    David HooverDavid Hoover12 days ago
  • Even a show like God Friended Me has some atheist tropes but doesn't demonize them. Plus, lgbtq+, people with other religious beliefs, and etc aren't demonized, too. It's a christian-like show but with more emphasis on helping others.

    Zachary VargasZachary Vargas13 days ago
  • Does memorizing well the words of others really make one a philosopher? Everyone I see these days claiming to be one is just a well read parrot offering up other peoples insights. Knowing all the greats names, and what they taught, does not make you a philosopher AND if that's what the validation of a degree is actually certifying, that the owner has memorized enough of other peoples thoughts, then I can see why people call it a useless degree. Anyway I'm just thinking out loud, maybe someone can change my opinion. Also Gods Not Dead was a garbage propaganda film almost too stupid to need dissecting. I just wanted to see if anyone else spotted the Islamophobia in it.

    Dat BoiDat Boi13 days ago
  • The cringe on this movie is amazing

    Carlos Venegas ToledoCarlos Venegas Toledo13 days ago
  • _"Why do you hate God?"_ It's not "God" that atheists detest. It's the political, socioeconomic and morally corrupt ramifications of *religion* that drive theists to commit atrocious acts... This is what anti-theists rightfully contend. It's not hating Santa Claus; it's the *rejection of Christmas.* It's not hating the tooth fairy, it's the *fear of dental problems.* It's not despising the easter bunny, it's the disillusionment of how we *knowingly deceive our children.*

    The PhaneronThe Phaneron13 days ago
  • I'm thinking that if God is dead, it's probably because these movies exist.

    John SensebeJohn Sensebe13 days ago
  • they do a very good job recreating an introductory philosophy class where one or two students talk too much and nobody else has the confidence or care to join in

    KryptoniteKryptonite13 days ago
  • 7:37 No, that's what religion is about.

    Nope NopNope Nop14 days ago
  • Honey and hot sauce? Blasphemy

    Robert ScannellRobert Scannell14 days ago
  • We know the academy is fixed since Kevin Sorbo wasn’t even nominated. This was a nuanced amazing portrayal from a breathtaking actor. His nomination was a shoe in and the academy stole it from him. Bunch of hacks that so called “academy”.

    Robert ScannellRobert Scannell14 days ago
  • I can’t believe Hercules died. I thought he was a demigod and immortal. This movie is fishy.

    Robert ScannellRobert Scannell14 days ago
  • It’s like the Ben Shapiro movie

    Junior CamachoJunior Camacho14 days ago
  • Honey and what now?

    Azim NazlenAzim Nazlen14 days ago
  • Ah, the rub of what it means to be an atheist. The professor thinks that man is the ultimate arbiter of all things of which he asserts himself a king or the epitome of. He uses God and yet denies all that God is and then substitutes it all with himself, a true pirate!

    Logos NomosLogos Nomos14 days ago
  • Get off of the BS. Every class I had in university presupposed atheism and many pretend "neutral and objective" were the most subjective and biased people. The class in the film is more of an amalgam of such classes for means of brevity. Atheists use their own "chance and evolution of the gaps" argument. Given enough billions and billions of years, they claim that the impossible is somehow probable.

    Logos NomosLogos Nomos14 days ago
  • Every new scene u see his wtf did i just watch stare becoming deeper

    V. WatsonV. Watson15 days ago
  • The script for this movie was written by middle-schoolers whose concept of phylosophy is more or less: systematic appeals to a large collection of authorities, whose hierarchy of reliability is measured by name recognition rather than credentials or work, or any remotely close to proper assessment.

    Петър НиколовПетър Николов15 days ago
  • Don’t waste your time and listening to what this guy has a sale on most of these comments because I want to say that they are Christian are totally mocking God. Jesus says you must be born again to enter the kingdom of God and that is in chapter John three verse three. There’s no getting around that homosexual will not enter the kingdom of God or anyone who supports that. Also Mormons Jehovah witnesses are both Cults. If you believe in the word of God is the living truth because if you don’t then you will not see the kingdom of God. What this guy is saying and most of these people that I’m hearing are mocking him. This movie was well put together very solid Bible-based movie. I think this guy who’s doing this video is a joke who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I am a very solid Bible Christian myself I may not be perfect but I am I know that Jesus is the way and the only waiter father and we’re supposed to live according to the word of God not perfectly.

    Pastor Bob GillPastor Bob Gill15 days ago
    • Where tf does it say that non-homophobes won't go to heaven?

      Daniel AstorgaDaniel Astorga15 days ago
    • Stop it

      Jonathan SaucedaJonathan Sauceda15 days ago
  • PLEASE do the other two!!!! Especially the third!!

    Matthew McCrayMatthew McCray15 days ago
  • I love that not even christians like this movie

    Daniel AstorgaDaniel Astorga16 days ago
  • My first philosophy class began with the instructor strawmaning atheism and an argument from incredulity against the big bang.

    Robert GordonRobert Gordon16 days ago
  • I think we can all agree that if God does exist we will suffer his wrath for mankind creating this pile of dogshit

    So TiredSo Tired16 days ago
  • I mean even in my high school philosophy classes we would discuss God, philosophy, and its relation to theology. I remember at the time I was the only atheist in the class, and we had this whole discussion about why we each believed the things we did and how we could prove it. It was very interesting, especially because I was the only atheist, also the only foreigner, and the only black student. I think that the environment that my teacher created in which we could discuss our beliefs so freely and without judgment, he even said he expected more atheists, really created in me a lasting love for philosophy and respect for people's beliefs.

    Nadia CalembeNadia Calembe16 days ago
  • That professor would have been big fired if he ever tried anything like that in real life lol

    taylor yamamototaylor yamamoto16 days ago
  • Kevin Sorbo is suuuuuuuch a far-right propagandist tw#t

    Steveo SamsoniteSteveo Samsonite16 days ago
  • Why is Ayn Rand listed on the professor's board? Yeah, she was a vocal atheist, but I'm pretty sure she was the kind of atheist that the target demographic for this movie likes.

    Jared HiteJared Hite16 days ago
  • One more comment there was way too much proof that God is real. It’s a proven fact God is real. Also watch a movie I Ari hallmark I was caught up in a tornado and saw Jesus at two years old. See her story OK also in the Middle East during the war many people of been healed because of God. Anyone up with this client I feel sorry for them to being lied to

    Pastor Bob GillPastor Bob Gill16 days ago
  • First of all this guys an idiot. I am a Christian. Not everyone out there is a Christian such as a liberal . They mock God in every way possible. The Bible is 100% truth. This guy is a complete moron who does not know what he’s talking about in and anyone that falls him I feel sorry for them. The reason I know God is real I have traveled to Israel and also Brazil. Witchcraft is very strong down there. I did it demonic deliverance I have a guy that was choke me to death in the name of Jesus which made the movie the exorcist look like was nothing. Don’t waste your time falling this clown he’s a joke. The Bible says in the end days this is going to happen. I have also seen Jesus in a vision. I also have had many other things happened in my life didn’t have proven to me that God is real so no he’s not dead he’s alive and he’s also real. His son Jesus Christ is returning we just don’t know when.

    Pastor Bob GillPastor Bob Gill16 days ago
    • prove it then

      Fabian RiosFabian Rios8 days ago
  • Some Christians, not all, create movies like this because this stuff ever only happens in their minds.

    Corey DraperCorey Draper16 days ago
  • Def will encounter Noam in a philosophy class. Well it is at least not odd to come across him at all

    Jaime chapaJaime chapa17 days ago
  • This looks like a bad movie. Lol

    מאיר ב קמאיר ב ק17 days ago
  • Discussing the big bang is not a Gd of the Gaps argument. It is simply showing parallels in the Bible and Science. science came to discover what was written in the Bible millenia ago --the Jewish sages around 2000 years ago explain that creation began from darkness, that all the components of creation were created at that first moment and formed later as a hot light expanded and gradually cooled till it could form our world The word in the Hebrew Bible used for the creation of the world means to create from nothing... Re: the big bang, steve hawking said something along the lines of "the moment of creation has no explanation, it lies outside the scope of the known laws of physics" I dont think that this is so different from Humes argument that our mental capabilities are too limited to prove G-ds existence Judaism has a similar belief regarding knowledge of G-d. We never can know His true name (His essence)... we percieve fragments

    מאיר ב קמאיר ב ק17 days ago
  • I hate propoganda films like this. Especially since I'm a Christian who got along really well with my stark athiest philosophy prof my freshmen year lol

    Gregory GarofaloGregory Garofalo17 days ago
  • The theme song is a banger though

    Robin Ludvig IsomaaRobin Ludvig Isomaa17 days ago
  • I saw this way before the age of consent

    Lawrence HoormanLawrence Hoorman17 days ago
  • I remember watching this movie, I couldn't help but think "ww2 propaganda" 😬

    Dilly-Dally -mationsDilly-Dally -mations18 days ago
  • I mean, God exist, but is much more of a concept to understand the universe and nature itself, rather than a humanoid deity full of human traits. God exists because we made it exist, since the very first time the idea was conceived. But then again, its an IDEA, a very abstract one, not a setient hominid beign

    Gaston YoungGaston Young18 days ago
  • You can hate fictional characters.

    Ian NathanatosIan Nathanatos18 days ago
  • Watch the the two sequels!! Is this a war crime or a human rights issue to make you watch this? Thank you for your review of this movie.

    Werd WWerd W19 days ago
  • Got my philosophy degree on USworlds

    Ryan S.Ryan S.19 days ago
  • As an astrophysicist I cringe at the statements that we have no theory to describe the universe before the big bang. And that misquote of Hawking! Literally use google for two seconds and you'll find so much fun information about the earliest parts of the universe, spoiler alert, it wasn't a big flash of light like a dumbass with a flashlight.

    Maxwell KuschelMaxwell Kuschel19 days ago
  • This is unironically how aggressively religious conservatives think they're being oppressed lol

    EquivocalPhysicistEquivocalPhysicist19 days ago
  • There's nothing wrong with practicing and believing and teaching your brliefs to others. But dont force it onto them or demonitize them for not believing you. I see a lot of people do not like this movie and.... I kinda see why. I mean if you like this movie this totally cool no big deal but..... I can see where some people would agree that this movie can cause some issues

    Paul KenjerskiPaul Kenjerski19 days ago
  • I can’t believe I just wish to 13 minutes of my life washing this

    Sarai ZollarsSarai Zollars19 days ago
  • My philosophy professor brother takes his chili pepper ratings seriously.

    Scott RothwellScott Rothwell20 days ago
  • I don't look at it like I need to defend God, I see it like I need to defend people's belief in a God who they need. God himself is fine; salvation was for us, not him. Just a little twist on something that irked me as someone who wishes to engage more in apologetics

    GreenstormGreenstorm20 days ago
  • God is not dead.

    King Jon UnKing Jon Un20 days ago
    • @King Jon Un you're too young to know what the word "atheist" even means

      Fabian RiosFabian Rios8 days ago
    • @King Jon Un please, don't buy into that propaganda. I am an atheist, and I came to the conclusion that god doesn't exist through investigation and logical thinking. I respect your beliefs, and if you wanna have a productive conversation you should respect ours too. Dismissing our beliefs and just saying that we must know he exists isn't really the way to do it.

      Daniel AstorgaDaniel Astorga16 days ago
    • Everyone knows he exists. It’s just that atheist don’t want to believe

      King Jon UnKing Jon Un20 days ago
  • This movie is a masterclass of Eristic as a propaganda tool....

    MakaiMakai21 day ago
  • Don’t you think it’s morally reprehensible to say that we “know and love” you that you are “more a brother then a friend”, don’t you think that encouraging parasocial behavior is awful and no one should be engaging in it

    babassoonistbabassoonist21 day ago
  • 6:33 Unless it's a Woke teacher telling you to believe categorical statements about the White race. They do that all the time in universities.

    AeimosAeimos21 day ago
  • Never seen the movie but thanks to it's infamy I have seen a lot of videos about it and I am always baffled by it's existence. As an atheist myself and even kind of an anti-theist I don't know a single atheist who would behave like in this movie. I don't even engage in deep discussions with my christian friends or family just because I do not want to take away from their joy of their belief. I someone challenges me of course I will discuss but I don't try to convert people to atheism.

    Dominik EberDominik Eber21 day ago
  • I've never seen someone that uncomfortable while reviewing a movie lol

    ShakuMascaradeShakuMascarade21 day ago
  • Ah yes. Christian propaganda at it's "finest".

    Kurt SchawackerKurt Schawacker21 day ago
  • What happened here is a cause for celebration

    IknowtoomuchableIknowtoomuchable22 days ago
  • Sadly, I was verbally assaulted in college by a professor. Things like that happen but this film is unbelievable bullshit lmao.

    Caramel JesusCaramel Jesus22 days ago
  • Lol dying at your unending nicknames for Professor McGuffin

    Hannah wuz HereHannah wuz Here22 days ago
  • Actually, I had a Philosopher Teacher, at least for Intro to Philosopher, not talk about God.

    Carl ClausewitzCarl Clausewitz23 days ago
  • There is going to be a 4th gods not dead movies so you should go into the others before that one comes out.

    Alex SanderAlex Sander23 days ago
  • I am still waiting for my God is Dead assignment in college. That will be an easy A course. 😃 Junior year: Okay, seriously? Wtf?!?! No easy essay where all I have to write is, “God is dead?” 🤨

    Aaron HartAaron Hart23 days ago
  • This movie first mistake is a common misconception about atheism or agnosticism, that is to attribute a hatred motivation for a person to be atheist or agnostic. The thing is, people who believe in God usually do put everything that will happen or ever happened as god’s responsibility, therefore they can project their mistakes or pain in god’s back. While me as an atheist always try to hold accountability for my actions and understand that all the problems of the world are man made, as I understand the circle of life and death, without have to create an emotional support to hold my hands throughout the pain. By painting this caricature of atheist these christians always try to oversimplify the discussion to fit their beliefs and the reasoning for their constant harassment of atheists like me, when they try to justify their attempts to converting me or atheists in general. Also, this movie sucks!

    Raphael CaladoRaphael Calado23 days ago
  • I saw this movie in theaters when it came out. I can't describe the amount of arrogant laughter I heard whenever the professor got "owned" by the Christian student. I imagine they were thinking something like "Haha! Yeah! Take that atheists!"

    TonyTony23 days ago
  • The fact that this movie is clearly a Christian's totally misguided view about what atheists think, trying to use an unintentional parody of philosophy to legitimize their own ideas, was publicly lambasted over and over... and it *still* spun off multiple sequels and made millions of dollars in profits... that should tell you how totally screwed American society is. You know the worst part? In looked up the sequels after watching this video, I found out that Melissa Joan Hart was in the second movie. And in an interview, she talked about how she loved everything she learned while filming it, and loved that people would pray "over her" on set, etc. etc. I used to love her, and now I have a significant amount less respect for her :(

    IceMetalPunkIceMetalPunk24 days ago
  • So, philosophy is the big think. God's Not Dead is the small think. I get it

    Grayson LyonsGrayson Lyons24 days ago
    • Not so much as Gods Not Dead is just lies and strawman arguments.

      Abraham SzekelyAbraham Szekely24 days ago
  • Yes, you should to the sequels. I don't want to watch them, but I'd listen to you talk about them. LOL

    Kelvin FaisonKelvin Faison25 days ago
  • As a Christian, I have to advise against watching the last two movies if you're looking for philosophy. They're about court and law. I will say this; the last movie is really good but you need to watch the other one to understand what's going on. There is a little bit of philosophy in the last movie, but not enough to write home about and certainly not enough to make a video over.

    NeonCovenantNeonCovenant25 days ago
    • All three are pure strawman arguments made by people who don't understand the law or atheism.

      Abraham SzekelyAbraham Szekely24 days ago
  • Why were those guys asking if he accepts god and not calling an ambulance? Like the man was hit by a car and they just kinda let him die? Are they not accomplices to murder in the eyes of god because they didn't show compassion or willingness to help a dying man who could've lived and rejoined a church? I just don't really get it

    Rad RadishRad Radish25 days ago