A Fight to the Death! (Destination Elk V3 - Episode 12)

Feb 20, 2021
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Each season, there has been an "epic" scene that defines the Destination Elk series. That scene happens in today's Episode!
Donnie and Corey are hunting in Utah with Casey Harbertson, co-founder and President of MTN OPS. And Casey has his eye on a giant 5x6 bull the guys saw earlier in the hunt. However, Casey isn't the only one with his eye on the big bull. Another bull has come in to challenge the big herd bull, and the fight that ensues is nothing short of breath-taking!
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  • I feel like the only thing missing in this episode was Michael Buffer saying "let's get ready to rumble!" Great episode!

    Dustin HuntDustin Hunt24 minutes ago
  • I have only seen bulls fight like this once in my life time it was truly amazing, even better 30 min later my client killed the heard bull

    nick britonick brito2 hours ago
  • I have only gotten to see 2 white tail bucks fight for a hot doe ,this looks fare more intense lol

    Albert MillerAlbert Miller3 hours ago
  • What an incredible experience to witness. Great job team

    Taylor KenningtonTaylor Kennington3 hours ago
  • Pure power, great footage!

    rtyler53rtyler533 hours ago
  • Wow. Just wow.

    Tim LimcherTim Limcher3 hours ago
  • That was awesome! That younger bull is going to get a big head from that fight... Hopefully it goes to his antlers!

    nick carternick carter3 hours ago
  • What great footage in the elk woods! Very nice!!!

    KarrTedKarrTed4 hours ago
  • absolutely incredible footage, great bull guys!!

    Andy AndrewsAndy Andrews4 hours ago
  • Amazing episode! There is a very low % of elk hunters that get to experience that!

    Darrell BontragerDarrell Bontrager4 hours ago
  • Awesome

    M PM P4 hours ago
  • That is an awesome scene!

    dustin dreesdustin drees4 hours ago
  • My family and I were camping in the Arizona mountains last year and had two bulls tear through our camp and almost plowed through our tent they were so oblivious to everything but the fight. Scared the kids. Seeing that stuff up close...there’s nothing like it.

    clintaeclintae6 hours ago
  • Great fight scene a great bull to go with it. Awesome episode.

    Brian SharpBrian Sharp7 hours ago
  • .

    Jeff JonesJeff Jones7 hours ago
  • Hope one day I can get a elk. Two giants battled only one winner

    Sean SpeersSean Speers11 hours ago
  • Great job.very cool to see the fight. Ive had the privilege of seeing them fight up clise before but these two were intense. Congrats to Casey!

    Don McbrideDon Mcbride13 hours ago
  • Last battle! Epic hunt!

    Allen BaughmanAllen Baughman14 hours ago
  • “CAN YOU SEE THEM?!?!” 🤣🤣

    Mike LarsonMike Larson15 hours ago
  • Lewis’s arms are swole!!! 💪 when he is glassing it looks like he is going to ripe his Sitka.

    Russell BrinkerhoffRussell Brinkerhoff15 hours ago
  • Good stuff!

    Willson BrimhallWillson Brimhall15 hours ago
  • Impressive!

    MarkMark15 hours ago
  • Heard bulls fighting every morning on the private in Colorado but did get a chance to see the fights. Great video of the fight. Great bull as well

    Douglas SchelhaasDouglas Schelhaas16 hours ago
  • Just take something for it 😂 best joke yet Donnie 🤣

    Pat BrooksPat Brooks16 hours ago
  • Awesome footage and bull. I’d love to see a fight like that in person.

    Ty BurnsTy Burns16 hours ago
  • Just another average day in the elk woods I see!

    Joe HewitsonJoe Hewitson16 hours ago
  • Awesome fight!

    Cody MatsonCody Matson16 hours ago
  • Crazy fight scene to catch on camera! Loving this series and cant wait to keep watching

    Matt HillMatt Hill16 hours ago
  • I think Donnie stole my Dad joke...

    Erica MoserErica Moser16 hours ago
  • Awesome fight.

    blake burbankblake burbank17 hours ago

    Victor quinteroVictor quintero17 hours ago
  • Needed another tag! Awesome bulls

    Patrick HudsonPatrick Hudson17 hours ago
  • What a great hunt and huge bull!

    ky tradgangky tradgang17 hours ago
  • That's some incredible stuff, I can't even imagine how amazing would it be to witness a fight like that!! Keep it guys!

    Mauricio Jose Gonzalez CastilloMauricio Jose Gonzalez Castillo17 hours ago
  • Good job Donnie, but I did miss cameraman John

    Jeff BueltelJeff Bueltel17 hours ago
  • Another great episode

    cody kcody k18 hours ago
  • What a good fight to catch on camera

    Nicole JourneyNicole Journey18 hours ago
  • Love this!

    Girly FishGirly Fish18 hours ago
  • That was unreal!

    Jeff BueltelJeff Bueltel18 hours ago
  • Crazy footage. Bull fight was awesome. Congrats on the nice bull too

    Kevin VanderploegKevin Vanderploeg18 hours ago
  • Awsome footage.

    Chuck ShreveChuck Shreve18 hours ago
  • That was cool hearing them fight first then getting that awesome footage. That other bull had no clue on what happened after the shot.

    Laure ZumbuschLaure Zumbusch19 hours ago
  • Good job

    eli's customeli's custom19 hours ago
  • Awesome fight scene. Way to go on the camera 😉

    Jesse WestphalJesse Westphal19 hours ago
  • Awesome video Donnie...

    William EslingerWilliam Eslinger19 hours ago
  • Well that’s one way to make an elk feel like he won the fight.

    Colton AColton A20 hours ago
  • That was cool!

    Brian GothardBrian Gothard20 hours ago
  • Awesome episode!!! Got to witness two big bulls fight while hunting w/ a buddy in Montana! Dust flying and just crazy wild action! It was awesome. 👌

    bowhuntrnutbowhuntrnut21 hour ago
  • What a battle! Awesome stuff!

    Chad HoltChad Holt21 hour ago
  • I guess you can say he didnt go down without a fight. lol

    Evan PetkashEvan Petkash21 hour ago
  • Incredible footage!

    Tyler WestbrookTyler Westbrook21 hour ago
  • That was awesome. Good thing Donnie was looking in the view finder instead of telling more Dad jokes..lol

    Mark belkeMark belke21 hour ago
  • Awesome footage. Congrats on another success!

    Life As A BowhunterLife As A Bowhunter21 hour ago
  • Way cool fight scene. Never seen anything like it.

    Cory LeFebvreCory LeFebvre23 hours ago
  • One of the most exciting hunts I've watched!

    Nick RyanNick Ryan23 hours ago
  • I think Donnie did a good job! It must be tough graduating to a hunter to a cameraman!

    Candice ClarkeCandice Clarke23 hours ago
  • Can you imagine the confidence the younger bull gained from that fight “win”?!

    Nick StruveNick Struve23 hours ago
  • That skylines bull looks pretty big to me. I think the rig he’s carrying is capable. What’s the caliber and weight on that weapon?

    Shawn BillmanShawn Billman23 hours ago
  • That’s awesome! Seeing the two bulls fighting is incredible.

    Brian DamonBrian DamonDay ago
  • That fight was unbelievable to watch. So awesome.

    Matthew StaudeMatthew StaudeDay ago
  • That was pretty awesome. I got to hear a fight like that a couple seasons ago but they had broken up once I got closer. One of the biggest bulls I have ever seen walked out at 75 yard and I have a muzzleloader cow tag. Oh well! Great footage.

    Daniel SmithDaniel SmithDay ago
  • The sound of those antlers crashing, how do deer ever fall for our weak rattling sequences....

    hunter120577hunter120577Day ago
  • What a fight, ive never seen anything like it

    Steven ElliottSteven ElliottDay ago
  • Have I ever seen an elk fight like that? I have never seen an elk fight. The way that elk was still fighting the other even after Casey shot was crazy. That shows how jacked up they are during the rut. Thanks for the awesome content Elk 101 group!

    thehammer223thehammer223Day ago
  • Would’ve loved to see that fight!

    Matt PerrineMatt PerrineDay ago
  • Crazy fight scene.. I've never seen anything like that.

    Outdoors NorthwestOutdoors NorthwestDay ago
  • Man, sweet footage there

    Shaun AllredShaun AllredDay ago
  • Love it! Hunting is conservation.

    Jason SchnackenbergJason SchnackenbergDay ago
  • Good video.

    Derek LangDerek LangDay ago
  • That was a cool video. Nice close shot, good work!

    Nathan ShortNathan ShortDay ago
  • Wow awesome footage!

    Jeremy HohmanJeremy HohmanDay ago
  • Fights are awesome amazing the power of those guys

    Jason BestJason BestDay ago
  • Incredible footage.

    Kevin SeniukKevin SeniukDay ago
  • Holy crap epic fight...have always wanted to see one in person...have a buddy that was hunting solo and had two bulls fighting 20 feet in front of him and was so dusty couldnt get a shot!!

    Jeremy OlmstedJeremy OlmstedDay ago
  • Crazy fight scene, glad you were able to get it on video.

    Brook CristBrook CristDay ago
  • Thanks for the footage. That was one heck of a battle!

    Kevin ShortKevin ShortDay ago
  • Another great video

    The OneThe OneDay ago
  • The 2nd bull didn't even hear the shot that killed his buddy.

    Levi LindleyLevi LindleyDay ago
  • I would of payed you guy's for that fight!!! Congratulations!!! Casey

    Terry CritesTerry CritesDay ago
  • 👍

    Kristjan DanisKristjan DanisDay ago
  • Yes I have seen lots of elk fights they never get old.

    J.J.Day ago
  • The fight is awesome stuff.

    Luke MyersLuke MyersDay ago
  • Amazing!

    Chris FletcherChris FletcherDay ago
  • That was awesome!

    0430ksw0430kswDay ago
  • Always a learning experience tagging along on your hunts. Thank you!

  • Incredible!!! That bull strutted out of there like “I took care of that issue!” 😂 Epic experience guys.

    Greg MarsingGreg MarsingDay ago
  • I have been looking forward to watching this and it certainly did not disappoint- incredible scene to witness! Hopefully I will be that lucky one day...

    Rachel BrownRachel BrownDay ago
  • Epic footage fellas...i probably would have been too distracted with the scene unfolding to continue thinking about hunting enough to focus on when to take the shot.

    Jake SpragueJake SpragueDay ago
  • elk 101 rocks

    rumpcheeser1rumpcheeser1Day ago
  • Awesome fight/kill footage!

    Craig SCraig SDay ago
  • KLEPTO DONNIE! Amazing footage of the battle. What an incredible experience that would be to see.

    Mike ChildsMike ChildsDay ago
  • Got my heart racin and adrenalin pumpin just watching this amazing "Bull Fight For Life" action!!!

    Paul BennettPaul BennettDay ago
  • Didn’t know yeti made chairs would be in good hands at elk camp in nm

    Kyle KrupiakKyle KrupiakDay ago
  • What an unreal encounter! Such cool footage

    KVC 89KVC 89Day ago
  • Love Lewis tagging along, crushing it after his hunt was done

    Zach PetrikZach PetrikDay ago
  • Elk are such beast. So cool to see that fight.

    Chad CabonorChad CabonorDay ago
  • Amazing footage, Elk are so incredible!

    Kurt SchelhammerKurt SchelhammerDay ago
  • Comment

    flatbedbobflatbedbobDay ago
  • That was a cool fight scene. Those bulls were so in the moment that they had no clue that Casey got to “breathe and squeeze “ on one of them.

    Charles JosephsonCharles JosephsonDay ago
  • I went to the job centre and asked if they had any furniture removal jobs. The guy said, ‘Take a chair’

    Matt BergMatt BergDay ago