A Fight Broke Out. This City Has REAL Hoopers.

Apr 2, 2021
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This was physical ball and these dudes could HOOP! S/o to Tampa! We are traveling and doing a MINI TOUR to Savannah, GA to Charleston, SC to Charlotte, NC! Stay tuned y'all it might be mid to late April. I PROMISE, I'M about to come out the gates HOT ASF in the next park vid.
#RoadToAMillion #Dfriga
I appreciate the F*ck out of y'all.
I PROMISE I'M bout to come out the gates HOT ASF in the next park vid.

  • This was physical ball and these dudes could HOOP! S/o to Tampa! We are traveling and doing a MINI TOUR to Savannah, GA to Charleston, SC to Charlotte, NC! Stay tuned y'all it might be mid to late April. I PROMISE, I'M about to come out the gates HOT ASF in the next park vid.

    D'Vontay FrigaD'Vontay Friga11 days ago
    • Im in NC but I'm from winston salem charlotte got sum hoopers ong but dont sleep on us🎸

      Lil rainzzLil rainzz22 hours ago
    • Go to Raleigh, NC next

      Jordan M. AlstonJordan M. Alston23 hours ago
    • @AJ you sound gay you not even a hooper you must be gay.

      Original AuthenticatedOriginal Authenticated3 days ago
    • Your trying to spread these sanctuary cities you better stay on your side . What’s your real name I see what your doin.

      Original AuthenticatedOriginal Authenticated3 days ago
    • Be honest your a Forster kid or something black people know you not black because every time you come there is every Latin wanna be black kid migrating .

      Original AuthenticatedOriginal Authenticated3 days ago
  • ATL should be on the list.

    10kingmike10kingmikeHour ago
  • Think we gotta redefine the meaning of a hooper

    David MilordDavid Milord4 hours ago
  • Does he not include all the points or does he just mistake the score sometimes?

    Andrew NoseworthyAndrew Noseworthy5 hours ago
  • Imagine isoing this dude and the crowd starts screaming “THUMBNAIL!! THUMBNAIL!!”

    Ryan KingRyan King6 hours ago
  • I like how in bball if someone even falls everyones like ooooooooh!!! Like they dude with the ball made him fall. Sometimes thats the case. At 8:27 that was not the case lol.

    Taylor ParksTaylor Parks7 hours ago
  • Why don’t u hoop at the Rucker or Harlem or come to Houston

    blue knightblue knight10 hours ago
  • Dude in orange got some handles

    blue knightblue knight10 hours ago

    Tyree MurrellTyree Murrell13 hours ago
  • Ain't knowbody get shot

    Golden solutionsGolden solutions15 hours ago
  • vWyatt Pike

    Shara SandeeShara Sandee19 hours ago
  • hahah people sad these days going fanboys over regular hoopers. LOL Sad mofos are all beta males.

    David WDavid W21 hour ago
  • come to nyc

    Gabriel FerminGabriel FerminDay ago
  • Pull up to Charlotte

    Case KabrichCase KabrichDay ago

    Jacob FrederickJacob FrederickDay ago
  • Every game you lose cus you had that orange ninja turtle on your team he’s literally all handle no shot not even barely making assist lol

    Goo PunchGoo PunchDay ago
  • Come to houston bro

    Trevion SmithTrevion SmithDay ago
  • Dude lowkey look like King Von at 8:38

    Damon ConwayDamon ConwayDay ago
  • Beard guy fire till it comes to finishing

    tom cavalcanti fielidngtom cavalcanti fielidngDay ago
  • 15:03 “oh yaaaa? That’s a foul🤣”

    Dane IbsenDane IbsenDay ago
  • Ayyy my boi Barth 🐐

    Dane IbsenDane IbsenDay ago
  • orange guy with the sauce can't finish

    Lee JunLee JunDay ago
  • COVID is not real here

    Jack Cool28Jack Cool28Day ago

    RipRoarin' GlizzyRipRoarin' Glizzy2 days ago
  • When it gets warm you gotta come to Brooklyn bridge park on New York

    Rony BouzyRony Bouzy2 days ago
  • A very poor city if you have to wait to play on the court lol Where I live you never have to watch someone else play

    Zach CarterZach Carter2 days ago
  • reading PA home of lonnie walker

    LIL D.TLIL D.T2 days ago
  • Deontae is a d3 ball player and mediocre at that....so don’t believe the bs. He’s not a real hooper by no means

    KyzoKyzo2 days ago
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    Baby FranceBaby France2 days ago
  • Come to Canada

    Gabriel MoryoussefGabriel Moryoussef2 days ago
  • Yo you got to come to update ny come to Fairview park and Columbus park in Binghamton

    Mr.Basketball EditsMr.Basketball Edits3 days ago
  • Yo you got to come to update ny come to Fairview park and Columbus park in Binghamton

    Mr.Basketball EditsMr.Basketball Edits3 days ago
  • What’s that intro beat?!

    Random YoutuberRandom Youtuber3 days ago

    Brian PopeBrian Pope3 days ago
  • Nigga dont wanna kome to Brooklyn 😂 he said Charlotte

    Damu BreezoDamu Breezo3 days ago
  • 17:00 dam BOI BOI out there too

    imtom4realimtom4real3 days ago
  • Go to the league play professional stop trying to act like you a hooper who is know because then you wouldn’t going from state to state your trash

    Original AuthenticatedOriginal Authenticated3 days ago
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    Baby FranceBaby France3 days ago
  • Come to Griffin Ga

    Cinquez JesterCinquez Jester3 days ago
  • What’s the bald dude with beard USworlds

    Cam SchnitzerCam Schnitzer3 days ago
  • The second to last game they start playing football. 😭

    TEESKIITEESKII3 days ago
  • Detroit

    Rerun WalkerRerun Walker3 days ago
  • Bro I played d2,baseball my entire career cuz of different baseball coaches EVERY SINGLE HS season a YEAR....BESIDES it was 1 chance to play D1 at Pitt after d2 ball. Mos def feel u.....played hoops too had hops big time at 6'0 just not nothing close to ur handle for bein 6'0....LOVE UR CHANNNEL

    Tommy ExlerTommy Exler4 days ago
  • Charlotte

    Donovan WareDonovan Ware4 days ago
  • Chicago

    Jayson KentJayson Kent4 days ago
  • Come to Arkansas

    ItsFeztoYOUItsFeztoYOU4 days ago

    Steve. WavvySteve. Wavvy4 days ago
  • yo friga u definitely gotta head to nyc man too hoop, nyc got crazy competition jus saying bro💯🗣

    Jeremiah VillanuevaJeremiah Villanueva4 days ago
  • Come out to the 704 bro!!!!! We got hoopers fr

    Peyton PattersonPeyton Patterson4 days ago
  • Dude in the orange shirt really keeping the and 1 moves alive lol...

    MattedmzMattedmz4 days ago
  • Pop out to saint Louis we got some killers here

    Brian FoezBrian Foez4 days ago
  • yo adam needs mdore ball time that nigga goes

    Dominique ScurlockDominique Scurlock4 days ago
  • absolutely outstanding energy out on the court folks

    Ron Iz WoekqRon Iz Woekq4 days ago
  • Come to Spokane, WA. Home of the Zags. We're known as Hooptown, USA. LOOKUP SPOKANE HOOPFEST AND COME IN SEPT WHEN IT HAPPENS. BIGGEST 3 ON 3 TOURNEY IN THE WORLD .

    Aaron HighbargerAaron Highbarger4 days ago
  • LA bro and go to the 2hype house

    Lanz PaqueoLanz Paqueo4 days ago
  • US has may hoopers for real

    Lanz PaqueoLanz Paqueo4 days ago
  • Keep up the grind brother Dvontay😁 and that adam dude is like from AND1

    Lanz PaqueoLanz Paqueo4 days ago
  • Friga is a cool dude

    Lanz PaqueoLanz Paqueo4 days ago
  • Go to Serbia. Some of the best street ballers on the planet

    dino615dino6154 days ago
  • Friga.... Come to Arkansas. We have some real hidden gems out here. #talent

    ItsFeztoYOUItsFeztoYOU4 days ago
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    Paypal AccountPaypal Account4 days ago
  • u should 1v1 Mikey Williams that game would be crazy but u hella tough bro keep it up🔥🔥🖤

    Mikey JackMikey Jack4 days ago
  • welcome to Florida

    W NoelW Noel4 days ago
  • White boys might be able to roll through Hyde Park in Florida, it ain’t happenin in Hyde Park here in LA

    MykoMyko4 days ago
  • Basketball had the trashiest players

    Brandon JontzBrandon Jontz4 days ago
  • you comin to DC? (not baltimore lol)

    Justin P.Justin P.4 days ago
  • action Bronson w the sauce

    Dylan BarkerDylan Barker4 days ago
  • Come to Cincinnati

    Jake WethingtonJake Wethington4 days ago
  • Bro when you coming to nyc, the real hoopers stay here 🗽🗣

    Xxking_FrostyxXlXxking_FrostyxXl4 days ago
  • Kinston NC

    Ris The DonRis The Don4 days ago
  • bro in orange low key nutty

    KreizysKreizys4 days ago
  • how you not come to NY bruh its the Mecca of basketball gotta come up here to the city

  • man this dude is so calm I swear like everyone has that nervous sweat but man this man is smooth.

    nic raynic ray4 days ago
  • The dude in the orange shirt and the headband my spirit animal

    Danny WaltersDanny Walters5 days ago
  • Philadelphia next 👀???

    Zakee OliverZakee Oliver5 days ago
  • Bro Come to Vegas bro

    Heem BeenDatHeem BeenDat5 days ago
  • Corona virus?

    Poke BrotherPoke Brother5 days ago
  • Man come to chicagooooooooo

  • Yah show Manchester Connecticut no love

    chozenxgodchozenxgod5 days ago
  • Come to Philly bro, Parkside Evans Rec Center. Great hoopers out here.

    ZF3 TVZF3 TV5 days ago
  • That guy with the white Afro curls play like he straight outta 2k

    Matthew ClarkeMatthew Clarke5 days ago
  • You're a real one friga keep on your grind man love the vids

    Dylan EssexDylan Essex5 days ago
  • Bald dude assist games strong🔥🔥

    Dylan EssexDylan Essex5 days ago
  • Go to Chicago

    PatchyPatchy5 days ago
  • Who's the guy with the beard and orange headband?

    LouisLouis5 days ago
  • Of all the videos I've watched these runs were terrible.

    Lee WilsonLee Wilson5 days ago

    Kalu DennisKalu Dennis5 days ago
  • Pull up to Phoenix or Chicago

    DiamondxDezDiamondxDez6 days ago
  • You see zero of the fight. Your welcome

    JulianJulian6 days ago
  • If you want a real basketball court I can fly to come to Gaithersburg, MD. Kings farm park the most slept on STATE that will give you the best bump ong. Bring ya 5 n my 5 is gettin y’all off the court quickly.

    GirldattswillGirldattswill6 days ago
  • Pull up , I wanna 1v1

    Solar PhantomSolar Phantom6 days ago
  • Come to Virginia Beach

    Kemari AllenKemari Allen6 days ago
  • 15:03 was a clean strip

    ChrisChris6 days ago
  • Friga aka Bootleg Damian Lillard

    Dylan MazzaDylan Mazza6 days ago
  • Come to Bridgeport Ct

    Kevin CrawfordKevin Crawford6 days ago
  • Shii kome to Arkansas 🤘🏾

    K&J FamilyK&J Family6 days ago
  • Yo just found you today bro ur an amazing player and can’t wait to see new vids🥳

    TGR _KaziTGR _Kazi6 days ago
  • Yo, what shoes is Friga playing in? might have to cop

    JoahdaboaJoahdaboa6 days ago
  • bro u waaaaay too nice.

    J DOT EASYJ DOT EASY6 days ago
  • you need to come to Baltimore man

    Malachi RichardsonMalachi Richardson6 days ago