Feb 20, 2021
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BRAIN TIME ► goo.gl/tTWgH2

1. HoloGear
2. E-flite T-28 Trojan
3. PONG Knock Out
4. Cybershoes
5. Backyard Blasters Colt 1911 (Preview)
6. Flybotic Air Wheelz
7. Laser X
8. Jakks Pacific Toilet Paper Blaster
9. MekaMon V2

00:00 - HoloGear
00:54 - E-flite T-28 Trojan
02:02 - PONG Knock Out
02:57 - Cybershoes
04:03 - Backyard Blasters Colt 1911 (Preview)
05:10 - Flybotic Air Wheelz
05:53 - Laser X
06:52 - Jakks Pacific Toilet Paper Blaster
07:54 - MekaMon V2

  • Cade a arms nooo comentárrioo

    GABENI KidsGABENI Kids2 hours ago
  • the colt 1911 got a really bad revew

    Ayka SsAyka Ss2 hours ago
  • like per chi è italiano

    Fabio PaoliFabio Paoli6 hours ago
  • I haf de first wan

    Jari KnolJari Knol8 hours ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/gaaMp2icfJqYjKE

    Techy guyTechy guy8 hours ago
  • I have like 10 rc cars

    james alexanderjames alexander9 hours ago
  • Surprised to see a clip of Olympic recurve archery in the outro 🥰

    Athena TranAthena Tran13 hours ago
  • Watching this makes me wish I was rich

    Spartan KingSpartan King14 hours ago
  • I wanted everyone I’m ordering right now I just forgot I don’t have money 😔

    Spartan KingSpartan King14 hours ago
  • Colt 1911? Why not a musket?

    Soldier 1st ClassSoldier 1st Class20 hours ago
  • HI

  • B

    Andrew MillerAndrew Miller20 hours ago
  • B

    Andrew MillerAndrew Miller20 hours ago
  • E

    Andrew MillerAndrew Miller20 hours ago
  • Wow! Just woow

    Rigel StojkuRigel StojkuDay ago
  • I want all of the things in this vid here have idk plane

    Qing CaiQing CaiDay ago
  • Hii

  • T28 Trojan is not simple or intuitive to fly, start with something like a Bixler with the propeller at the back.

    drone racerdrone racerDay ago
    • Lol I fly the big 90 mm jets and I look at that like u don’t want to start with that 😬😂

      ThiccGooseThiccGoose33 minutes ago
  • what music you use on 0:18 ?

    Blake SalosaBlake SalosaDay ago
  • Toilet paper gun can shoot a fly with that. Now I can see some of them for any age.

    Richard TaylorRichard TaylorDay ago
  • Toilet paper is like gold why would I waste it

    Lochlan KelleyLochlan Kelley2 days ago
  • lol...laser x existed all the way back in the 80's, it was exactly the same except it was called laser tag. The brightly colored gun that farts out limp duds has an almost identical twin at the dollar store that shoots a good deal further and only costs 2 bucks as opposed to 16. The toilet paper shooter that some idiot financed and marketed already existed in the form of a straw, mouth and a pair of lungs. A radio controlled plane? Really?...never seen that before...

    If you say soIf you say so2 days ago
  • How long before they outlaw toy guns..... Keep your second safe

    ludger will gasterludger will gaster2 days ago
  • This kids in America would love the thumbnail if you know what I mean 😂

    SAX GamesSAX Games2 days ago
  • I want all the toy >:()

    Dominic ChinzahDominic Chinzah2 days ago
  • And to think pet rocks was a toy once.

    newfiefromnl Viking kingnewfiefromnl Viking king2 days ago
  • Rc's suck. Unless you got hundreds of dollars to get a decent one. I collect all kinds of rc's. In all reality anything under $200 is generally a crap toy.

    newfiefromnl Viking kingnewfiefromnl Viking king2 days ago
    • True I fly rc jets u can check it out on my channel if u want

      ThiccGooseThiccGoose29 minutes ago
  • 6:52 this reminds me VAT-19

    Quinn Matthew C. ZaballaQuinn Matthew C. Zaballa2 days ago
  • hows a 1yr old gonna get 200 dollars

    Elijah CzaplaElijah Czapla2 days ago
  • Toilet paper gun haha for all the snow flakes who bought loads of it

    Juan GarciaJuan Garcia2 days ago
  • I got the one from the thumbnail, I painted mine completely black. I can’t wait to show it to my friends at school tomorrow. Maybe the security guard there will want to trade with me.

    TB Supra TomTB Supra Tom2 days ago
  • Awsome

    Jer McGJer McG2 days ago
  • 4:41 bro that's nothing

    HL MorzinskiHL Morzinski2 days ago
  • who the heck is gonna buy a small robot for 300 dollars when u can buy a phone for like 70

    lucky Treetopslucky Treetops3 days ago
  • I have the changing color lazer x guns which are really cool

    charmXcharmX3 days ago
    • yelly slimpted yuns

      James BraggsJames BraggsDay ago
    • you can kill them in your home with this gun it's one of my dead man killers you know ghost salkes. mepon.

      James BraggsJames BraggsDay ago
    • I do too The only downside is the ridiculously loud beep every 5 seconds

      Dave BryanDave BryanDay ago
  • Any age bruh ANY AGE like1 years old?

    Paper FrogPaper Frog3 days ago
  • You could buy the toy gun or you can buy a gel gun glock18

    Dennis ChambersDennis Chambers3 days ago
  • hi

    Yasseen SolimanYasseen Soliman3 days ago
  • A gun is not a toy and a toy is not a gun .

    Peter RudyPeter Rudy3 days ago
  • ⭕️MG! I’m not a teen yet to get laser x!!

    Benjen 1211Benjen 12113 days ago
  • omg i definitely gonna get that someday. 😬🤣😂😅😁🥲😆☺️🙂🌈

    Benjen 1211Benjen 12113 days ago
  • Good thing I am still a kid

    Sseninde Royal ArtSseninde Royal Art3 days ago
  • 😷😷😷

    Michael RemmersMichael Remmers3 days ago
  • I have The colt 1911 toy Before this video

    Jaden AutryJaden Autry3 days ago
  • I love how the profile is a gun and they said cool toys for ANY age

    TheAlmightyDogTheAlmightyDog3 days ago
    • Bright color or not, because of the fact that it resembles a real gun, this could spark another Lazer Tag incident. Anyone who doesn't know it, just Google it. Or look up Lazer Tag, history, incident on USworlds.

      White WolfWhite Wolf3 days ago
  • you made it ten minutes and one second you are a terrible perso

    Toni TimpanoToni Timpano3 days ago
  • At 0:50 you mean the only correct soccer in the world

    amos the beastamos the beast4 days ago
  • ive had lazer x for like 3 4 or 5 years now but the one i have u got to point down to reload

    Jdy1991Jdy19914 days ago

      DipstickDipstick20 hours ago
  • I have the toilet paper gun XD

    project Mr gamingproject Mr gaming4 days ago
  • Backyard blasters colt 19 : I shoot 3 meters Nerf jolt : I can shoot 54 FPS Adventure force nexus pro : am I a joke to you

    Juggernaut NerfJuggernaut Nerf4 days ago
    • Haha cool

      Juggernaut NerfJuggernaut NerfDay ago
    • Nice website! it doesnt look very pretty, but it actually worked :D

      Payton JayceonPayton JayceonDay ago
    • Not sure if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using Instaportal. Find it on google xD

      Gannon DominickGannon DominickDay ago
  • Mekamon + thomas the engine = nightmare lmao yes someone actually made it 😹

    HÆX A.HÆX A.4 days ago
  • Who is tech zone?

    Dragon ball FanDragon ball Fan4 days ago
  • I had the toy on the thumbnail

    RTH IOSRTH IOS4 days ago
  • MekaMon V2 - First thing I thought of was Crab Rave

    Vaex_DarastrixVaex_Darastrix4 days ago
  • Love them really cool

    Miggi so badMiggi so bad4 days ago
  • Don’t waste toilet paper

    aksoul49aksoul494 days ago
  • 8 adverts over 10 minutes and more gun recommendations than the NRA - good job - "Do not recommend channel" - next!

    Gareth HannawayGareth Hannaway4 days ago
  • I have the blue and yellow 1911. Its a piece of shit. It shoots like 5 feet. Nerf guns are better.

    Jason HookJason Hook4 days ago
    • Ya I love nerf guns and I’m kinda tired of people saying nerf guns are horrible violent weapons

      Juggernaut NerfJuggernaut Nerf2 days ago
    • That's it? Wow, talk about underwhelming... Guess a second Lazer Tag incident involving those might not happen.

      White WolfWhite Wolf3 days ago
  • 4:43 better use airsoft if the ammo lost u can use ur bb

    Virgo cokVirgo cok4 days ago
    • R/ihadeastroke

      John DowningJohn Downing20 hours ago
  • Pong table: @02:38 "Overall dimensions are pretty small, 3 meters high" Bwahaha....

    ContrarianContrarian4 days ago
  • I’ve had the fake gun in the thumb nail it sucks.

    Duncan TownsendDuncan Townsend4 days ago
    • Ya true

      Juggernaut NerfJuggernaut Nerf2 days ago
  • I have an old version of laser X. Fun fact: I played it today

    ThatOne SadKidThatOne SadKid4 days ago
    • Same, I have a few blasters from 2016, half of them are broken

      DipstickDipstick20 hours ago
    • @Coolgameing Mind you can’t even spell gaming right in your name kid. You sound 5 and most likely you are.

      S13. EditzS13. Editz2 days ago
    • @S13. Editz shut up bad editer

      Coolgameing MindCoolgameing Mind2 days ago
    • Your profile picture says it all.

      IChangedMyName ProductionsIChangedMyName Productions2 days ago
    • Shut up fake depressed kid

      S13. EditzS13. Editz3 days ago
  • 2:49 What was that?!? Lol

    Bradley 422Bradley 4224 days ago
  • i am a child of the 80s, my mother was a single parent and had little money so i never got toys as kid.. I bought nerfguns and all sorts of shit during the lockdown, have a lot to catch up on. 😁

    XxLatex FreakxXXxLatex FreakxX4 days ago
    • This put such a smile on my face. I hate when people expect adults to be mature ALL the freaking time... no, we like to act like kids some times too. I still laugh when I fart by my mom lol

      Quagmire GiggityQuagmire Giggity3 days ago
    • @XxLatex FreakxX yay

      VIA 28 Rudra BadheVIA 28 Rudra Badhe3 days ago
    • @VIA 28 Rudra Badhe Thank you Buddy, I will! 😊

      XxLatex FreakxXXxLatex FreakxX3 days ago
    • Enjoy!!!!

      VIA 28 Rudra BadheVIA 28 Rudra Badhe3 days ago
    • @Chris Mitchell Have build a model car and plane a month ago. 😁

      XxLatex FreakxXXxLatex FreakxX4 days ago
  • I have a real problem promoting hand guns to kids. There are many alternatives to explore. Our culture is way too comfortable with guns. Let's not encourage it in any form.

    Harper WelchHarper Welch5 days ago
    • Whats wrong with guns don't beat your kids for minor things and they wont grow up to be killers Harper Or are you one of those dipshit idiots who still belive video games cause violence

      klayrmernklayrmern3 days ago
    • Your one of the pieces of crud who trying to get nerf guns taken out of stores

      Juggernaut NerfJuggernaut Nerf3 days ago
  • make 7 toys that are cheep and you will want to buy

    ErmundoErmundo5 days ago
  • .

    Shannon LewisShannon Lewis5 days ago
  • Got the one in the thumbnail a while ago

    Greyson GamesGreyson Games5 days ago
    • You mean the one that looks like a multi colored version of a M1911? If not careful, there could be a second "Lazer Tag" incident involving those.

      White WolfWhite Wolf3 days ago
  • Don’t buy the toy colt it breaks very easily

    The Yellow DiamondThe Yellow Diamond5 days ago
  • 4:40 That's the height of two adult people. The shitty thing wouldn't even hit the wall on the other side of the room.

    P4INKillerP4INKiller5 days ago
    • I’ve had it it sucks, breaks after 3shots

      Duncan TownsendDuncan Townsend2 days ago
  • I already hhave the lazer x blasters

    MaxcoppcxMaxcoppcx5 days ago
  • Please, don't give kids fake guns. They just end up getting shot by fake cops

    Bob YoungBob Young5 days ago
    • Imma give them a real gun then

      klayrmernklayrmern3 days ago
  • Oh man, I would've appreciated that spitball gun during my younger days... Praying for whoever reads this will achieve their hopes n dreams! Let's stay focus and grow daily! Let's seize 2021!

    Tech CollectiveTech Collective5 days ago
  • LaserX...why does that look so familiar? Oh yeah, now I know where I saw that game before - it was called Lazer Tag!

    Chris ParraChris Parra5 days ago
  • I am surprised "youtube" let this guy say "gun"

    John ApostoliJohn Apostoli5 days ago
    • @Dustin Fay bruh

      CrashCrash2 days ago
    • @Crash actually several of his videos have been demonatized

      Dustin FayDustin Fay2 days ago
    • It's not a problem to say gun cuz this USworldsr name "Demolition Ranch" always say the word "gun" like millions if times and he doesn't get demonitize

      CrashCrash3 days ago
  • So jakks pacific toilet paper blaster is like same that wet a peice of paper and pull it from a pan sleeve as in school ☺☺

    Sihem KawtarSihem Kawtar5 days ago
  • All those gadget toys are junk and it's good for kids. These toys showing on the video are for marketing purposes.

    Time TravelerTime Traveler5 days ago
  • Hi

    Rushan _76Rushan _765 days ago
  • Wow!

    PonçikgamerPonçikgamer5 days ago
  • Just say football not American football

    Kade McPhersonKade McPherson5 days ago
  • Lol , in a period where people literally fight for toilet paper , is the toilet paper blaster such a good idea?

    Guy GirardGuy Girard5 days ago
    • Well if you have a ton just shoot people with it

      ii12x_xii12x_x5 days ago
  • Zombie apocalypse has begun and the only weapons that you have is toilet paper gun and the colored colt.

    Michael Angelo TremorMichael Angelo Tremor5 days ago
    • From what I'm reading, the multi colored Colt only shoots for five feet and breaks easy. Might as well stick to the toilet paper gun over that.

      White WolfWhite Wolf3 days ago
  • I've got laser x and it's so good

    Matthew FoleyMatthew Foley5 days ago
  • The FLYBOTIC AirWheels (Car-Helicopter) would be better if it was FLYBOTIC AirFloatWheels (Car-Helicopter-Boat)

    Tim HoffmanTim Hoffman5 days ago
    • With mounted anti pidgeon machine guns

      Quagmire GiggityQuagmire Giggity3 days ago
  • Oh boy, another reason for a toilet paper shortage.... Hahaha!

    K.L. ManringK.L. Manring5 days ago
    • Yeah, who was the numbnut that came up with that idea? They must have been smoking something to design that of all things.

      White WolfWhite Wolf3 days ago
  • You called a vr headset vr glasses I'm so disappointed and also be sickness these days are basically a thing of the past since headsets and developers alike wanted to deal with it quickly.

    Michael Thornton-KayeMichael Thornton-Kaye5 days ago
  • Toilet paper Blaster! Yeeaaa! :)

    Knight DSKnight DS5 days ago
  • man my cats are gonna be pissed when I get the toilet paper shooter.

    Jim YJim Y5 days ago
  • I think the florescent coated sports balls would look great on TV. especially tennis and hockey.

    Jim YJim Y5 days ago
  • Laser X is nothing but a different version of laser tag

    come and seecome and see5 days ago
    • Speaking of Lazer Tag, why does the modern one have use a smart phone to use? The old sensor was better, at least from my view point.

      White WolfWhite Wolf3 days ago
  • Based on the thumbnail, I actually have one. But the thing is, the part that launches the round broke, it still works but it doesn't shoot and I even lost the ammo. And now, I cant find the entire thing.

    Switchy BoiSwitchy Boi5 days ago
  • Here before 5k views

    Jose Tirona CalderonJose Tirona Calderon5 days ago
  • Wow thank for this video 👍👍👍😁😁😁😁

    Ruwan RandeniyaRuwan Randeniya5 days ago
  • G U N S

    TigeryTigery5 days ago
  • I have questions to TECH ZONE. How many of them did you buy tech zone😂😂

    Furiostic FlyerFuriostic Flyer5 days ago
    • -1

      Mr Beast best friendMr Beast best friend5 days ago
  • Love this videos

    Faruk ibrahimFaruk ibrahim5 days ago
  • have

    tris5901 tris5901tris5901 tris59015 days ago
  • I havr the pistol

    tris5901 tris5901tris5901 tris59015 days ago