Feb 18, 2021
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1. Snap-on Motorized Tool Chest
2. Human Hoist
3. Ring MAGflex Slim
4. Car Bench UL-300 (Preview)
5. Mag-Pad
7. Система Miracle

00:00 - Snap-on Motorized Tool Chest
01:06 - Human Hoist
02:27 - Ring MAGflex Slim
03:45 - Car Bench UL-300 (Preview)
04:51 - Mag-Pad
05:59 - TREADREADER HandHeld
06:48 - Miracle system
08:12 - BIPOL PRO C HD

  • That's not a snap-on box. That creeper is stupid and lazy, flashlight? Yeah right, the lift hell no, magnetic pad is cool, dent removal ok.

    J.A.R. FamilyJ.A.R. Family20 minutes ago
  • The motorized toolbox is great and all, but the reaction from your neighbors seeing you ride your full size master series out of your uhaul and ramp is still worth the money. The downside is 800 lbs will destroy your driveway.

    Scott EricScott EricHour ago
  • The human hoist would be great adapted to the elderly community who struggle with physical ailments.

    ManUP JCManUP JC3 hours ago
  • I have a tread scanner, its my eyes.

    Ronin BadgerRonin Badger4 hours ago
  • that lift is so useless only thing u can do is taking tires of

    da saderda sader5 hours ago
  • 0:23 we call them strap on cause when you go into their mobile truck they fuck you.

    SterbenSterben7 hours ago
  • Is your channel simply a commercial for stuff?

    Dan ConwayDan Conway7 hours ago
  • The dent puller on the jaguar had Secure Team 10 music 👽🤣

    Harry RupertusHarry Rupertus7 hours ago
  • Who the hell is gay raaj?

    tito pachecotito pacheco8 hours ago
  • "Tools you can buy for your garage right now." Shows a $30k mobile toolbox, a creeper that will probably never see production, a $6k car lift, a useless tread reader, tools for professional body-repair shops only, and a bore-scope that doesn't do anything different than any other bore-scope. What a waste of time.

    Samuel JardineSamuel Jardine8 hours ago
  • The straight united kingdom noticeably saw because drake technically wonder apud a cut august. boring, judicious hockey

    Friday AnighoroFriday Anighoro9 hours ago
  • China sure loves Buick!

    Ben GBen G13 hours ago
  • Not the last 2....but the 2 products before the last one.....complete and total scams.

    Fate BreakerFate Breaker14 hours ago
  • 2:22 does it come with ejection features? Say some unwelcome guess won't get off it!

    ꧁RadicalRick꧂꧁RadicalRick꧂15 hours ago
  • snapon box is for aircraft mechanics

    chrischris15 hours ago
  • Carbench is a direct rip off to Car-o-Liners speed bench

    walter braceywalter bracey16 hours ago
  • $2,200 TreadReader. I have these things called eyeballs that come standard on most humans.

    Mr MeekMr Meek16 hours ago
  • Damit die fetten Amis noch fetter werden.

    Nils mit StaplerNils mit Stapler18 hours ago
  • Car Bench UL-300 is a death trap waiting to happen! I can't see anywhere where you could put pins along the bottom to stop the scissors on the right hand side from dropping in case there is a wiring fault or ram seal failure or weld failure

    KAOSKAOS19 hours ago
  • SNAP ON: What if we made a car to fix your car?

    May the Schwarz be with youMay the Schwarz be with you19 hours ago
  • Thirty thousand dollars for a rolling tool box? If Cushman was still around, they’d offer the same thing for five thousand.

    Ron LiebermannRon Liebermann22 hours ago
  • i wish there was a magpad go hold annoying people in place

    ConvertibenzConvertibenz23 hours ago
  • Joke price that treat reader 🤣

    at6960 1at6960 1Day ago
  • Daft range of items, none of which I shall be rushing out to purchase.

    Conn ClissmannConn ClissmannDay ago
  • Did they get the idea for the chair from wallie

    David NelsonDavid NelsonDay ago
  • Really??? A minute of video on the motorised tool chest, and three damn seconds of it actually being driven?? And not even being driven properly??? Also, spend a gajillion quid on a motorised device to stand you up rather than using your own damn muscles?? WTF????

    Christopher DeanChristopher DeanDay ago
  • The Car Bench is pretty much useless for other than wheel service. (Looks like the complete under carriage is covered up when lifted......)

    m bm bDay ago
    • @walter bracey OK, That would make more sense then.. ;)

      m bm b10 hours ago
    • It's for collision repair. Hence the reason for sill clamps and a pulling arm. Though a direct rip off to car-o-liners speed bench

      walter braceywalter bracey16 hours ago
  • Snap On tool cost over 30k USD: ad filmed with a 5 USD 360p potato.

    romfloromfloDay ago
  • Thanks for NOT listing the price of the Bipol Pro C HD! The company won't even show the price. (ie. it's STUPID EXPENSIVE)

    DucStewieDucStewieDay ago
  • "Tires" and "wheels" are 2 completely different things. You can tell this dude actually knows nothing about automotive.

    csorrowscsorrowsDay ago
    • @GRJCLyon I think you have nailed it.

      csorrowscsorrows15 hours ago
    • @csorrows I think because some people refer to a car as a "set of wheels" I honestly don't know. I mean it's easy, just google the definition and click photos and you'd know. Maybe it's a cancel culture thing. People are stupid.

      GRJCLyonGRJCLyon20 hours ago
    • @GRJCLyon Yea, I used to own a tire shop. I have no clue how this got to be the norm. I mean, the tire goes on the wheel. How could that get confused?

      csorrowscsorrows20 hours ago
    • Haha. Actually if you watch last years season if the Ellen show, this was brought up in one of the games. The contestant was to name a certain amount of vehicle parts so he said wheels and tires. He was marked wrong and they told him they are the same thing. But yes, you are correct they are different.

      GRJCLyonGRJCLyon22 hours ago
  • That Snap-on motorized chest will only cost you $500/month for 300 months 😂

    Studio23 MediaStudio23 MediaDay ago
    • Uhh! Excuse my saying?? It's actually 600 months and is transferable to any apprentice in his first 3 months. Thank you for choosing Snapon!

      Jack RichardsJack RichardsDay ago
  • 2200 bucks to check tread depth?! Damn! An 8 dollar tread depth gauge from NAPA will get ya 21 hundred and 92 dollars for cold beer. Do the math!

    PaulPaulDay ago
  • Imagine using that portable lift (looks real sturdy) and your "human lift" together. You inadvertently hit the joystick up position and get crushed into the bottom of your car. Then your "human lift" raises the lift just enough to release and the whole fucking thing hits the floor with you stuck somewhere in the middle. Talk about getting the "double-fuk-me" straight up your ass. It wouldn't be so funny if it wasn't possible. And today's Darwin Award goes to.....

    PaulPaulDay ago
  • Have we really become that lazy?

    Wake Up AmericaWake Up AmericaDay ago
  • waaaaaay tooooo maaaaany aaaaaadddddddssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PetzlglyphPetzlglyphDay ago
  • The mag pad... If it holds a 25lb weight without problem, Doesn’t it mean the pas is sticking to the metal wall at >25 lb force also? (I meant, correct for gravitational direction, friction, etc, to a horizontal direction, etc, you know what I’m talking about) Good luck removing that pad from the metal wall.

    Real Life EngineerReal Life EngineerDay ago
  • I'd never put my full sized pickup truck on that lift and trust my life with it.

    2009mechanic2009mechanicDay ago
    • @Troy Eberling that makes more sense.

      MikeMike55 minutes ago
    • @Mike It's not a mechanics hoist, its for doing autobody collision repair. Hence, the hydraulic pulling ram.

      Troy EberlingTroy Eberling2 hours ago
    • And it completely covers the center of the vehicle impeding any powertrain maintenance. Tire, brake, steering and suspension would be possible, but he lift is in the way for much else.

      MikeMike4 hours ago
    • You can buy a professional rotary lift for cheaper anyways.

      L8KnighterL8Knighter16 hours ago
    • LMFAO... "Mhhh full size pickumup truck". GTFO

      Timothy JahnTimothy JahnDay ago
  • 1:35 Humans in Wall-e

    James RoseJames RoseDay ago
  • Total over priced crap that makes tour techs even more lazier

    Albert OrozcoAlbert OrozcoDay ago
  • $2200 for a tread depth finder then have no money for tires. Make sense to me.

    GRJCLyonGRJCLyonDay ago
  • The truculent seed greely wobble because ethernet postauricularly book before a learned carriage. dazzling, mountainous drink

    Tom FooleryTom FooleryDay ago
  • Must be nice

    The EdgeThe EdgeDay ago
  • The human hoist, this thing must have been made of 24k gold. They want $19,900 for that thing. Thats nuts. I cant stand when they introduce a cool product like that but price it so no one but a millionaire can afford the damn thing. Between that and the Snapon tool box gokart you got 50k into fancy stuff that you still need to spend a bost load more to use

    Jeff PolseneJeff PolseneDay ago
  • Ok! Whats a professional? I've seen so many "professionals" that I wouldn't have them touch anything I own

    Indian BolioIndian Bolio2 days ago
  • I think I'll wait for the Harbour Freight version of that motorised tool chest. The power creeper looks as though it would be useful for some forms of disability.

    Parrot RaiserParrot Raiser2 days ago
  • That drivable toolboxs I'd bet it's more like 60k

    Jeremy GJeremy G2 days ago
  • Man i never click so fast until i saw this thumbnail

    SCLaP SCLaPSCLaP SCLaP2 days ago
  • tread reader $2200, box of matches $1

    saint5367saint53672 days ago
  • How about losing some weight u fat fxxx on that creeper

    Dan RookDan Rook2 days ago
  • Human hoist off-road version 🤙

    Kelton FosterKelton Foster2 days ago
  • 30k for a tool boxs snap on has always been overpriced

    Mark TaylorMark Taylor2 days ago
    • Yep, no ac, no heat no, safety features. Crush your co-worker with the new Snap on Decimator tool box.

      Scott CaleScott CaleDay ago
  • I was a mechanic for 8 years and I can say every single one of these would be completely useless in 99% of shops.

    CamCam2 days ago
    • @Jack Richards I would be for a while until every tech in the shop "borrows" them and then your left with an empty tray in 3-4 months.

      CamCam23 hours ago
    • @Cam I figured th pocket size magnet would be handy to have a box-full in the workshop???

      Jack RichardsJack RichardsDay ago
    • @csorrows Yeah 8 years was enough time for me to realize being a tech was not worth all the bullshit that comes with it. Be well friend.

      CamCamDay ago
    • 8 years? Wow, you must have SO MUCH experience.... Move on noob.

      csorrowscsorrowsDay ago
    • Endoscope is the only thing I would use. But not that one.

      CronopolyCronopolyDay ago
  • “And allows them to be in a more comfortable position therefore allows more productivity” all that guy can think about sitting in the chair is how great his naps are gonna be.

    BatmanBatman3 days ago
  • Tomorrow's landfill. Think about the planet..someone's got to.

    Hector HeathHector Heath3 days ago
  • Hahahahah americanos and there tools.. safety glasses to change oil is my favorite:)

    454chevy454454chevy4543 days ago
  • Hate trying to get off creeper onthe floor

    Soulman1969Soulman19693 days ago
  • Someone should give that Ring-Light to some Honda mechanics cause I don't thing, (I know) they can't see that well.

    Markus PatientsMarkus Patients3 days ago
  • The best toolbox in the world

    DGBDGB4 days ago
  • Hard to believe that snap on tool cart is only 30k considering my snap on torque wrench was 700$

    Mike crystal robertMike crystal robert4 days ago
    • The guy who made the video is an idiot, SnapOn didn't build it.

      ZRXRICKZRXRICK19 hours ago
    • Just the stationary empty tool boxes cost 14-20K on the low end. On the higher end, they can quickly jump up to 30K no problem. So yeah, that thing with a motor is probably insane

      Clayton PrescottClayton Prescott22 hours ago
    • Oh ! There is no tools included. You can have a Nth Korean driver for an extra 20K if you like? They don't eat much, but keep the cat safely inside the house.

      Jack RichardsJack RichardsDay ago
  • If it’s made in China I don’t want it

    Wes GrahamWes Graham4 days ago
  • A portable pad lift for 6k!🤣

    Mythos AllenMythos Allen4 days ago
  • Cool Snap-on tool box. Why bother with a car, when you have the drivable toolbox!

    rob379rob3794 days ago
    • And if you break down, you have your tools!

      Mythos AllenMythos Allen4 days ago
  • How long till someone puts a V8 in the toolbox on wheels.?. 🤣

    DNF DeadDNF Dead4 days ago
  • Imagine leaving your tools under a car

    sovichet hangsothsovichet hangsoth4 days ago
    • That's the first thing I thought when I saw that

      CamCam2 days ago
  • You are on that adjustable hoist and the hydrolics go bunks and decide to push you up against the chassis. Just saying ..

    D JD J4 days ago
  • Tried to watch... Cant, the the narrator's "sucked too many dicks" voice kills all the inventions.

    Matt WoodsMatt Woods4 days ago
  • My tread reader only costs 1¢

    Thoroughly WetThoroughly Wet4 days ago
  • I don’t think the door or wall at 5:03 is metal or magnetic

    Poopybut PeepeebutPoopybut Peepeebut4 days ago
  • I'm a mechanic and I'm telling you most of this are just bad for your garage and expensive, waste of money! this guy doesn't know what he's talking about

    GL2 SweGL2 Swe4 days ago
  • Number 1 : a garage

    Reda El FarissiReda El Farissi4 days ago
  • That Mag-pad is the only thing I would buy. A device that checks tire tread for multi thousands? No way.

    dannydaw59dannydaw594 days ago
    • While I love the idea of that thing (and will look into buying one) Nowadays it would be best working UNDER the car. Because aluminum and plastic seem to be the majority of parts under the hood anymore. Although I'm sure we'll make it work☺️

      Trace 23Trace 2318 hours ago
  • Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking. I can used that chair home for XXX amount of reasons🤔😆🤣😂

    Ro HallRo Hall4 days ago
    • Maybe you just solved the marketting issue of a 10 inch high garage creeper. I STILL wont buy one! But the idea has some appeal he he he heh.

      Jack RichardsJack RichardsDay ago
  • As someone who has done car work on a lift. That mobile one is going to be damn near useless, unless your changing tires. The benefit of a two post lift is that you can get everwhere underneath and nothing gets in the way. It also can lift higher without worrying about the car falling over. Car work isn't fun without a two post when your 6'1".

    Reality?Reality?4 days ago
    • You are very ignorant.

      csorrowscsorrowsDay ago
    • @Conner Tate You completely missed the sarcasm. Good job.

      csorrowscsorrowsDay ago
    • @Rabid Jackass leave it to the Chinese to come up with a useless invention like that lift

      Conner TateConner Tate2 days ago
    • Yea, or ROTATING tires, servicing brakes, steering, suspension, or doing body work at eye level. Pretty worthless invention....

      Rabid JackassRabid Jackass2 days ago
  • 👍 good for a tooth doctor

    permadi fauzapermadi fauza4 days ago
  • First snapon anyone who buys a snapon box and think's it is a good deal has been on drugs when buying it the 2nd one that creeper only works in a shop and has to have a purfect surfaceand is way to high to fit under any modern semi or any car a pece of cardboard never failed me especially outside or under cars or trucks that cant be lifted and cardboard absorbs oil, antifreeze and any outher liquid that can leek under a car or truck the 3ed one a magnetic flashlight when the single battery fails or you drop it it will never work again Milwaukee has one that has all of these and comes with a good woritee and you have interchangeable batteries if one battery dies just grab a nother and put the one you were just using on change it only takes 30 min for a full charge and can be used all day 10 hours or 20 hours with intermediate use with being semi waterproof and everything it is a better deal the 4th one that is a portable lift for $6000 or whatwhatever thair are much cheaper options around the $1000 range or you can get a quick jac only $900 the 5th one the only one that any mechanic would buy any magnetic tray is good especially for that 10 mm good Idea the 6th one what a joke $2,200 to see if you need tiers if you get a usa penny if you can see the entire head you need tiers and it works on any condition tier durty wet dry covers in snow or mud the peny trick never falls 7th one that is aculy not bad to use if you want to bend out a quarter panel but requires a lot of skill and is very tedious going over every inch and some lieve that for the professionals 8th good idea it probably cost more then my $20 one that connects to your phone if you have an android obviously apple will never suport anything like that macanic's like me would only buy one of all 8 products shown in this video atlest smart mechanics that actually use their money properly k know it is thair money and thsy can just set it on fire if thay want to most macanic's would only buy the magic pad

    Justin BJustin B4 days ago
  • Man if that creeper went ballistic while under a vehicle you are completely screwed

    miguel gandarillamiguel gandarilla4 days ago
  • Too many adds to care

    Shannon Gardner 3MChessShannon Gardner 3MChess4 days ago
  • A lift for a professional work which is not professional in characteristics.

    Do DongDo Dong4 days ago
  • Exactly..what good Are expencive tools when any generic do the job as long you know how .. snap on. Idiots wallets..

    Eduardo ConcepcionEduardo Concepcion4 days ago
  • All these years I've been checking my tire tread with a coin and I could have been using for a fancy tire tread scanner that only scans a single one-inch wide strip of the tire for $2200. I sure missed out.

    John TurnerJohn Turner4 days ago
    • I'm dead serious when I say I actually did spit my the water I was drinking when I heard that. I was in utter disbelief. I love how it says "hand held"....is there a bigger one. Wtf

      Fate BreakerFate Breaker14 hours ago
    • You missed most to be made aware of this by an advertisement that was made with a Britishit accent.

      LangolierLangolier21 hour ago
    • ... you just Can't Fight STUPID!

      Angelo DallasAngelo DallasDay ago
    • I was thinking the same thing. Why pay $2200 to check your tread when you can use a penny

      Nicholas BrandoNicholas Brando2 days ago
  • Will the Human hoist accommodate two, just asking for a friend.😉

    pog mo thoinpog mo thoin4 days ago
    • @bsirvine They would have to call it a Menage a trois hoist.

      pog mo thoinpog mo thoinDay ago
    • I'm curious about three.

      bsirvinebsirvineDay ago
  • A lot of adds to watch a lot of adds!

    Neighbor DaveNeighbor Dave4 days ago
  • Problem is the money

    The GamerThe Gamer4 days ago
  • 4th: if designed for commercial use, (1 ton max) needs the ability to work at a slight angle. The rest are self explanatory to be used at shops by professionals.

    The Cowboy Of OklahomaThe Cowboy Of Oklahoma4 days ago
  • I mean it would help if bubba Mack truck workman would drop a couple lbs.

    502 FlexLex502 FlexLex4 days ago
  • If you have a pacemaker do not put that magnet pad in your shirt pocket as advised.

    James SwansonJames Swanson4 days ago
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    Ginger MarieGinger Marie4 days ago
    • Go fuck yourself, and take Jesus with you.

      Derek HoldtDerek Holdt4 days ago
  • Mag pad needs to be a different colour, not the same colour as under the hood.

    papa bitspapa bits4 days ago
  • The user can raise the creeper while underneath the vehicle effectively crushing him or her to death.

    papa bitspapa bits4 days ago
  • Great product

    John PeelJohn Peel4 days ago
  • For the price of the Human Hoist Mechanic chair one could purchase a Bendpak asymmetrical lift, a 4 post lift, and another asymmetrical lift and another 4 post lift.

    Bob PBob P5 days ago
  • The flashlight and mag pad are the only things here I could afford. The other stuff is ridiculous for the average DYI'er. Cool tools? Yes but out of reach for most to put in "your garage".

    Jim renJim ren5 days ago
  • I called about the human hoist for my dad they want like 25,000 for it f*** that

    willwills100willwills1005 days ago
  • I thought I was going to see a PDR repair then he god the grinder out and removed the paint.

    kingdomfor1kingdomfor15 days ago
  • Not a fan of the hyd creeper (human hoist). What happens if you you bump the joystick and press yourself against the chassis? Or if it fails and does the same. No thanks!

    GSNCLNGSNCLN5 days ago
    • I was thinking the same thing. I do think it would be great for someone who has mobility issues from injuries but 20 grand is a lot to pay to just be lazy

      Eric MetcalfEric Metcalf20 hours ago
  • 👌

    Steve’s HowtoinfiveSteve’s Howtoinfive5 days ago
  • একজনকে মুসলমানি করাইছি

    Shaparan MihaShaparan Miha5 days ago
  • Please say the Human Hoist is out of prototype and civilians can buy them

    turboturbo5 days ago
  • Imagine smashing your head off a diesel truck axel powered by a highpowered hydraulic system?

    di londi lon5 days ago
  • Motorized tool box RIP pitstop

    christopher decastrochristopher decastro5 days ago