6ix9ine Spends $1M On Double Baguette Spinning VVS Chain

Feb 21, 2021
450 091 Views

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    • He stole it from me.

      Dank MewsicDank Mewsic9 days ago
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      D. da dummyD. da dummy14 days ago
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      Dap JozDap Joz14 days ago
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      Dap JozDap Joz14 days ago
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      Ayo Fr3sh!Ayo Fr3sh!14 days ago
  • Should invest money into his future .. that shit won’t last forever . That chain look heavy bulky and uncomfortable asf .. waste of money imo

    mac millimac milli18 hours ago
  • Change his literally chain of a shark he literally just changed it up he's a broke and he uses the same chain just decorated with something else and got a new piece of Goofy

    Raffy HernandezRaffy HernandezDay ago
  • When is someone going to cap this fool. Waste of air and space. My 9 year old has better toys

    the gonzthe gonzDay ago
  • he spends 1M DOLLARS ON A CHAIN .. like nobody cares about that arcade ass chain. Spend it on important stuff . Not just one chain

    Day ago
  • Chain fake as fuck 🤣🤣🤣

    donte jonesdonte jones2 days ago
  • He said you rappers can’t f*ck with me and then the camera man said yup gangsta 😂 how tf does wasting money on a chain have to do with being a gangsta

    Anthony UddstromAnthony Uddstrom2 days ago
  • Next time put a billion on a chain

    John SeanJohn Sean2 days ago
  • You Walk up in club I am at you are walking out my crew in mean do not deal with snitches I can't believe you still around fucking 2020 what happened to the days when snitches get stitches I don't understand how this dude is still around he snitched on everybody absolutely everybody

    Eric LafranceEric Lafrance2 days ago
  • dubai he liv

    Łøŕđ Prēțțý Fłācķø Vin'SŁøŕđ Prēțțý Fłācķø Vin'S3 days ago
  • So he still alive wow

    Mike ButlerMike Butler3 days ago
  • Sucks how he ruined his image and career..i believe 👐 Js......to think I really fucked with bro..... ..smh Daniel Daniel smh

    EZ SaV___EZ SaV___3 days ago
  • That chain look silly As Fukkkkk!!!!!🤣


    tofu is pretty tasty but im lazy to cooktofu is pretty tasty but im lazy to cook3 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/omqOj2nLgmGVYXc

    Johno MillerJohno Miller3 days ago
  • How tf he still talking big but he a snitch and needs security everywhere come on now 50 cent goes from different hoods with no security look it up thats straight facts lil boy needs to sit down before he gets killed he got lucky thats shotti got locked up because he was gonna have youngin killed

    Jeremy YelletsJeremy Yellets3 days ago
  • This kid thinks a chain makes him a man. Stupit is his song yea his stupid go fight your battles one on one be a man

    Ricardo GarzaRicardo Garza4 days ago
  • Daaaaamnnnnn now all hate

    Julian SoldanoJulian Soldano4 days ago
  • He may need bigger one to stop the bullet

    sausage 21sausage 214 days ago
  • He should have bought a bulletproof one, not a waterproof..lol

    MrStfmgMrStfmg4 days ago
  • *Lil uzi has entered the chat

    Justice CorriganJustice Corrigan5 days ago
  • If i spent a mil on a chain it will look like a pure masterpiece not that cheap looking ish .

    Dope Action Big Factz 614Dope Action Big Factz 6145 days ago
  • He ain't walking in no club tho be to risky

    Rossi CourvosiRossi Courvosi5 days ago
  • He not the smartest fellow in the world is he?

    James SimmonsJames Simmons5 days ago
  • Snitch

    Halo DoeiHalo Doei5 days ago
  • Why is he mad he seems mad is it because he wasn’t on the front of the Fruitloop box at least you look like toucan Sam

    Parky YTParky YT6 days ago
  • Ohh wow Fidget spiner

    Nike BoysNike Boys7 days ago
  • lil uzi vert:cute bro

    V OV O7 days ago
  • Looks like a toy

    Wolf GunWolf Gun7 days ago
  • Not going to lie chain nice as fuck

    N.W. LONDONERN.W. LONDONER7 days ago
  • Homeboy goin back to jail

    Albert GallanosaAlbert Gallanosa7 days ago
  • It gonna get snatched again

    Bad SeekerBad Seeker7 days ago
  • Mark zuckerberg is laughing u showing off, 1 of richest personn in da world, but stay low profile, lol

    Hisyam AbbasHisyam Abbas7 days ago
  • 💰bookie giving back 💰on USworlds 🥃👑crazy money 💰💰💰💰💰👑👑🥃

  • I hate this nigga but the chain is mad cool 😂😂

    Look Adis DudeLook Adis Dude8 days ago
  • nobody spending that much money

  • usworlds.info/slow/video/qX9nj3bZbnOspqU

    JoeJoe8 days ago
  • he aint walkin in no club period..lol

    scott newcomerscott newcomer8 days ago
  • Yoh 🤘🤘🤘

  • He gon get robbed for that chain if he keep flexing it like that no cap

    Janidehdan` HenryJanidehdan` Henry8 days ago
  • 69 be like y'all rappers cannot fuckwith me son cuz I'm going to tell the cops and tell my mom y'all cannot fuck with me when I walk in the club y'all can wear your shit my shits fake I just don't want to tell you y'all cannot fuck with me I'm going to tell my mom dude son

    Mauricio RojasMauricio Rojas9 days ago
  • Seriously guys 69 new chain alone is taking fat shits and flexing on all other rappers chains. But on the down side 69’s chains are all probably only 14k or 18k gold. Not 24k or 99.9% pure gold. A greasy jeweler will try to convince you that 24k is too soft to be made into jewelry But pure gold is just as hard as sterling silver. So basically 25-40% of the mixture of alloys used for 69’s jewelry isn’t real gold and instead it’s zinc, copper and some silver for weight. Cocain dealers use the same method in order to stretch their product and get more money but this dilutes the final product.

    Carlos MojicaCarlos Mojica9 days ago
  • Tbh he used to be funny but these days this guy is a bot of a bore

    Tumo SeketemeTumo Seketeme9 days ago
  • To much rainbow for a New York dude

    Jett Promvongsa24Jett Promvongsa249 days ago
  • He won't say this to lil uzi 😂

    Purified OJPurified OJ9 days ago
  • How do u feel to spend 1m on a chain, why de are pipo on de Street with no pantis damm de world we live in 🙏🙏

    Clo CloClo Clo9 days ago
  • Haha this shit funny 😁

    Gonzalo GGonzalo G9 days ago
  • That charm is a waste of money

    Sofia CastroSofia Castro9 days ago
  • He talking like liltay the girl trying to flex

    Margaret GordonMargaret Gordon9 days ago
  • This dude a fckn clown💯 No one is going to miss you when you ⚰️

    Shaka TruluShaka Trulu9 days ago
  • 69 got 1 million Lil Uzi vert 24 million dollar diamond

    Mahir SheikhMahir Sheikh9 days ago
  • Before go to club , do not get a shot in the street bro...

    권지성권지성9 days ago
  • Is 69 snitch? Idk but I feel like he isnt

    Tatum PriceTatum Price10 days ago
  • All this man doing is wasting money on stupid shit cmon bruh 😂😂😂😂

    Lequan WrightLequan Wright10 days ago
  • 😂 with that john cena chain tho

    Juan CalderonJuan Calderon10 days ago
  • If snitching gets you that, then ima snitch all next year 😂😂

    Young WilliamsYoung Williams10 days ago
    • 😭😭 fr!!

      Raspberry GlossRaspberry Gloss9 days ago
  • Everybody gangster until 6ix9ine’s chain is waterproof

    BarelBarel10 days ago
  • Lmao I'd be more impressed if he bought a million dollars worth of land and flew over it with a helicopter 🤣🤣🤣

    Von 15Von 1510 days ago
  • Wow the boy got sum real shit there

    Marlon ChristianMarlon Christian10 days ago
  • Lil uzi standing in the corner of the club wit 24 mil in his forehead

    XN1GHTMAR3S OfficialXN1GHTMAR3S Official10 days ago
  • Real talk, if he died I wouldn’t care. I hate to say that, but I mean it.

    I Am MindOfOneKindI Am MindOfOneKind10 days ago
  • 🤡⛓

    Hawaiian Mix PlateHawaiian Mix Plate10 days ago
  • Lmaoo imma lash dat

    LuhkkieLuhkkie10 days ago
  • The chain looks garbage.

    Yousaidwhat?Yousaidwhat?10 days ago
  • What a bozo 🤦‍♂️

    Premier SmithPremier Smith10 days ago
  • KING

    Sergio LuzSergio Luz10 days ago
  • Ion like this boy

    Shun JelksShun Jelks10 days ago
  • That joint fire tho

    Yuh-Boi-Chris 222Yuh-Boi-Chris 22210 days ago
  • He’s gonna regret buying all these chains when he goes irrelevant

    BabyyodathickassBabyyodathickass10 days ago
  • Lmao that chain looks like the 2000’s WWE Championship

    VK DonVK Don10 days ago
  • You beard son dame

    Alresa MinnieAlresa Minnie10 days ago
  • Enjoy what you can 🐀9 your time is short so.enjoy everything you can . Because when you got kidnapped and you said take everything please please don't kill me yoi didn't act very tough that night

    Armando LakoArmando Lako10 days ago
  • That chain looks like it will rat you out if things pop off , be careful what you carry around you . 🐀 chain gang gang

    Armando LakoArmando Lako10 days ago
  • I would rather be 69 than be a street nigga tbh

    Rip incognitoRip incognito10 days ago
  • 69 you sold your soul jesus Is coming it's not too late 69 please I'm begging you please please repent this life is not ours

    enjoy meenjoy me10 days ago
  • This nigga still living. OMG

    Vegas VegaveliVegas Vegaveli10 days ago
  • Imagine that gets snatched lol

    K2 splashyK2 splashy10 days ago
  • Sit down Lil boy the real king of New York is home and you’re done. #BIGBLOODBOBBYSHMURDA

    Darth MalgusDarth Malgus10 days ago
  • Im deeply concerned !! 😑🙏

    David C munozDavid C munoz10 days ago
  • That's 🔥 As Fuck....💪🏾

    tikema prestontikema preston10 days ago
  • Gotta be honest... his chain game is fire

    JeppeJeppe10 days ago
  • You scammers I’m fucking dead😭😭😭😭😭

    Frank SmithFrank Smith11 days ago
  • Just cracks me up every time I see them fake looking beard. If it's real, that's even more hilarious 🤣

    NeedleFingerNeedleFinger11 days ago
    • it's real

      Yeah IghtYeah Ight11 days ago
  • He ain’t showing no support to the community he just wants to feel like he’s better than people When you make it make sure you uplift people instead of the opposite

    s Ks K11 days ago
  • Y’all really out here wasting money like this huh...?

    Kynzli HallKynzli Hall11 days ago
  • But nobody cares

    Guillaume RecioGuillaume Recio11 days ago
  • U put baguettes on the back of the chain cause u aint got no Friends 🤔

    S BergicaS Bergica11 days ago
  • Stop reporting on that snitch the world needs to ignore him good news is bobby shmurda home finally

    Ari New channelAri New channel11 days ago
  • This dude is so lame his music is whack

    Thuyvu NguyenThuyvu Nguyen11 days ago
  • Block Anybody Who post Him . He said he need y'all to live He just a comedian snitch with security that might get shot he a sitting Duck

    brian dixonbrian dixon11 days ago
  • Acting like he didn’t snitch

    John GramereJohn Gramere11 days ago
  • I couldnt help but remember watching the video of him getting kidnapped and almost killed. Whenever they made him get his gf to bring out a bag full of jewelry. Them beating the sht out of him, and him getting out and running on foot, so that he didnt die that night. Thats all i can think about. As he talks about this necklace. Hope its worth it in the end. The people who run up on you, are going to LOVE having this chain. 😉😎 Stay safe.

    WTFMannyxFTWWTFMannyxFTW11 days ago
  • ain't gonna lie that chain looks fun to spine

    Kenny BamgboyeKenny Bamgboye11 days ago
  • Gets a 1 million dollar chain and immediately pours water in a part that's hard to dry out.

    Lorst dringusLorst dringus11 days ago
  • Days of the jack boys is over a 🐀 running around with a million on and talking shit 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Frantz VallonFrantz Vallon11 days ago
  • 🐁Rat pack coming soon 💨💨💨

    the real alpha malethe real alpha male11 days ago
  • Not gonna lie hardest chain

    RhythmRhythm11 days ago
  • He forgot the rat category 😂😂

    Almightydre 150Almightydre 15011 days ago
  • All that just to die?

    john senterjohn senter11 days ago
  • he look like admiral general aladeen w that beard

    kevin uptonkevin upton11 days ago