Feb 21, 2021
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  • Wow that was awesome

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  • Yea I say the same🐸😌

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  • Me and my friend is a big fan

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  • What’s the Minecraft game your playing in this vid

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  • unspeakable your my FAVORITE USworldsR YOUR AMAZING KEEP UP THE GOO VIDS

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  • I like your videos because you’re nice and fun

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  • Great video 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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  • I like you unspeakable you are the best USworldsr

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  • I love this video

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  • Hiii

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  • With a rocket launcher it’s so easy

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  • I love you

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  • I have a Nintendo switch and I have minecraft on it and I have your skin

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  • Magma block pit

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  • Unspeakable, i love your videos contants and it make my day awesome and fantastic.

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  • can you send me this map i realy want to pay it

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  • Nice

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  • Yo if you have the mashine gun your over powered

    Gian Maverick TuazonGian Maverick Tuazon5 days ago
  • He should’ve got the air strike it’s super good because it can spawn a nuke

    Brian StaceyBrian Stacey6 days ago
  • Stop it I love you videos de shop

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  • The rocket gave me a seizure

    Alexis ContrerasAlexis Contreras6 days ago
  • you should make more reel video

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  • @UnspeakableGaming be like uav inbound

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  • Yo the crossbow strength depends on your aim

    Aaron BradfordAaron Bradford6 days ago
  • Plz fight all the mobs

    Citlali TrujilloCitlali Trujillo6 days ago
  • Never ever ever and you’re not gonna die

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    • あなたは日本から来ましたか?

  • why did he have 500000000000 lives?

    PiscesPisces6 days ago
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  • Next time skeleton vs you're bunker!

    wisp wispwisp wisp7 days ago
  • whats the name of the app that u used and the name plsssssssssssssssssssss

    Menard AgpaloMenard Agpalo7 days ago
  • i like to watch him she is youtuber she playing minecraft o my gosh i love him click him subscribe???

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  • i love your vids. You always make me laugh after a long day at school. Keep up the amazing work

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  • do an every single monster i will subscribe you

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  • I want you to make another video but 100,000 zombie

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  • Mann

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  • i saw a zombie viligar when you were doing fast zombie's

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  • Yuketh

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  • This is the best

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  • How do you do that

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  • I like this video

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  • You One the game

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  • Speakable and your biggest fan in I love you

    Kris RKris R7 days ago
    • The best guy ever and unspeakable I want to blog with you

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  • I got your merch yesterday I’m so happy

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  • Unspeakable- my name is Evan and I have an idea for a video. Can you make a video that shows how to make updates to your Minecraft server so that you can use weapons like ak-47 in Minecraft. Thanks! Bye!

    Steven YodowitzSteven Yodowitz7 days ago
  • 9:29 OMG

    Melissa RubensMelissa Rubens7 days ago
  • H I I

    Komal BabarKomal Babar7 days ago
    • Hii

      Komal BabarKomal Babar7 days ago
  • Just keep swimming if you stop swimming you fall in the magma pit

    Trey HolmonTrey Holmon7 days ago
  • so uhhh why did you say zombies but they are creepers

    Trey HolmonTrey Holmon7 days ago
  • Bunker yemane super bunker

    Kyle MusgroveKyle Musgrove7 days ago
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  • I want to see more of these

    Derek WongDerek Wong7 days ago
  • Bruuhhh I need that map

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  • 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

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  • When a Minecraft Bunker Defense turn into a Minecraft CoD Zombies

    Dante NaresDante Nares7 days ago
  • Nobody gonna talk about the title called creepers instead of zombies

    •l l••l l•7 days ago
    • I was talking to myself about that

      Trey HolmonTrey Holmon7 days ago
  • HI

    Intensi2Intensi28 days ago
  • That last challenge is your most craziest one But do it with the wooden sword :)

    DanDgamerDanDgamer8 days ago
  • Fh

    Janet JenkinsJanet Jenkins8 days ago
  • Bro this is epic next time bring a bazooka that kills everything in one line

    DanDgamerDanDgamer8 days ago
  • When you asked by the king Sammy is in the next weapon you toast it was in walk

    Michelle CoriaMichelle Coria8 days ago
  • U are the absolute best Unspeakable I watch so much of ur videos

    Dragon MythDragon Myth8 days ago
  • Title 500 creepers vs rocket launcher in minecraft also the lives 5000000000 in the stats

    Ludy FlorentinoLudy Florentino8 days ago
  • done

    Bhim BaniyaBhim Baniya8 days ago
  • Bonfire¿k,kk, Ms2 .sz,/. Aehq.fdae f

    Natalie De La ONatalie De La O8 days ago
  • Mean when you say do you want to you guys🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Diego PerezDiego Perez8 days ago
  • what sever is that i wanna play it

    Jay LeJay Le8 days ago
  • Hello

    MrFreckleface11MrFreckleface118 days ago
  • if its secret why can the mobs see it and coming to absolutely obliterate you to peices

    M.A SammyM.A Sammy8 days ago
  • You should do last to leave the nether in minecraft

    Brooklyn RamosBrooklyn Ramos8 days ago

    Jacqueline GomezJacqueline Gomez8 days ago
  • Do you play mort in king julien

    Jacob MoreiraJacob Moreira8 days ago
  • Can someone give me the map

    UnknownUnknown8 days ago
  • Does the new headphones have a mute button

    Sonic NarutoSonic Naruto8 days ago