Apr 1, 2021
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  • Green tip tend to "yaw" pretty much every time basically meaning curve. It's pretty hard to catch em in a gel block.

    Tyler TappTyler Tapp3 hours ago
  • Best part was when Kendall said,” i have to play Xbox and then raged quite😂

    InsaneSavage91 Insanesavage91InsaneSavage91 Insanesavage914 hours ago
    • Plz help me win the give away

      InsaneSavage91 Insanesavage91InsaneSavage91 Insanesavage914 hours ago
  • It's a transport carrier truck with soldiers on the top and then shoot when enemies come out

    Cherie GrizzardCherie Grizzard7 hours ago
  • When Kendal raged at call of duty @derrick_allen26

    Derrick risnerDerrick risner10 hours ago
  • haha yall just lke me

    Mark ArnettMark Arnett11 hours ago
  • My favorite part is when Kendall said of course I have a hdmi Cord

    Ashley BryantAshley Bryant12 hours ago
  • My favorite part is when Kendall rage quit on the Xbox 🤣🤣 My Instagram is tylernorton_23

    Tyler NortonTyler Norton12 hours ago
  • Can you please 1,000 to 6115 nogard Ave my mom is in the hospital

    Andrew BurkhartAndrew Burkhart13 hours ago
  • When you left for an hdmi cable and came back with 50 chicken nuggets lol @Jpsatkowsk1

    John Paul SatkowskiJohn Paul SatkowskiDay ago
  • That’s a 5ton

    Avery NunbergAvery NunbergDay ago
  • And what kind ok x-box are you using

  • He could go for a HDMI cable but not for an extra hotdogs

  • If it’s not kg products it ain’t good

    Josh_boutte_69Josh_boutte_69Day ago
  • My favorite part was when Kendal went back and forth to get stuff from the house

    David KimbellDavid KimbellDay ago
  • My favorite part was when y’all shot a grenade and said “merica” Kaden_vankempen

    Dr. EliteDr. EliteDay ago
  • I liked the truck🤠🤠

    Danielle JordanDanielle JordanDay ago
  • Kendall live has to be one of the best in the world 🌎

  • KG and demo ranch need to get together with the 5 tons

    Randall RogersRandall RogersDay ago
  • My favorite is when they took and hour to set up the Xbox. @football_kid_coleman insta

    The Outdoor boyThe Outdoor boyDay ago
  • Im waiting to see this drive on 25E lol

    Deputy SmithDeputy Smith2 days ago
  • You should do pubg or cod mobil type theme videos youll like it look into it you could definitely do it make it a series

    John SpenceJohn Spence2 days ago
  • Kendal is the definition of “give me a second and I’ll make it happen”

    Dylan CrowDylan Crow2 days ago
  • You are my favorite youtuber

    Rhyder CrabtreeRhyder Crabtree2 days ago
  • The funniest part was when K G forgot the HDMI cable and Ethan had asked him if he got a HDMI cable and K G said of course and then he didn't have one.

    Logan BrockLogan Brock2 days ago
  • 15k looks like transforming bunker time

    notscythexnotscythex2 days ago
  • 5 ton

    MC GAMINGMC GAMING2 days ago
  • What if you go coyote hunting with your AK47

    12 Gage Photography12 Gage Photography2 days ago
  • My favorite part is when kg came back with chicken nuggets. @hammerin_hunter

    Jack FickJack Fick2 days ago
  • Definitely when kg got the nuggets😂... jeptim.greene@gmail.com

    Bow Hunter2005Bow Hunter20052 days ago
  • Its is a 5 ton

    Jackson BarnesJackson Barnes2 days ago
  • My favorite part was when he whet back for the TV 🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂 @kyler_roten

    Feathers And hoovesFeathers And hooves2 days ago
  • When Kendall said it’s a 65 pound tv but ur boy kg is tough 😂

    Andrew TeagueAndrew Teague3 days ago
  • Kendall 15k likes what does tht mean

    The start of Coltons racing careerThe start of Coltons racing career3 days ago
  • I think it is a 5 ton

    Please SudscribePlease Sudscribe3 days ago
  • I liked where the you made his face big and my Ig is connor_adcock15

    Connor AdcockConnor Adcock3 days ago
  • To me it just looks like an old 5 ton military truck.

    DirtyDirty3 days ago
  • When you shot the ak 47

    Card opening kid Carey priceCard opening kid Carey price3 days ago
  • When Kendall said “Of course I got the HDMI” and then forgets it😂. @pakka_the_beast

    Parker Arnold GolfParker Arnold Golf3 days ago
  • Trying to get it running

    Eli DeryEli Dery3 days ago
  • Lol be careful...even though that tank and pump looks new... if its agent orange and it doesn't eventually give you cancer like they say it caused dads ... you may not have hay for a decade that doesn't cancerous livestock.... just saying.. they will kill us all if it gets something done... financially.. lol entrepreneurs are everywhere

    Upchurch Darian Jean 2Upchurch Darian Jean 23 days ago
  • Hey 10k baby

    Lawton HightowerLawton Hightower3 days ago
  • I loved the part where they shot together #chad the goat

    Dana GiddensDana Giddens3 days ago
  • That is a Duce in a Half but it’s just the Tanker Version.

    T-14 Heavy TankT-14 Heavy Tank3 days ago
  • Looks like an old hydro seeder truck.

    Kyle Doin StuffKyle Doin Stuff3 days ago
  • Can't like this video cause.no body going to grab their tv ps3or Xbox360.when they have guns and ammo.if you want entertainment grab playing cards or board games. And you wasn't paired to bug out

    Christian ThompsonChristian Thompson4 days ago
  • Ak-47 is 10x better then AR puny 5.56 ammo

    Christian ThompsonChristian Thompson4 days ago
  • And a country boy can survive

    The great outdoors With kashThe great outdoors With kash4 days ago
  • Why do you have a army truck If you don't even know how to use it😆

    Outdoor Evan 07Outdoor Evan 074 days ago
  • you must stick to your word 10k😎

    Melanie StockMelanie Stock4 days ago
  • When Kendall brings back chicken nuggets @dsewell519

    Dawson SewellDawson Sewell4 days ago
  • When Kendall forgot the hdmi cable @trevor.chrismon

    TLC TrapsTLC Traps4 days ago
  • Make a loading bay so it can Cary the defender

    HELLMO 2009HELLMO 20094 days ago
  • You should get a camo tarp and some fo that army camo stuff and put it on the sides and top

    Bryce Radcliff 2Bryce Radcliff 24 days ago
  • He’s got the Rick ak47

    teagan laackteagan laack4 days ago
  • Love your content. My favorite part is when he said he had a HDMI cord but he didn't

    Connor BroosConnor Broos4 days ago
  • Ya I just brought 59 chicken nuggets with the hdmi cable

    Sydney IngrahamSydney Ingraham4 days ago
  • When he grab the tv @allstar_landon10

    Ninnin PlaysNinnin Plays4 days ago
  • The funny part that had me dying was when Kendall came back with the hdmi and brought the chicken nuggets and said there’s 50 and when he open it he said there’s no longer 50 😂. @matthew_214_

    Matthew DehoyosMatthew Dehoyos4 days ago
  • The Mac has an hdmi our

    Ado potatoesAdo potatoes4 days ago
    • Out

      Ado potatoesAdo potatoes4 days ago
  • What is your number so I can call you for the first time ever in the world I know your best friend Braydon price and I love you too because you make so cool videos

    Ben HuelsBen Huels4 days ago
  • it a dose

    Brock FerrisBrock Ferris4 days ago
  • My favorite part has to be when u dedicated your time to get a tv to make the video succesful🤣‼️ @trentstrickland64

    Trent StricklandTrent Strickland4 days ago
  • ive been watching since i was negative 2

    Rowan LasherRowan Lasher4 days ago
  • My favourite part was when the MacBook wouldn’t work so Kendall pulled out the old 2004 tv monitor just to play cod for 5 minutes @jessmjamieson

    Jessica JamiesonJessica Jamieson4 days ago
  • My Great grandfather drove that in Vietnam.

    Eli EdwardsEli Edwards4 days ago
  • Kg you got 15k likes

    Mason DavisMason Davis4 days ago
  • By the way Kendall were at 15k likes of April 6th, the gray gang is always stronger than you think.

    Mackenzie RhoadsMackenzie Rhoads4 days ago
    • yessss sssirrrrrr

      M&E StudiosM&E Studios4 days ago
  • Favorite part was when KG left to go get a HDMI cord and comeback with a 50 piece chicken nugget from wendys

    Ricky GreeneRicky Greene4 days ago
  • When Kendal came back with the chicken nuggets

    Bradley CothamBradley Cotham5 days ago
  • 5 Ton

    Donna LandonDonna Landon5 days ago
  • Ram the tree

    Anthony VlogsAnthony Vlogs5 days ago
  • jared wrightjared wright5 days ago
  • My favorite part was when you guys polled out the Xbox then forgot the cord🤣 and went home got it then the computer didn’t work so you had to go back and get the tv and only played for like 15min. And I don’t have Instagram so if I win reply to this and we can figure it out.😃

    Chase EriksenChase Eriksen5 days ago
  • When the computer didn’t work so he comes back with a tv

    dewood007dewood0075 days ago
  • My favorite pet was when Kendall says “just because we are buggin out don’t mean Wendy’s has to bug out” 😂 Instagram @jlenard96

    Doctor ChillzDoctor Chillz5 days ago
  • Wow that was in Germany and Vietnam

    Jonathan and CalebJonathan and Caleb5 days ago
  • Kendall that raised platform is a water tank w/ a sprayer

    Garrett WatsonGarrett Watson5 days ago
  • Kendall I'm curious what's the door you were cooking on

    Garrett WatsonGarrett Watson5 days ago
  • if world war three was happening Kendall would be one of the last people alive

    Canaan GillelandCanaan Gilleland5 days ago
  • Like if Kendall needs to go live more often!!!!

    Preston HartmanPreston Hartman5 days ago
  • His neighbors: what the heck is that kid doing 🧐

    The Century BoysThe Century Boys5 days ago
  • My favorite part is that he puts his backpack over the ak so he couldn't use it if he needed to

    Menachem PrinslooMenachem Prinsloo5 days ago
  • Favorite parts were probably the hotdog cooking montage ending with Ethan's face or Kendall's reaction to dying @radowling

    Gideon DowlingGideon Dowling5 days ago
  • How’s Steve the dog doing. Not seen anymore on him.

    Chris DavidChris David5 days ago
  • 5 ton or M923

    Gavin PickeringGavin Pickering5 days ago
  • The way he raged at the game

    brodie cooperbrodie cooper5 days ago
  • can you do some fishin

    Riley WestbrookRiley Westbrook5 days ago
  • When you said theres not 50 anymore jfortner2@gmail.com

    Helen FortnerHelen Fortner5 days ago
  • I love how every vid starts with a bible verse 👍🏼

    Big Buck HuntersBig Buck Hunters5 days ago
  • When kendall keeps forgetting stuff. I dont got Instagram

    Hunter DouglasHunter Douglas5 days ago
  • It's a M939 aka a 5 ton

    Jonathan RauscherJonathan Rauscher5 days ago
  • I'm a big fan! I'm 62 and I'm living vicariously through you! Lol! Have you any career plans? I think you'd do well in the military but I also think you'd be a great Pastor! BE SAFE,GOD BLESS!🇺🇸🙏❤

    Dave StumpDave Stump5 days ago
  • Question, What happens when the generator battery runs out? You could just get a gas generator instead of a electric generator

  • When Kendall was trying to lift up the tv @sethward2021

    Seth WardSeth Ward5 days ago
  • Ig @ mo.knott

    mo knottmo knott5 days ago
  • Best part was him going back and forth

    mo knottmo knott5 days ago
  • When kendall brings back chicken nuggets

    Prestin SumlerPrestin Sumler5 days ago
  • When Kendall got mad at the game cuz they got flashbang

    KJ KendallKJ Kendall5 days ago
  • You need a ramp part on the back to put your side by side on

    Owen McIntoshOwen McIntosh5 days ago
  • 5 ton

    curtis olsoncurtis olson5 days ago