2HYPE Plays Mafia w/ 100T Nadeshot - FUNNIEST GAME EVER!

Apr 3, 2021
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This week we played our most hilarious game of Mafia yet! A lot of twists and turns in these games.
Big thanks to Avalanche and Nadeshot for coming by the Cash App Compound, check out their channels below!
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    Kristopher LondonKristopher London7 days ago
    • @Yug Patel v

      Erick RileyErick Riley2 days ago
    • Happy Birthday

      Jy'Mir SmithJy'Mir Smith3 days ago
    • happy bday kris

      Jehiah PaceJehiah Pace3 days ago
    • Happy birthday 🎉 Kris

      KeonxnoahKeonxnoah4 days ago
    • Happy birthday kris

      SOB. ApdSOB. Apd4 days ago
  • We need more

    Gcj gocrazyGcj gocrazy3 hours ago
  • Yo 48:50 was crazy

    SneakzSneakz13 hours ago
  • Jesse: James: I feel like its jesse Jesse: wHaT dAfUq

    Adam YeagerAdam Yeager17 hours ago
  • Cash detective game is just like that shot at the top of the key

    Ben TiceBen Tice19 hours ago
  • So like the detective role is pretty useless then?

    Ben SchroederBen Schroeder20 hours ago
  • jesse shoes is making me mad by how he is wearing them 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

    Amare HaynesAmare Haynes21 hour ago
  • Don’t watch this with earphones when kris got shot I got scared

    Beast BrayBeast Bray22 hours ago
  • 1:29 bruh why did this music give me scary flashbacks and it wasn’t even real life 😂

    UsernameUsernameDay ago
  • Y'all should invite faze rug to yalls court to make a video called make the shot win the prize

    Johnathan VieraJohnathan VieraDay ago
  • makes me sick

    Xx GhostXx GhostDay ago
  • Why my boi mooch is look sad

    dwarf. cerxsdwarf. cerxsDay ago
  • Bruh cash is pokenasty and mafianasty

    YoJamezYoJamezDay ago
  • The funny part of this video is I’ve lived by both shadow creek and troon north golf club

    Austin SimmonsAustin SimmonsDay ago
  • i didnt know these guys still made videos

    SonSonDay ago
  • at 45:53 what were they saying? plz help

    cvilarcookingYTcvilarcookingYT2 days ago
  • Cash cheater but he’s using his ears to play

    CypherCypher2 days ago
  • “Why has Zach not been killed yet”😂😂🤣🤣

    ツImpactXxツImpactXx2 days ago
  • Cash has that dababy energy.

    EvDellEvDell2 days ago
  • Is 2hype quitting YouTub soon because they haven’t been uploading a lot when I’m commenting this it’s been 5 days no vid since this

    Trey CarmonyTrey Carmony2 days ago
    • I hope not

      Trey CarmonyTrey Carmony2 days ago
  • 2hype way more hype without mopee

    Johnathon NormanJohnathon Norman2 days ago
  • These 2HYPE videos getting way too long

    Christian DouglassChristian Douglass2 days ago
  • 2hype should do a mock draft

    Will StephensWill Stephens2 days ago
  • Kris should walk around with a fragile sign on him mans is always hurt

    Erick OrtegaErick Ortega2 days ago
  • The cute rectangle concordingly enjoy because breakfast acutely obey to a yielding environment. obscene, empty brochure

    Robert LinRobert Lin2 days ago
  • The walking dead references tho

    Chris ThompsonChris Thompson2 days ago
  • “Yo deafen”😂

    ThxtboyRamThxtboyRam2 days ago
  • what does the detective do

    Ricardoman the GodRicardoman the God2 days ago
  • (No one denied not caring about him💀)

    Robby RTGRobby RTG2 days ago
  • I im a big fan

    Tj BakerTj Baker2 days ago
  • This so funny

    Sam CooperSam Cooper2 days ago
  • Manz getting bodied by cash😭😂

    Teanna TrumpTeanna Trump2 days ago
  • “I got payed” I respect that

    Teanna TrumpTeanna Trump2 days ago
  • Cash is smart 👏

    Kentayvon Coppage 30Kentayvon Coppage 303 days ago
  • Cash man so inspirational bro.

    SamuelSmartKid WorrellSamuelSmartKid Worrell3 days ago
  • Cash intro was LEGENDARY

    Hubba MannHubba Mann3 days ago
  • Zack ur 30 years old go start a family or something

    SteadyCapalotSteadyCapalot3 days ago
  • You have to make this at least a monthly series all these videos slap

    EnzoMania GamingEnzoMania Gaming3 days ago
  • The erect tooth concomitantly pause because archaeology systemically reply despite a lumpy dancer. spurious, different tv

    남김용권남김용권3 days ago
  • Cash literally ruins this channel lol

    Mike KubachkaMike Kubachka3 days ago
  • Cash ruined the game

    Mike KubachkaMike Kubachka3 days ago
  • Flight should join 2 hype that would be so dope

    seahawks on topseahawks on top3 days ago
  • Best video I’ve see in a minute. Nade was the best narrator we’ve ever seen.

    Christo KoukounasChristo Koukounas3 days ago
  • 2hype should do a 5v5 2hype game as 2hype vs youtuber ballers as 6 players on a team unless each team will have one sub and the winner of the game can pay to a charity. Just giving 2hype a idea for the next video?

    Thomas McliskeyThomas Mcliskey3 days ago
  • Why don’t Jesse Snitch he’s detective

    ZeprohZeproh3 days ago
  • Chris got a jack sparrow mustache

    PopscomPopscom3 days ago
  • Ya should do another try to float

    Eat BricksEat Bricks3 days ago
  • I like 2hype but everyone thinks there so cool today except Jesse and cash

    Bruinsbeast7Bruinsbeast73 days ago
  • 29:43 James literally sighs so that everyone knows he is the doctor that’s cheap

    ThePurpleSkittlesThePurpleSkittles3 days ago
  • To make it easier u guys should put paper on the ground and put the names and a number and when U wanna kill/detect/heal u put the number of fingers up

    Kenyon TempleKenyon Temple3 days ago
  • 10:09 I found it, wheres my prize EDITOR?!?!?!

    Lenny PenaLenny Pena3 days ago
  • When cash looked at Mitchell had me dying lmaoo 😂

    JustJiffyJustJiffy3 days ago
  • I thought Cash was peaking when the Mafia rises

    KingDiddy18 !KingDiddy18 !3 days ago
  • Cash as detective is the best thing ever

    itzz_hyp3ritzz_hyp3r3 days ago
  • Zack hasn’t taken off those prestos since he got them 😂😂

    Ryan AshbyRyan Ashby3 days ago
  • See the first round I thought they were being dumb by accusing Zack the mafia may want Zack to stay alive so he will be accused for staying alive And don’t smile while someone is being accused

    DigitalHMDigitalHM4 days ago
  • Am I the only night who thinks they’re cringe asf watch all the little fan boys reply mad asf 😂

    Darkclouds_XE XEDarkclouds_XE XE4 days ago
  • Ooga booga zack

    FlammableFlammable4 days ago
  • Cash be flexing the SB’s today

    Carson AckleyCarson Ackley4 days ago
  • Has me cringe how Jezzer Didnt call out Cash Mafia when he detected him!!

    Brandon MartinezBrandon Martinez4 days ago
  • Avalanche looks like Dwayne Bacon.

    Big NoobBig Noob4 days ago
  • We need drinking mafia game

    Stone FergusonStone Ferguson4 days ago
  • make a 2hype shorts channel to have all the moments in this channel

    Ivan pangIvan pang4 days ago
  • Bro, I was on the toilet taking a shi and I saw that 2hype uploaded and watched this whole video without knowing that I was sitting on a toilet for an hour. I couldn’t walk for 7 min 😭😭

    Quan QuanQuan Quan4 days ago
  • Yo we need another one of these

    Gcj gocrazyGcj gocrazy4 days ago
  • Who else was freakin annoyed AF cuz Cash had ONE SHINY LEG DAT WHOLE TIME, PISSES ME OFF

    Joshua AredesJoshua Aredes4 days ago
  • Anyone know where I can get the hoodie that zack has on,tried finding it but couldn’t tell if the websites were a scam or not

    Blake PicoBlake Pico4 days ago
  • They shouldn’t have the narrator tell give them a thumbs up when they guess the right person

    DemiDemi4 days ago
  • Bro if Mitchell looked at cash the way cash looked at him the round before when he was detective that woulda been so funny after Mitchell guessed him😂

    Aiden HefferonAiden Hefferon4 days ago
  • Can we get a mafia vid?

    TalmylocoTalmyloco4 days ago
  • Mafia is the best series and should be mandatory since thats what viewers want to see

    Cole AspectCole Aspect4 days ago

    parallel Rainparallel Rain4 days ago
  • I loved it when cash was detective and he guessed avalanche and mitchele

    TheUnrealKa mTheUnrealKa m4 days ago
  • Why is Zack always the mafia and jesser is always getting played

    KeonxnoahKeonxnoah4 days ago
  • The whole hype was like: I CUT OFF MY DAY ONE FOR THE WIN! if you listen to nba you get it.

    Random PersonRandom Person4 days ago
  • The black guys always die first

    Wyatt GibbsWyatt Gibbs4 days ago
  • 41:53

    GamingballerGamingballer4 days ago
  • Play Warzone rebirth island

    Josh SJosh S4 days ago
  • Cash jus put a smile on my face when he was jus staring down the mafias

    Ayedrew35 AndrewAyedrew35 Andrew4 days ago
  • u know in the second round with the prehistoric era he was making a joke bout zack being a dinosaur

  • Cash be having slow moments like crazy

    DiorDior4 days ago
  • Y’all should get rid of the detective role. It’s too op!

    Big BlessingsBig Blessings4 days ago
  • The gullible gusty chief univariately borrow because environment statistically zip pro a brown promotion. afraid, used weather

    Robert LinRobert Lin4 days ago
  • Cash always finesses any game😂😂 Way to funny

    Plo EwiePlo Ewie4 days ago
  • First girl of 2hype here❤️

    Robby RTGRobby RTG4 days ago
  • What’s the point of the detective

    Darreyn BelcherDarreyn Belcher4 days ago
  • Y’all still watch this channl

    Gggg LolGggg Lol4 days ago
  • Ogs know mafia mafia mafia

    Lissa LeeLissa Lee4 days ago
  • The jolly air immunocytochemically bang because muscle disappointingly tip outside a hulking shell. aware, dispensable drawbridge

    lenny sothernlenny sothern4 days ago
  • Zach was the be narrator

    Chris TrujilloChris Trujillo4 days ago
  • kinda surprising the mafia actually knew who they were the first time - they almost always mess it up lmaoo

    Tetsurō KurooTetsurō Kuroo4 days ago
  • Cash drop out in elementary or what

    Trace10 3340Trace10 33404 days ago
  • Cash is so dumb

    Trace10 3340Trace10 33404 days ago
  • God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!

    Parkourer 72Parkourer 724 days ago
  • God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!

    Parkourer 72Parkourer 724 days ago
  • God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!

    Parkourer 72Parkourer 724 days ago
  • God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!

    Parkourer 72Parkourer 724 days ago
  • God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!

    Parkourer 72Parkourer 724 days ago
  • I like 2hype but I swear James is just the brother that wants to be in the video so bad and he’s just not a good youtuber I know die hard 2hype fans will prob disagree but I’m speaking my mind

    Oreo lolOreo lol4 days ago
  • Do it with texts and no heads down because the amount of cheating from james and cash are crazy

    World Of HowWorld Of How4 days ago