22 vs Human Head

Apr 6, 2021
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    Garand ThumbGarand Thumb4 days ago
    • Yo the bullet on the first 10-22 shot came out and had no time to cool off, thing mushroomed out in his head. Second 10-22 shot was worse because the bullet cooled a little more and was able to penetrate further.

      Flux_TimeFlux_Time9 hours ago
    • 50 cal against the skull Then 20 mm

      Jayden WhitcombJayden Whitcomb15 hours ago
    • The rifle first and second 25 yard 22. Rifle shot existed because you shot through the nasal cavity. Which is exactly where you want to put a bullet.

      christopher torreschristopher torres20 hours ago
    • Do you know that there was this black guy who survived a shot in the head from a Glock chambered in bigger caliber? That one dude who was on a Facebook live stream and a black woman shot him. He survived with his left eye blind.

      BlackHoleGnome, theBlackHoleGnome, the23 hours ago
    • Cleay at close range the projectile has not had the opportunity to reach its full velocity yet so when you backed up to 25 mikes it then was able to reach peak velocity allowing it to pass clean through... But I too have heard an believe the old adage that they tumble and turn the brain into scrambled eggs, yet my cousin (r.i.p. taken by Covid) was shot at very close range accidentally from his brother and while he was never quite the same as he once was he survived it... I mean he was flushing large towels down the toilet and doing very odd things which made no sense to anybody else but the dude lived 🤷‍♂️

      kevin aumankevin aumanDay ago
  • Let's see .458 SOCOM!!

    chris couturechris couture12 minutes ago
  • This dude gives me mad Christian Bale vibes

    RichardtRichardt15 minutes ago
  • So, I figure: at closer range the bullet's higher energy translates into more damage to the bullet causing it to yaw, cant and even fragment (more like a 5.56), Thus, it stays in the target and (almost by definition) releases all it's energy into the target, while staying in the old brain pan. TLDR: Terminal ballistics is weird shit. Anyway, Thumb Daddy, thank you for showing me your collection of human heads; something my "real " dad still refuse to do!

    TheOuroborosWyrmTheOuroborosWyrm24 minutes ago
  • New" HEAD"is always the best HEAD!!👍👍🔥 Dr. Flannelli

    David LeegeDavid Leege28 minutes ago
  • I think you should look at your camera before saying it did not go through when there is an obvious hole on the other side.

    Chris ChesleyChris Chesley29 minutes ago
  • Why did you try to eat it bro😂

    Luca JeuringLuca Jeuring29 minutes ago
  • "Hello my name is Dr. Garandthumb, I'd like to tell you about this gun, Not going to show you nothing wheeled, The cops holding their polymer and blue steel, Making sure this AR's mil-spec, ATF can't keep Garandthumb in check. HELLO MY NAME IS DR. GARANDTHUMB, I'D LIKE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS GUN."

    Kyle WasserKyle Wasser47 minutes ago
  • Try 20 mm air gun. Shits on any fire arm lol

    Jack RowlandJack Rowland59 minutes ago
  • 22 magnum is a great self defense tool

    SoCoMaryland AquaSoCoMaryland AquaHour ago
  • When Smug Chad and Dudebro Kyle have too much money, no script writer, and questionable range safety.

    ShadowAngel73ShadowAngel73Hour ago
  • #breakthevipers

    ratradical25ratradical25Hour ago
  • Mag*

    Harley ten-24-54Harley ten-24-54Hour ago
  • Shouldve used a 22 mah

    Harley ten-24-54Harley ten-24-54Hour ago
  • Hey GT....Max Headroom called, he wants his shades back...😆😁

    ETHRON1ETHRON1Hour ago
  • Of course the .22 Rifle is going to do more damage for .22s. Next time use something like a .308 or 30-06.. I guarantee it will look like the slug but more explosive.

    ETHRON1ETHRON1Hour ago
  • Have you tried 22 mag vs skull?

    Gary HarmonGary HarmonHour ago
  • Can the 22lr kill? Yes. Fuck yes it can and when it does it's the most fucked up way to murder a human being on the planet. www.wivb.com/news/local-news/niagara-county/lockport/two-juveniles-charged-with-intentional-homicide-in-connection-to-fatal-lockport-shooting/ Heard the story from the EMT that held her as she died.

    CrazyCrazyHour ago
  • And I have used some old black hills open tip stuff and I love it.

    Guns& OdinGuns& OdinHour ago
  • Thank you for the occasional reminder to have human interaction at this time!

    Samson FalconSamson FalconHour ago
  • I keep thinking about trying this for myself

    Jamie KnightJamie KnightHour ago
  • Anyone ever fire the 1022 chambered in 44 mag?

    Guns& OdinGuns& OdinHour ago
  • Just seen that federal has a personal defensive .22 cal round. A flat nose nickle case 1600 fps. Might want to do an update on .22 cal as personal defense carry.👍keep up the great content.

    Mark CuellarMark CuellarHour ago
    • Federal punch .22 cal

      Mark CuellarMark CuellarHour ago
  • This guy creeps me out.

    Elias de MoorElias de MoorHour ago
  • Fun Fact.. my dad who was a Police Officer/Detective for 20 years told me this many times... he been to more homicides or accidental shootings where 22lr was used than any other caliber. 22lr is not to be messed with. Not the round I would take to War with me. But it has its purpose as a self defense gun. Especially for those who don't control the recoil of a compact 9mm well.

    Demi AmadoDemi AmadoHour ago
  • If you wouldn't have a psychological issues you wouldn't make those films. You simply show your homicidal tendencies under a pretense of making an informative movie. Are you smiling at the scull with a bullet in it thinking it's real ? Do you live thru your video games fantasies ? You only know what your problems are and what you're trying to hide. It will eventually resurface hurting people close to you or hurting you. I don't say it to put you down. I say it cause I am concerned with your health. There is help out there for you, don't waste your life.

    Grzegorz Greg LecewiczGrzegorz Greg LecewiczHour ago
  • You really have a black thumb... 😅

    Marco RastelliMarco Rastelli2 hours ago
  • Ruger 10/22 best 22

    Go GoingsGo Goings2 hours ago
  • What a f,U,C.kwhit

    Ben HamiltonBen Hamilton2 hours ago
  • I have removed around 50 dogs with a .22 always works well

    Ben HamiltonBen Hamilton2 hours ago
  • ive always been taught that a 22 is the most dangerous because it has enough energy to penetrate but not exit so it bounces around inside maybe somebody could test that

    Reddragon GamingReddragon Gaming2 hours ago
  • Without further ado...... 5 mins in.....

    Keith FrenchKeith French2 hours ago
  • You look like doc from back to the future

    wowcrazy70wowcrazy703 hours ago
  • @9:07 😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀💀

    B A T 1 S T AB A T 1 S T A3 hours ago
  • @8:36 😭😭😭😭 I laughed too hard at that 😹😹😹😹

    B A T 1 S T AB A T 1 S T A3 hours ago
  • bhoring

    Marcel GordijnMarcel Gordijn3 hours ago
  • Shotgun pistol, clear winner

    AarrmeheartiesAarrmehearties3 hours ago
  • Is that the Bob Ross intro song? 😂

    I Want LeeI Want Lee3 hours ago
  • I thought for sure that he was going to put in a clip from My Blue Heaven when Steve Martin’s character is testifying about how a 22 rattled around like pacman until you die. Damn. Opportunity missed.

    TheSoftLoudTheSoftLoud3 hours ago
  • ADHD activated at 9:05

    Norowa No InuNorowa No Inu4 hours ago
  • I mean for those that read Batman The Long Holloween the .22 was an effective killer.

    gato23gato234 hours ago
  • Thumbs down because of the glasses

    zach beardzach beard4 hours ago
  • Ya fucked up, it’s .22 not 22 (This is in the title not the way your saying it)

    Flame W2927Flame W29274 hours ago
  • Your camera person is more interested in looking at the head themself than film.. kinda sucks

    RattyRatty5 hours ago
  • 9:05 Really, had to put it in your mouth and taste it, what are 8 months old? ha ha ha Your facial reaction - priceless!

    Mainer_USNRMainer_USNR5 hours ago
  • 9:08 lmao... subbed.

    Grilled LeeksGrilled Leeks5 hours ago
  • Dude I’ve killed white tail deer with a .22

    Gary JohnsonGary Johnson5 hours ago
  • I haven't made it far into the video, but I hope you end up using some 40gr round nose. Bah, mentioned the lack of penetration with .22lr while using stinger varmint rounds and didn't even compare a regular round nose. Disappointed.

    Mr SMr S5 hours ago
  • Cci stingers are hollow points. Should have have shot fmj rounds if you’re wanting to see penetration effects.

    Morridin 88Morridin 885 hours ago
  • Oblivious to the .22 and not afraid to show it.

    Raa WaaRaa Waa6 hours ago
  • Buckshot next!!!

    jeff foxwerthyjeff foxwerthy6 hours ago
  • good job, your now on the fbi watchlist.

    Unknown_RUnknown_R6 hours ago
  • My favorite caliber is .22.

    GunCollector007GunCollector0076 hours ago
  • .28 gauge birdshot next plz

    brain sbrain s6 hours ago
  • “These old people” country folk/farmers likely have put down the odd dog, horse or other live stock in rural America over the years with their trusty .22 and learned precisely what it is capable of. Thank you for the very entertaining videos!

    Videos of no meaning Just to pass the timeVideos of no meaning Just to pass the time6 hours ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/g3uoiITco4ealXM Fun fact the ricochet inside the skull doesnt go in a straight line it tends to follow the curve of the skull if it happens

    Colten raineColten raine6 hours ago
  • When I saw shotguns split some guys head in two in movies I thought that was just for Hollywood but guess not..

    knif3knif36 hours ago
  • iv seen enough of these ballistic head videos and gore content to tell these things are a fair bit more fragile than a real adult skull

    Sad NPCSad NPC7 hours ago
  • Coolest thing i ever shot with a .22 "a quarter" was some cheap low pressure ammo, left an awesome elongated "mold" bet its still stuck to the tree back at that house.

    josh hilljosh hill7 hours ago
  • Meh..

    ColuiCheSpeedsoftColuiCheSpeedsoft7 hours ago
  • i fucking knew it people made fun of me for saying it..

    Not YouNot You7 hours ago
  • Someone i know dropped a big with a .22 stinger from 200m away

    Evander ColeEvander Cole7 hours ago
  • "It does make me a doctor in New Jersey" 😂 (ok just noticed someone else mentioned that. But it deserves another mention)

    Jay MackJay Mack7 hours ago
  • Hit the head from behind with the pistol as it was designed to do!

    rddrg18rddrg188 hours ago
  • The lobodomizer

    Vincur The ThinkerVincur The Thinker8 hours ago
  • This is pretty cool. Around 1,000 inch pounds of pressure applied to less than 0.04 square inches worth of force being completely absorbed into the skull/brain. Pretty good as long as it’s a head shot. Obviously penetrating into/through a heart or lung will do the job, but the subject who was shot would still be able to return fire for a while after the shot.

    gibbyrockerhuntergibbyrockerhunter8 hours ago
  • All I learned from this is that the 22 is dog shit

    Juul cat#2633Juul cat#26338 hours ago
  • I was shot in the head in 1984, tween the eyes, the man was 8 feet away. It did not go thru and is under my left ear.

    LoneWolf RyanLoneWolf Ryan8 hours ago
  • @gerrand green thumb. 7:23 what was that a ptsd blood lust moment you sicko lol 😂😂😂😂😂

    Marco WatsonMarco Watson8 hours ago
  • Every person on yt that does experiments has that one blood thing in their thumb or index finger 🤣🤣

    bh huskie?????bh huskie?????8 hours ago
  • The problem is with .22 is that it does bounce around a lot, and it makes it so much harder to stop the bleed on someone because the majority is internal. If you get shot in the pelvis area you’re ducked unless you’re around the corner from a surgeon. Also people aren’t going to be only putting 1 round in someone, with no recoil you get to put more and more in someone on target, which unless they’re on drugs they’re going down. Now is it the superior caliber? Not by any means but definitely would prefer getting hit by bigger calibers that are gonna go through 😂

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name8 hours ago
  • 8:10 - ahah, i was thinking that you would lose the chance to say "right between the eyes" but the cameraman said it^^ After viewing the whole video - ok, shotguns are the way to go for home defense. Outside the house, at least a 9mm.

    Origami84Origami848 hours ago
  • .22 is the hit mans round, point blank from the back and pretty quiet.

    Scrubs R/CScrubs R/C8 hours ago
  • Ok so, one thing I noticed (gun safety wise) you had your Walther Olympia on the same pallet of wood that you were currently shooting a .22 rifle at. Especially since the tests haven't gone the way you expected it's probably not a great idea, in my experience I've heard stories in cases of a similar caliber of gun ricocheting off the inside of a skull and exiting in another random direction in a less sturdy area of the skull. I mean you probably didn't have any ammunition in the weapon but I personally would not have any firearm downrange especially one that I was currently using under the fear that there may be a human error of any sort. Im not trying to be a stickler or point out any flaws at all just something I personally would advise against in terms of firearms safety. Still great content garand and i hope you just take this as constructive criticism and not as an insult in any way

    Kieran childsKieran childs9 hours ago
  • I survived a school shooting a few years ago where the shooter used a ruger .22 match pistol. My best friend was shot from behind in the back of the head. Something I'll never forget was seeing the mist of red exit the back of his skull. The projectile never exited, and through the entry wound brain matter and skull fragments were forced out. I appreciate you making this video, but it was very tough to watch.

    Mitchell WMitchell W9 hours ago
  • It’s going through with the distanced rifle shots because the bullet actually has travel time to complete its build of inertia and a barrel to maximize velocity it’s pretty basic physics not rocket science

    Sir Giant hammerSir Giant hammer9 hours ago
  • That chipped orbital is surely going to cause some massive eye problems and probable fatal brain swelling so yeah ggwp

    B BB B9 hours ago
  • the 22 bouncing around in the skull is a myth. now, the stinger round you used wasnt designed for deep penetration, rather maximum expansion on small game. re do this testing using the cci mini mag 40 gr solids and see the difference

    kenneth risnerkenneth risner9 hours ago
  • Am I the only one who was bothered when they didn’t take the pistol off the pallet when shooting the other gun lol

    native08native089 hours ago
  • Yo the bullet on the first 10-22 shot came out and had no time to cool off, thing mushroomed out in his head. Second 10-22 shot was worse because the bullet cooled a little more and was able to penetrate further.

    Flux_TimeFlux_Time9 hours ago
  • I need a lab coat next time I shoot.

    gonzobrainsgonzobrains9 hours ago
  • So a shotgun slug destroys a human head... duh

    Dan KellyDan Kelly9 hours ago
  • Dugan??

    B. BooyeB. Booye9 hours ago
  • if I have only a 22 with me thats my bad

    kn1102kn110210 hours ago
  • Why did he try to eat it

    the_lord_ carlosthe_lord_ carlos10 hours ago
  • A police chief's son was shot with .22 from 4 ft. away. The doctors had him in surgery for 4 hours the bullet zig-zag trough inside of his thorax, both lungs, stomach. Took the kid months to recover, .22 is a preferred caliber of assassins as will bounce around in skull or body

    eolson1964eolson196410 hours ago
  • I'll save you the trouble. Moral of the story is EDC a 12 gauge with slugs!

    Randy PerkinsRandy Perkins10 hours ago
  • Love this segment, Love that you try to stay natural in politics , Absolutely love the truthfulness that Is unforgivingly spew's from your American Pie Hole. H.R.127 IS FULL OF HIGH POINT!!!

    Delmar MarsDelmar Mars10 hours ago
  • Am I the only one who wanted to see the brain after the 22 entered but didn't exit

    MadMatrixProMadMatrixPro10 hours ago
  • Just saw a vid about new federal punch 22lr, looks to be even better than stingers

    Andrew KlineAndrew Kline10 hours ago
  • 12:45 omg the aftermath "DoDgE tHiS aywheuaugh oh fuck"

    JohnnyK3886JohnnyK388610 hours ago
  • I aim for the crotch, I bet you will stop or rethink if it is worth a re attack?

    Jeep BucketList OverlandJeep BucketList Overland10 hours ago
  • When i was a kid, my dad used to take me to shoot his guns at the gun range, and i shot the top of a bowling pin with an unscoped .22 at 100 yards, and i was so proud of myself lmao

    I_am_MattieI_am_Mattie10 hours ago
  • The same people who say 22 sucks are the ones stockpiling it

    Ass UsvdvAss Usvdv10 hours ago
  • Looks like the artificial head died from COVID, according to the medical examiner.

    Romeo TangoRomeo Tango10 hours ago
  • Well .22 mag has the same energy transference as a .38. So which ever.

    JEGS WarChiefDinoGodJEGS WarChiefDinoGod10 hours ago
  • 6:19 10/22 assualt rifle status confirmed 👍.

    MrClubfoot90MrClubfoot9011 hours ago
  • Back in the day, there was a retired Vietnam era Army SF Weapons Sgt who was tongue - in - cheek court martialed, I believe by his VFW commander, for "failure to use a weapon of sufficient caliber" when stopping an intruder in the Sgt's home. Reportedly, round didn't penetrate the skull and quite literally knocked the shit out of him. He got away to be later picked up by police. In the "court-martial" there was a retired JAG who served as the Sgt's defense counsel, who argued the SF Sergeant used the .22 because he didn't want to be cleaning the mess up by using a larger caliber. I believe he was found guilty and had to buy the beer for the night. On a serious note, the first suicide I ever worked was a young Marine that put the barrel of a .22 in his mouth. The bullet did enter his skull and bounced around a couple times as evidenced by the damage to the inside of his skull.

    Vinilla GuerrillaVinilla Guerrilla11 hours ago
  • Can confirm my grandpa was murdered by his gf with his own .22

    windshield washerwindshield washer11 hours ago
  • You seemed perplexed that a round out of the pistol penetrated, but a round out the rifle drew a straight line through the skull and out the other side. It's simply the length of the barrel. The expanding gasses have that much more distance to _directly_ influence the round. Think of a slingshot. A six inch slingshot doesn't have the range and power of an eighteen inch slingshot because of intrinsic differences in the rubber. The eighteen inch slingshot has more power because the rubber has twelve more inches to exert force on the projectile. With the exact same bullet, a rifle will always have a bit more energy behind the round than a pistol.

    Robert HillRobert Hill11 hours ago