2022 Toyota Tundra: FIRST LOOK (Everything You Need To Know)

Feb 19, 2021
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The 2022 Toyota Tundra has been fully revealed in new leaks.
Sources are saying it will dominate the full-size truck market.
In this video, I discuss Toyota's latest pickup and also give my thoughts and opinions on it.
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Camera used:
-Sony A6500

  • Why wouldn’t they just turbo or supercharge the already great v8?

    C.J. AndersonC.J. Anderson37 seconds ago
  • I wouldn't want a truck with all of those leaks!

    Bob VedderBob VedderMinute ago
  • What?! This is literally a Nissan Titan. Literally the same truck.

    cooper cliftoncooper clifton4 hours ago
  • They didn’t put the diesel in it?

    West TexasWest Texas5 hours ago
  • Lost me at turbo V6. Disgusted me at hybrid. And still no diesel in the US? I wouldn't bet on this truck dominating. It may sell better than the current tundra but by no means is it as good as it could be

    Brandon BakerBrandon Baker5 hours ago
  • Ugly

    SonofaLeachSonofaLeach16 hours ago
  • Will it have lockers? 🤔

    saul pazsaul paz17 hours ago
  • Ford and Chev have, and always will dominate on the job sites. I've been in construction for over 20 years and have only seen one Toyota truck

    joshjosh18 hours ago
  • I hope its a little more than throwing on a XL grille kit! Take the lesson from RAM 3 years truck of the year! Way overdue on some bed gimmicks

    Niceguy TooNiceguy Too19 hours ago
  • Ford: We have a Raptor Ram: We have the TRX Toyota: Dominating soon? Chevy/GMC: Crickets...

    Fit ForceFit Force19 hours ago
  • Why spend 70 thousand on a Ford F-150 when you could buy a generator for 6 hundred.

    mark geregamark gerega21 hour ago
  • Love it 👍👍

    Gao K. VangGao K. Vang21 hour ago
  • Toyota is soon to drown if they don't stay true to reliability and chill on chasing technology. Thats why they have been toyota- reliable and not all about trinkets and toys. Turbo = strain to the engine. They need to keep the v8 also .

    Cody DavisCody Davis23 hours ago
  • Any news on hp and torque

    Hookem JimHookem Jim23 hours ago
  • guys this is fake

    Luke GLuke G23 hours ago
  • Looks like a ram

    Antonio EspindolaAntonio EspindolaDay ago
  • Those are nissan titan wheels

    Gareth ClisbyGareth ClisbyDay ago
  • If it ain't a V8 i dont want it

    royalmac1011royalmac1011Day ago
  • Awesome that Toyota is tackling the fuel economy problem with a smarter engine and hybrid option. I got rid of my 2018 Tundra after 6 months due to poor fuel economy (too much guilt and $ at the pump).

    Matt MalcolmMatt MalcolmDay ago
  • Tacoma's Left the Group

    Dandee TorregosaDandee TorregosaDay ago
  • Not with Ford’s built in generator

    Aldape’s ExpressAldape’s ExpressDay ago
  • Toyota is the best !!! I got 3 Hilux and the unstoppable no problems at all

    Semper Fidelis W.S.Semper Fidelis W.S.Day ago
  • Wow this Ford F-150 is nice!

    MAGAlicious Master mind TubeSocksNCrocs4TRUMP 0MAGAlicious Master mind TubeSocksNCrocs4TRUMP 0Day ago
  • I mean

    The13point1The13point1Day ago
  • I thought it was cool until I heard V6 and mild hybrid system

    Blake MarchandBlake MarchandDay ago
  • Not gonna lie, front exterior looks like a Ford.

    Oregon 54Oregon 54Day ago
  • The cyber truck may take its thunder. Cyber truck is coming out end of year.

    Antonio AAAntonio AADay ago
  • Your render looks better than all the rendering that was used

    Gray_iosGray_iosDay ago
  • Lol they are not going to dominate the domestics let's get real here.

    james thomasjames thomasDay ago
  • Any idea of when we will actually see a reveal?

    Ghillie Man ReviewsGhillie Man ReviewsDay ago
  • It will be the same old outdated tundra ,Toyota tundra will never catch up to the big 3

    Skylardancecookie CookieSkylardancecookie CookieDay ago
  • U loss me at v6

    paul abbottpaul abbott2 days ago
  • Toyota will regret this garbage design.

    Agree 2 DisagreeAgree 2 Disagree2 days ago
  • Yeah no...... I'll just stay with the old gen and wait cuz F that thing . Lol

    jose805tjose805t2 days ago
  • Do you don’t consider The Ram Truck Competition. Let’s Compare Ram And Tundra Sales In A Year From Now.

    Tommy DarracottTommy Darracott2 days ago
  • Of course this is just my opinion but that front end is ass ugly. This just confirms buying a 2021 was the right choice.

    Snake PlisskenSnake Plissken2 days ago

    John kenleyJohn kenley2 days ago
  • That’s so sick

    Zero0Zero02 days ago
  • If it doesn’t come with a V8 option I’m buying the 2021 I don’t care how good it looks

    JulioJulio2 days ago
    • Understandable, don't blame ya.

      JMI NJMI N2 days ago
  • You lost me at 6 cyl

    Orlando GalvanOrlando Galvan2 days ago
  • Wow

    May the tank engineMay the tank engine2 days ago
  • If they don't realize add the assist Handel on the driver's door post, after three Tundras there is a Ford in my future.

    Mike GardinerMike Gardiner2 days ago
  • This vehicle has a lot of leaks? That’s not good, my old ford has a lot of leaks

    Joe SmithJoe Smith2 days ago
  • Hahaha 😂 ... thank goodness we picked up a new TRD Pro before they ruined it❗️👀 Maybe they’ll “Dominate” the rental segment, NO one I know has any interest in them now. 🤮

    MykSrMykSr3 days ago
  • I have a couple things influencing me on my next truck purchase. I own a 2008 Tundra with 195K miles that still looks and runs fine. I use the truck for my consulting business and can write off the purchase of a truck if I buy a new one. I am planning to retire next year so I would like to use the tax credit this year. Although I am looking at other trucks (probably would only consider GM) my Tundra has been very reliable and I would have no problem getting another one. I have been waiting for the new generation because I would prefer higher MPG (hybrid sounds interesting) but if I could get a 2021 at a discount over the 2022 that pays for the lower gas mileage I would be fine with that.

    Gary WilsonGary Wilson3 days ago
  • “Leaks” or a marketing technique.

    Nick D.Nick D.3 days ago
    • Wrong, just because you don't know doesn't equal a conspiracy. Those are my darkly lit images and video came from me, but usual stuff gets cribbed by others.

      JMI NJMI N2 days ago
  • It's pretty much a tacoma on steroids

    Julian GJulian G3 days ago
  • New grill and headlights... meh, who cares about minor cosmetics. Can it haul more than the pitiful 1000 lb payload in the current V8 TRD Pro? Can it tow more without transmission overheating? Does it get better gas mileage? If the 2022 is going to dominate, it needs to have performance improvements across the board and not just a minor facelift.

    Justin RJustin R3 days ago
  • Toyota has been trying to break into the American full size trucks and it hasn't done very good but the reliability has always been good better than some of its competitors. They get better and better all the time and aventualy have one that will be able to compete. Chevy and Ford and Dodge have some very good looking trucks. Im not sure if I will like the looks of this. And the V8 should still be offered if you want that.

    Wayne RiceWayne Rice3 days ago
  • It’s annoying to hear Ppl complain about V6 Turbocharged engines from Toyota like the 2JZ isn’t the most Reliable Motor Turbo charged an all!!!

    justen ramirez Lackeyjusten ramirez Lackey3 days ago
  • I'll never be able to afford this truck but looks cool!

    Nick BadryNick Badry3 days ago
    • Put your money in the markets!!! Guys are literally making $$ hand over fist!!

      John SmithJohn Smith33 minutes ago
    • @c. 1 CA is only really expensive in the popular areas. If the entire state was expensive nearly all residents would make 6 figures.

      Jay BJay B17 hours ago
    • @javier perez 😒🤑💪 Practice being successful

      Jay BJay B17 hours ago
    • @c. 1 Oh yeah divorce is expensive its cheaper to keep er lol yeah get outta calli there eliminating the middle class there. It'll be the rich and the poor. Thank goodness no divorce for me. Iam decent I do have some credit cards iam paying off then iam cutting the cards up! Stay at home Wife and two kids is expensive!

      Nick BadryNick BadryDay ago
    • @Nick Badry here in California everything is expensive! My divorce was expensive! Nothing wrong with a good used truck. Thank god my properties in the desert is paid off. So a new 80k truck is a bad idea. I want it but I dont need it. Looks like your real good with your money, thats smart.

      c. 1c. 1Day ago
  • overstyled and no v8

    Black ManBlack Man3 days ago
  • These clowns used the word dominate and V6 in the same statement. 🤣🤣. Fail.

    Dirigo DaveDirigo Dave3 days ago
  • That thing looks hideous😂😂. Wow Toyota way to go🙄

    Rashka ManningRashka Manning3 days ago
  • I'm the only one that doesn't care about V8? I couldn't care less as long as it's even close to as reliable as now and gives more power and towing capacity with better mpg. I'll take one!

    EllinoCanadosEllinoCanados3 days ago
    • @jose805t agree but on the other hand toyota/lexus have made and can make reliable turboed vehicles that can take abuse. The V8 is great and I have one but I still wish I had more than 9Ktowing and 1700lbs payload along with a bit better mpg. Let's see

      EllinoCanadosEllinoCanados2 days ago
    • I feel like a V6 / turbo will increase the stress on the engine when towing. I mean the V8 is so reliable because it has much higher sustainable tolerances IMO.

      jose805tjose805t2 days ago
  • Tacoma vibes...bwahahahaha Those jokers want it to look like an F150 ALL DAY LONG

    Robert TimberwolfRobert Timberwolf3 days ago
  • Huum is it me or those wheels look a lot like Nissan titan🤏

    morgan delgadomorgan delgado3 days ago
  • The truck is so big it makes the tires looks small. All jokes aside, it’s a very nice looking truck.

    keisuke Tkeisuke T3 days ago
  • I hope they're exported down here to Australia, awesome looking unit.

    j tj t3 days ago
    • I just want American trucks to get Australian pickup beds

      gondoriangondorian2 days ago
  • i still think that Ford will beat Toyota in the full-size pickups.

    ShelbyLover 135ShelbyLover 1353 days ago
    • @666dynomax dont forget that they tow more than a tundra

      ShelbyLover 135ShelbyLover 1352 days ago
    • It's because they're more reliable.

      666dynomax666dynomax2 days ago
  • to be honest, if you look at the 2nd Gen Raptor and this new Tundra, the headlights look almost identical

    ShelbyLover 135ShelbyLover 1353 days ago
    • As a Ford lead engineer on 2023 ****** who also happens to be VERY acquainted with Toyota folks in SATX, AAMI and PTX, that's not accurate. I have owned 2 Ecoboost Raptors so far (plus 2 6.2s) and highly disagree on that premise too. Edit: Stupid Google text

      JMI NJMI N2 days ago
  • Anyone know if it’ll have an electronic rear locker and not the lsd?

    derf aderf a3 days ago
  • No v8 I’m out. Not everyone wants a turbo gas engine. Just another component to break. If your towing a lot makes more sense but v8 are now getting 17-19 mpg. That’s not much less then turbo v6 get if there even getting better.

    J HollisJ Hollis3 days ago
  • That is ugly AF. Tundra is going to be dominating anything with that horrible front end.

    scott0551scott05513 days ago
  • You lost me at V6

    Randy ChilldresRandy Chilldres3 days ago
  • nice but it should at least have a v8 option, going to take on Ford there should be a diesel and HD version

    Keyna PurvisKeyna Purvis3 days ago
  • Yeah I don't know how I feel about not having the V8. I own a 07' tundra by far the best truck I ever owned. I honestly was hoping toyota would make a diesel engine for the tundra. To compete with the Titan, and more towing power. But again that's just me. -100👎🏽 on a V6 tundra.

    R8DERGUY43R8DERGUY433 days ago
  • Well at least it looks... different still though I really wish the 5.7l stayed, yes yes I know the TTv6 will prolly be just as powerful if not more so and just as reliable etc etc Bit its still just not the same

    anotherrandomtexan25anotherrandomtexan253 days ago
  • Unless American manufacturers figure out that we want/buy quality instead of crap that costs over 50k with multiple recalls, they will continue to loose ground, once bitten twice shy as the song goes.

    Python don DoddPython don Dodd3 days ago
  • A V6 is not going to compete with V8 domestics.

    SalsaSalsa3 days ago
  • I'm waiting for an ev pickup, i have no interest in ice vehicles.

    Easton MEaston M3 days ago
    • You obviously don't tow then. With a 37ft RV, 27ft enclosed and a 23ft boat, I can't see myself buying an EV pickup any time soon. Unless I'm only towing across town and back.

      Kevin KnappKevin Knapp2 days ago
  • left old channel

    Jensen TownsendJensen Townsend3 days ago
  • Daddy like

    Rifleman114Rifleman1143 days ago
  • It looks like larger version of the Tacoma...🤔

    Old SoldierOld Soldier3 days ago
  • The taco looks great go with it but bigger

    Archie CunninghamArchie Cunningham3 days ago
  • Don’t like that grille. The headlights grow on me a little bit not that grille. Also not interested in a TT V6. V8 would be appreciated as an option.

    callofdutyguy9callofdutyguy93 days ago
  • Haha, dominating soon. Okay. We'll see, bwahahahaha. Ford produces and sells more F150's in one quarter then Toyota produces and sells all year.

    Molon LaveMolon Lave3 days ago
    • @EllinoCanados in a free market where choice is King, yes.

      Molon LaveMolon Lave8 hours ago
    • McDonald's sell the most burgers..must be the best food lol

      EllinoCanadosEllinoCanados3 days ago
  • Don't know where they get the 13/17 mpg.My 16 5.7 never got less than 18.3, and as much as 21.1

    Stefanovich MichaelStefanovich Michael3 days ago
    • @Mike Gardiner I can show you the dash pictures.

      Stefanovich MichaelStefanovich Michael2 days ago
    • You must be going downhill with a tailwind. My 07 got good mileage, the 12 wasn't as good and the 17 is really bad, high of 14--good thing it has a 38 gallon fuel tank!

      Mike GardinerMike Gardiner2 days ago
  • Looks like new front end.. Whoopi

    Dave RegalDave Regal3 days ago
  • Ford isn’t worried, Ram, Nissan and Chevy probably are

    A Bay-RayA Bay-Ray4 days ago
    • Ford simply doesn't have Toyota qaulity

      Stefanovich MichaelStefanovich Michael3 days ago
  • It sounds like everyone complaining in this comment section is buying a truck for what others think about the truck they bought. You're telling me that you'd rather buy 2 extra cylinders for the sound it makes than saving a potential $10000+ of the fuel savings over the time you have the vehicle or a warranty runs out, and not to mention the torque specs will be higher at way less than half the rpms of the current model? Or rather even greater than that and competition with a battery package that than has increased savings and a warranty that pair with it? Sounds like I'll have more options to choose from when I'm ready to buy one

    TheAviatorTheAviator4 days ago
    • I bought the 2020 because of the V8. Lol, I bought a truck knowing it wasn't going to save me $. If you feel better after you save some money at the pump, then get the v6, if you get your joy out of hearing the V8, I say go for it. I'll probably end up getting the next generation for my wife tho lol not selling my 2020 any time soon.

      jose805tjose805t2 days ago
  • Chevy headlights and 2016 Frod F150 grill

    V JohnsonV Johnson4 days ago
  • Got my Tundra TRD PRO in lunar rock this year 2021, exactly to avoid that V6. Glad with my decision.

    Antonio BecerrilAntonio Becerril4 days ago
  • its amazing how in 2021 someone has such a crappy phone camera lol

    sean weissingersean weissinger4 days ago
  • So.... When is it coming out though..?

    Pedro MezaPedro Meza4 days ago
  • This truck will have to be revolutionary for me to buy it, since apparently it won’t have a V8.

    Andrew MAndrew M4 days ago
  • Hi lux is cool

    j johnsonj johnson4 days ago
  • My 2003 is awesome. Zero problems

    j johnsonj johnson4 days ago
  • LEAKS. or planned leaks? Suspicious that the leak only has blurred pictures. Ha ha leaks

    j johnsonj johnson4 days ago
    • @j johnson Those are again, stills of the zoomed in video teaser, which was screen capped 2x. First on a TV screen, followed by me taking a screenshot and cropping out other stuff, thus it's now blurry. The actual video was shown in a live feed and only those who were able to record, have a copy. Those are not actual photos, they are my own stills, with my own transparent watermark (hidden) and clearly copied by everyone. It's not deliberate, as if you see the original video, it's not blurry. You can think it's all a conspiracy to leak stuff, but that isn't true. The video itself verboten anyway.

      JMI NJMI N2 days ago
    • @JMI N ha ha and yet they are blurry. It's like everytime bigfoot walks by no one has a good camera or a steady hand or both

      j johnsonj johnson3 days ago
    • They're not blurred at all and you are wrong. I leaked it myself and it spread around, getting publicized way too much. I also zoomed in the video and took the "blurry" image. The 3/4 leak of the headlight was someone else of a trial build unit from TMMTX assembly last fall. Those are not from a dealer meeting at all, but a teaser clip of the 780B Tundra.

      JMI NJMI N3 days ago
  • Well they did just like Ram and Chevy , making it look worse than the previous models.

    Justin L89Justin L894 days ago
  • A FULL SIZE pickup with NO V8 won't dominate anything but the bottom of the line...

    Jay BJay B4 days ago
    • Doesn't ford f150 have a v6?

      j johnsonj johnson2 days ago
    • Well it will dominate the V8 tundra in any way that matters as a truck..so 🤷‍♂️

      EllinoCanadosEllinoCanados2 days ago
    • Get a dodge and dominate the repair center

      j johnsonj johnson3 days ago
    • This is 2021 not 1961🤦🏽‍♂️🤣

      justen ramirez Lackeyjusten ramirez Lackey3 days ago
  • Usually when a new tundra drops, it isnt class leading in any segment, right?

    Steven OSteven O4 days ago
    • Except reliability. Which is only thing that matters. Oh and resale value. Other than those 2 I guess you're right sort of

      j johnsonj johnson4 days ago
  • I need my v8

    Naif _L77Naif _L774 days ago
  • You cannot update the perfect truck. Whatever they did it wasn’t going to be better than the last model.

    Nate DoggNate Dogg4 days ago
    • @EllinoCanados and a real frame

      Mike SmithMike Smith3 days ago
    • Of course you can. Needs better mpg and much higher payload for sure to be a "perfect" truck

      EllinoCanadosEllinoCanados3 days ago
    • They could fix the cheesy frame and that would be a huge improvement

      Mike SmithMike Smith4 days ago
  • Problem is Toyota has never dominated the full size truck market. Because GM, Ford and Ram make better trucks. And that’s not gonna change anytime soon. Domestic truck manufacturers give you lots of options and Toyota and Nissan don’t. Until that changes you won’t see GM, Ford or Ram sweat.

    Cruse MissleCruse Missle4 days ago
  • Honestly if there isn’t a V8 Option Toyota won’t get my money I don’t care 🤷‍♂️ how much power the Lexus borrowed V6 makes! I also need a 2500-3500 HD truck which Toyota don’t even offer so they won’t be Dominating anything! Fact towing anything north of 10K pounds and above is Not safe in a 1/2 Ton truck Period! Make a Big Boy Truck Toyota and you might have a chance in the Domestic Truck market?

    Roadglide 114Roadglide 1144 days ago
  • pointless show

    jimmy Gjimmy G4 days ago
  • Notbsurw how i feel about turbo v6

    scott cherelscott cherel4 days ago
  • with that ugly grille, after market will have bunch to offer. And as always Toyota improves and refines already existing concepts, essentially double the numbers F 150 is offering. Glad I bought the v8, plan to keep it a long time.

    Em JayEm Jay4 days ago
  • I love Tundra, but this thing is ugly.

    Raul CasasRaul Casas4 days ago