2021 Crunchyroll Anime Awards

Feb 19, 2021
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It’s time to honor another great year of anime! The 2021 Anime Awards are almost here! Hosts Tim Lyu and Crunchyroll-Hime will oversee the festivities as your favorite anime titles will be showered with praise, nominations, and shiny prizes like Best Character Design and Best Girl on February 19 at 5 pm (PST). Details for other time zones can be found in the above image.
00:00:00 - Pre-event
00:29:54 - Opening Anime Awards 2021
00:33:47 - Best Character Design
00:35:13 - Best Animation
00:36:50 - Best Fight Scene
00:38:25 - Best Couple
00:40:00 - Best VA (JP)
00:42:36 - Best VA (EN)
00:45:31 - Special Announcements + Break
00:50:16 - Best Girl
00:51:50 - Best Boy
00:53:24 - Best Director
00:55:43 - Best Score
00:57:59 - Best OP
00:59:35 - Best ED
01:01:22 - Special Announcements
01:05:11 -Message from Re:ZERO’s Yusuke Kobayashi and Rie Takahashi
01:08:46 - Best Fantasy
01:10:19 - Best Comedy
01:11:55 - Best Drama
01:13:29 - Best Protagonist
01:15:03 - Best Antagonist
01:16:38 - Special Announcements
01:23:30 - Anime of the Year
01:29:19 - Closing
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  • Pre-show is at 4:30pm PT Awards Show begin at 5pm PT

    Crunchyroll CollectionCrunchyroll Collection7 days ago
    • great pretender didn’t win anything :(

      Ababacar LoAbabacar Lo4 days ago
    • Jujutsu Kaisen rules!

      William ChicoWilliam Chico5 days ago
    • @Maybe Skin I never said I wanted it to be anime of the year💀am just confused why the didnt nominate it for one of the opening sequences as they have very good ones

      Hafsa HassanHafsa Hassan5 days ago
    • @Hafsa Hassan if it came out in “like 2018” when did u expect it to be in an anime of the year for the 2020 year? Your logic baffles me 🤷‍♂️

      Maybe SkinMaybe Skin5 days ago
    • @Keano M it could have still got the openings or endings sine those came out in 2020 (well some of them)

      null constellationnull constellation5 days ago
  • Yes I'm soooo happy that Jujutsu kaisen won the award for best anime

    Puleng .LPuleng .L36 minutes ago
  • jujutsu kaisen deserves to win anime of the year

    Ariana Del ToroAriana Del Toro4 hours ago
  • Everyone talking about JJK and Great Pretender in the comment while I'm over here still salty that Akudama Drive and Deca-dence didn't get any recognition

    leezyleezy4 hours ago
  • Next year: The AOT awards

    Saturn ReynosoSaturn Reynoso14 hours ago
  • This is not the anime awards...... this is the JJK awards

    Saturn ReynosoSaturn Reynoso14 hours ago
  • I was gonna have a fit if jujustu kaisen didn't win best ending

    Hydra_Drizz 216Hydra_Drizz 21615 hours ago
  • Great Pretender should have gotten at least one award, like c'mon the art and the plot was just so fresh and original

    Viv yashViv yash15 hours ago
  • Why everyone hating on great pretender

    Hydra_Drizz 216Hydra_Drizz 21615 hours ago
  • Glad Tonikawa won best couple

    JokerFeverJokerFever20 hours ago
  • Damn Eizouken clowned on everybody this year. They were at least nominated for just about every award

    The Real Slim ShawtyThe Real Slim Shawty20 hours ago
  • I’m disappointed that Danmachi wasn’t presented!

    Ruben TorricoRuben Torrico22 hours ago
  • Wait... Where is black clover in the best OP section?

    WittichWittich22 hours ago
  • My friend thought this was an award that scored and rated according to the actual core of a show rather than its popularity, so we made a bet for most of the awards, and obviously, since I watched Kimetsu no Yaiba Awards 2020, I won almost everything, kinda feel bad for him.

    Marco Livias QuezadaMarco Livias Quezada23 hours ago
  • is it just me or do you think best animation should of been Princess Connect

    CloudyCatGodCloudyCatGodDay ago
  • id:invaded didn't even get nominated for anything, sad af

    Hyper ActiveHyper ActiveDay ago
  • MAPPA deserved this one ! they’ve been doing an amazing job with JJK

    eerika veerika vDay ago
  • I still don't know why JJK won best antagonist with a character that it isn't an antagonist. Like, what the hell? My vote was for En (i love that guy). Also, pretty disappointed that neither Dorohedoro or The Great Pretender did't won anything.

    Lautaro 99Lautaro 99Day ago
  • How is Black Clover op 13 not first literally came out and broke records instantly

    Erim DemirErim DemirDay ago
  • Let's be honest, Tensei Slime and So I'm a spider, so what? at least deserved some nominations Kumoko's VA did a damn good job portraying her situation and character, and that ED is just pure gold Tensei Slime had stunning animation and should have had a nomination with the Rimuru vs Hinata fight, well if the awards had a sound effects category Tensei Slime would have easily won with those spine chilling sound effects Also Kumoko will always be best girl

    A Guy Who Likes PenguinsA Guy Who Likes PenguinsDay ago
  • You're telling me MTDK won nothing just a nominee hell no

    Amanda MalemaAmanda MalemaDay ago
  • I feel like jujutsu should’ve won the best op because it just brings a feel to me

    Lun SkyLun SkyDay ago
  • Y’all talking about black clover but know one piece got robbed this year to I didn’t get nominated for anything 😐

    Hardcoore_G YTHardcoore_G YTDay ago
  • Where the f*ck is konosuba for comedy?

    Jose SantiagoJose SantiagoDay ago
  • How is tonikawa op not a nominee😭😭😭

    Duane DedigDuane DedigDay ago
  • How did I miss this- I’m disappointed in myself😭

    Ivory VaughnIvory VaughnDay ago
  • Personally happy Catarina won best protag, but the chat's reaction......

    Dat boiDat boiDay ago
  • The show with the scam artists got scammed out of an award

    Crazy Animation TimeCrazy Animation TimeDay ago
  • Yes

    yuki crossyuki crossDay ago
  • Zeno Robinson as best English VA, Deku can Overhaul as best anime fight, Kaguya as best Girl, and Love is War as best comedy. I am extremely happy with these awards. Good picks all around. By the way I’m not being sarcastic I genuinely enjoy all of these picks.

    Bicc BoiBicc BoiDay ago
  • I see people arguing about Great Pretender, and Jujutsu Kaisen, BUT WHAT ABOUT EIZOUKEN, HUH?!?!?!

    SheeshKabobSheeshKabob2 days ago
  • shesh

    RaisesRaises2 days ago
  • Jujutsu Kaisen should have won best op

    Tracey AgbonsTracey Agbons2 days ago
  • whoops i’m late

    gay bacongay bacon2 days ago
  • لعد وين هجوم العمالقه 😂

    1 cosra1 cosra2 days ago
  • Honestly this to me was the most balanced yet and really well done considering everything going on

    Raiko HakaiRaiko Hakai2 days ago
  • 1:29:16 o my god

    fsgntd styghuefsgntd styghue2 days ago
  • Attack on titan? Hello?

    iicloydxxiicloydxx2 days ago
  • Easy breezy snub

    Madysyn EavesMadysyn Eaves2 days ago
  • Redo of healer should have won

    The Local CrusaderThe Local Crusader2 days ago
  • Not sure why there all the same types of anime on here. Some of them are genuinely good but WHERE ARE THE JOJO FANS jk

    onefluentmotiononefluentmotion2 days ago

    CesarSCCesarSC2 days ago
  • Man, I really want food wars back

    Fardin KhandakerFardin Khandaker2 days ago
  • This is run through VR right?

    Daanik AlDaanik Al2 days ago
  • Why wasn't attack on titan nominated

    Green VFGreen VF2 days ago
  • Kaguya best girl 🥺💕

    YumiYumi2 days ago
  • So happy for Eizouken, Fruits Basket and Kaguya sama's awards... Though, I think best fight should have been for ENDEAVOR and NOUMU... and anime of the year, definitely to Great pretender. Great story, great character design and animation. Very balanced in every aspect and an ORIGINAL story, which is not an easy thing to do. Well, part of me already knew the mainstream anime of the year would win. (not saying JJK is bad... But it's not even complete)

    Yesenia MonsalveYesenia Monsalve2 days ago
  • are the 50 judges all weebs

    Blake OhairBlake Ohair2 days ago

    CallistoCallisto2 days ago
    • @Carlos yeah

      CallistoCallistoDay ago
    • It may be next year awards since demon slayer season 2 is happening this year

      CarlosCarlos2 days ago
  • imagine not watching watching the black clover fight scene

    Andrey GusevAndrey Gusev2 days ago
  • shoyo is THE best boy

    falcoismfalcoism2 days ago
  • Where tf is ruka for best girl???

    ZMBZMB2 days ago
  • The one and only award i agree with is the best voice actor (jp) the guy did it incredibly

    ZMBZMB2 days ago
  • cf

    VexiVexi2 days ago
  • Love is War OP2 is still number 1 in my opinion

    RAWRRAWR2 days ago
  • HOW DID KAKAI KITAN NOT WIN BEST OP? Edit: Wild Side is actually really good too. hmmmmm...

    Human The HumanHuman The Human2 days ago
  • It was just a battle between a few. I was hoping to find some new ones to watch but nope.

    Bass All Around YouBass All Around You2 days ago
  • Me: yay new anime to watch

    TailyTaily2 days ago

    Mystic MadnessMystic Madness2 days ago
  • 23:10 Song?

    Mat CMat C3 days ago
  • I really hoped Rachel would be the best antagonist I just wanna 🤜 👧

    KamiKami3 days ago
  • Great pretender was robbed

    SH_00kySH_00ky3 days ago
  • i cant stop starring at the Stand Arrow...

    YutoYuto3 days ago
  • Beyblade chain

    Monkey Banana MonkeyMonkey Banana Monkey3 days ago
  • ngl but this was bs im pretty sad aot wasnt in it and naruto and demon slayer and hxh tho i love mha and haikyu! but i was pretty excited for it

    Pamela ramirezPamela ramirez3 days ago
  • What did he say to the final episode 0-0 my hope as been crush i wanted a 1 piece kisen TvT

    Ducky NeighborDucky Neighbor3 days ago
  • Well, I'm hyped for Princess of Snow and Blood.

    for2n3for2n33 days ago
  • 1:29:10

    Martin Bohdan HrobonMartin Bohdan Hrobon3 days ago
  • Lewl most people were just gunning for JJK and AOT even though it wasn’t in the awards but great pretender deserved at least one award smh

    AlexAlex3 days ago
  • Rachel as a antogonist WhA?? I'm at the 2-3 chapter in webtoon...

    Adobi MinazukiAdobi Minazuki3 days ago
  • It has boring, too fast pace

    rpgrarpgra3 days ago
  • Wen I tell you I wheezed for toilet bound for best animation, I did. Y'all better show some appreciation on it, Tbhk is absolutely amazing

    IrumqzIrumqz3 days ago
  • We're Pico Of boku no Pico Of

    Monkey D LuffyMonkey D Luffy3 days ago
  • When best opening is beastars opening 1 but that came out in 2019

    ScriatY CatScriatY Cat3 days ago
    • It didn’t get nominated last years awards, well deserved for Beastars :)

      JP123_ZibeyJP123_Zibey2 days ago
  • GP got hoed but I'm glad they got nominated for things unlike akudama drive

    bum bumbum bum3 days ago
  • go fruits basket go go fruits basket go

    Dani GDani G3 days ago
  • jujutsu kaisen really deserved the lost in paradise award

    Dani GDani G3 days ago

    Dani GDani G3 days ago
  • Me: depressed that One Piece had zero nominations for one of its greatest arcs.

    Vasili LomisVasili Lomis3 days ago
    • I don’t think they add long running show anymore

      Hardcoore_G YTHardcoore_G YTDay ago
  • jajajajaa AOT won all of these

    NnyNny3 days ago

    Dragonic222 ExDragonic222 Ex3 days ago
  • How did black clover not even get NOMINATED for best OP The hell? Edit 1: How the hell was great pretender nominated for best anime of the year. The second season was awful and the first season kept killing people and bringing them back to life. Edit 2: Black Clover wasn't nominated. I'm just disappointed. Did they forget it. Have they watched op 10 or 13 or ending 10 or 12. How the hell the devil not nominated for best antagonist. He made the elf arc so much better. How are Noelle or mimosa nominated. I'll even take Charlotte. How is Asta or Yami not best boy. How is Black Clover not recognized as one of the best scores. I'd personally throw off Beastars score. How was one piece not nominated for anything. I must have something wrong, maybe only new anime, but then my hero can't be here. How was Borutos op not recognized as well, chuck great pretenders off. It was overrated. Is this for 2019? Did I miss that. Did AOT start 2020 or 2021 because it should have gotten some if it started 2021.

    Scott StakerScott Staker3 days ago
  • I'm happy that katarina won the best protagonist cuz I love hamefura

    NO WiFiNO WiFi3 days ago
  • I!

    NO WiFiNO WiFi3 days ago
  • Everybody talking about jujustu kaisen awards like great pretender wasn't in every category too

    Devyn AllenDevyn Allen3 days ago
  • Welcome to demon school iruka kun, should have been nominated for best comedy

    Devyn AllenDevyn Allen3 days ago
  • 1:27:40

    SHADOWSHADOW3 days ago
  • I'm so frickin excited for oddtaxi

    contact Chriscontact Chris3 days ago
  • Not me being so happy because jjk won

    Un0rdinary._. Mid0riUn0rdinary._. Mid0ri3 days ago
  • These awards should have been awarded best comedy.

    Mozzarella Rella rella rella rellaMozzarella Rella rella rella rella3 days ago
  • Dorohedoro was robbed so hard.

    SpamCrackersSpamCrackers3 days ago
  • Black Clover better return

    MC FireMC Fire3 days ago
  • Why were they basically the same anime’s for almost all the awards

    The_kid_who_likes_animeThe_kid_who_likes_anime3 days ago
  • This year was awesome wow! see yall for next year! (:

    danielledanielle3 days ago
  • Yes, Jujutsu Kaisen the King of Anime 2020

    Oscar DiazOscar Diaz3 days ago
  • Catarina Claes won best protagonist!? YAAAAAAAAS QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEN

    Bill And NancyBill And Nancy3 days ago
  • Bruh that’s some BS

    ツ90sanimeツツ90sanimeツ3 days ago
  • Subaru probably won va because of how horrifying his death screams are 😭

    Lucid HydraLucid Hydra3 days ago
  • am i crazy or did i see high guardian spice in this video? i swear there was but i cant find that clip anymore

    Anton NguyenAnton Nguyen3 days ago
  • best couple robbed

    montse :bmontse :b3 days ago