15 Genius People Who Beat the System

Mar 31, 2021
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We’ve all been in situations were nothing seems to go our way, and it appears as the system is working against us! But there are some people in this world who won’t take no for an answer! Yep, these larger than life characters have come up with all kinds of genius ways to bend the rules and beat the system! Where there’s a will there’s a way! Some call it breaking the law, and some people call it finding a loophole. Either way, you can’t blame them for trying! From a soccer fan who went to great lengths to sneak his way into the stadium, to a farmer who built a forbidden castle hidden behind bales of hay, these are the 15 Genius People Who Beat the System
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  • Sorry, Giethoorn @ 17:55 is Dutch not German not Suiss.

    Rik HaanenRik Haanen4 minutes ago
  • 1:27 he definly won. All alone and isolated in his vip spot above. I can't belive it. He must have done something nasty

    Diano DelihDiano Delih32 minutes ago
  • #missingtopic - chumming the water prior to starting to cast their poles

    Meghan SheaMeghan Shea2 hours ago
  • Why is building your own castle illegal?

    M45T3RBR05M45T3RBR052 hours ago
  • #Themissingtopic Tuna

    Highbrid WearHighbrid Wear5 hours ago
  • I was impressed with the interior of the tiny house it seemed that not only did he make great use of the space but it was beautiful as well. Until I realized that was not the same house. I'm baffled. Why on earth bother? Footage not good enough? Stop everything! Something isn't true on the internet?! There must be a glitch in the matrix.

    Raven McKimRaven McKim6 hours ago
  • The image of the "fishermen" is fake af. And the "fish" were snakes. So wtf?

    Ben KostoBen Kosto12 hours ago
  • Fish?? I thought they were throwing snakes into the sea!😳 THATS what I’d be doing!!🙋🏻‍♀️✌🏼🇨🇦

    Yvette BrandYvette Brand13 hours ago
  • Missing topic. They are fishing like you. Except you use click bait.....

    bagsofcans77bagsofcans7715 hours ago
  • A black swimmer lol I guess hes trying to invade white people sport of swimming the same way they are trying to invade Track running.

    Cheputle TitlanCheputle Titlan17 hours ago
  • The 😎father's the REAL MVP for getting the best table, having a great time with his family n signing a plate just for em'👀🤣

    sgt capessgt capes18 hours ago
  • He’s going to walk away with a wet that and pull it up on your pants right you still have to wait

    Charles SmithCharles Smith22 hours ago
  • Haha

  • Ficks

  • 7:05 it's called a kilt.

    Mad Mod Video GamesMad Mod Video GamesDay ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/bWx1poSdh51rrH8

  • #Missing Topic..... That boat of fish looks like a boat of snakes to me!! 😂

    Diamonique Chanel ValentinaDiamonique Chanel ValentinaDay ago
  • #missingtopic it's not rocket science what are they up to what's normal they used to do this with tuna etc etc and other kinds of fish well they're schooling they're able to simply just throw bait on a hook drop their line down a couple fathoms lift it up and toss it into the boat and onto the next one me my father and a couple of my buddies were out fishing one time and we came across the school of perch yellow belly perch are some of the most best tasting freshwater fish in the world some people call them sirloin of the streams we came across entire school then one time in a feeding frenzy we set our lines up with three sets of hooks spaced out we had more than enough bait for the day and all we did was drop our lines down 20 ft and most the time we were reeling in to fish at a time that's right we were catching two fish at a time reeling them up throwing them in a bucket and then dropping our lines back down before we knew it we had somewhere around 300 fish to fillet by the end of that night and it only took us a fewhours#missing topic

    Jonny PageJonny PageDay ago
  • The giant fish picture is easy to explain, as are most things we see in the mainstream. It’s cgi. Wake up people. You’re sleeping

    Beaf SupremeBeaf SupremeDay ago
  • #missing topic

    Alexis McgerrigleAlexis McgerrigleDay ago
  • The missing topic Indian fishermen most likely electrocuted the water so the eel had to jump out.

    Carlos HernandezCarlos HernandezDay ago
  • What's the possible rationale for banding women from soccer games in Iran?

    Neah KrayouNeah KrayouDay ago
  • Stupid how some countries doesn't let woman do certain things. And a sporting even as well, despicable.

    Somchit LeangSomchit LeangDay ago
  • How about considering the iLOVEyou virus that occured on May 5, 2000 that caused a total damage up to $ 8 .7 billion worldwie and penetrated even d Pentagon.. and an estimated $ 15 billion to remove such.. 😁😁😁

  • Recorded Dr. Who on channel 11 in Chicago that night, I think the title had 'Rock' in it, some lighthouse, the next morning ... WTF, and that spanking bit too, totally bizarre, I agree it's number 1 hack

    Derek RadixDerek RadixDay ago
  • I have respect for Eric the eel. Competing in the Olympics. He knew who he was going against. He could have said no I'm going home. But he kept going. I have respect for the man.

    Alan BryantAlan BryantDay ago
    • He didn’t give up, I respect anyone who dosnt give up no matter the odds. True warrior Eric the eel.

      Andy IndicaAndy Indica11 hours ago
  • The prime Minister dad was best.

    Marti BurgerMarti BurgerDay ago
  • So much Lies in these vids :// . See the kid 13 yo building his own house :) look at the photos of the inside of the house . ??

    Demodukken_DKDemodukken_DKDay ago
    • But ty for great content bro

      Demodukken_DKDemodukken_DKDay ago
  • The lottery winning mumbers trick is so obvious. The 6 balls with the numbers are electronic devices. Someone just input the numbers remotely via wireless connection.

  • Snakes on boat pic is fake, taken from tuna fishermen technique. Like most things on internet...especially our fraud of a president that was NOT elected.

    GetsumGetsumDay ago
  • The castle Builder

    Doug RuthDoug Ruth2 days ago
  • Missing topic more like debate the click bait

    Nate BordenNate Borden2 days ago
  • When I worked at McDonald’s I come up with my own sandwich. Since the smaller meat or as it’s actually called 10:1 got dry too fast and their quarter pound or 4:1 has to be cooked when it’s ordered I made a half pound Big Mac with tomatoes cause I like tomatoes. Ironically monster Mac is what I called it. There’s also another one a friend of mine made that combined a Big Mac and mcchicken and was called the mcgangbang.

    Bradley HughesBradley Hughes2 days ago
  • Iran Talk about a sexually oppressed country.

    Kelly LeakKelly Leak2 days ago
  • Only Legends know of the Mcgangbang on McDonald’s secret menu. Mcdouble in a mcchicken.

    Wannabe TravelersWannabe Travelers2 days ago
    • Thought I had something special that I called the monster Mac. Didn’t know it was already a thing but mine was just a 1/2 lb Big Mac with tomatoes.

      Bradley HughesBradley Hughes2 days ago
  • #missing topic...Photoshopped

    Daniel ParkerDaniel Parker2 days ago
  • The person who hacked the thing is really creepy

    Unknown -_-Unknown -_-2 days ago
  • The proud oppression of islam

    Bradford W RamsdenBradford W Ramsden2 days ago
  • That missing topic... I am from that country that do that poll and line fishing

    kal zafarkal zafar2 days ago
  • #missing topic I got the full video on that picture 👌

    kappi lastbornkappi lastborn3 days ago
  • asking permission for making your house in you private property what a shitty law....

    jamaira datumanongjamaira datumanong3 days ago
  • Well I just got my Lotto ticket 🎟️ let's go 😂😂😂😂

    Jeffery RainesJeffery Raines3 days ago
  • The lottery is fake. It's why the camera always changes to the ball close up. Cuz they do it to all the balls. They don't have too. To the untrained eye it's the same show. It's not and never has been

    PlugzMuzikPlugzMuzik3 days ago
  • Those are snakes though

    october 22october 223 days ago
  • I love love love that tiny house !! I would love to live in it, it would be fantastic to build these (at a reasonable price) and sell them to single people. You could put so many of them on an acre of land. Can you imagine China and Japan, both who have virtually no land, building these !!! That boy is a GENIUS !!!!!!♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🌈🌈🌈🇨🇦

    Sarah JamesSarah James3 days ago
    • I thought so too until I realized that isn't the same house. Not a chance. Mildly disappointing. 🤔😶

      Raven McKimRaven McKim6 hours ago
  • min 17:22 that is by far not Germany........that is the Netherlands

    Robin nRobin n3 days ago
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    Rahul KashyapRahul Kashyap3 days ago
  • It's nice to see those young men protesting and using there voice's and even going to the lengths of getting embarrassed for wearing a skirt. This day all you hear about is girl power, or black lives matter. Just glad to see a generation of young white boys making a statement to end sexist ideals. #eguality4everyone

    kyle pacekkyle pacek4 days ago
  • Clickbait. Nothing about the fish in the thumbnail.

    ZinZin4 days ago
  • There's people working in social security is breaking the system and there's cops like the break the system

    Dale LeffermanDale Lefferman4 days ago
  • Arrest them all

    Chuck RobinsonChuck Robinson4 days ago
  • The "missing topic" is fake as fuck

    Chuck RobinsonChuck Robinson4 days ago
  • Randomly talking about your click bait picture doesn't make it part of the video or even relevant. That picture has bot been "circulating" anywhere... anyways video is pretty cool and ur pretty funny but that click bait and the way you try to justify it by randomly saying some garbage after it is just dumb..

    Darwin ClaysDarwin Clays4 days ago
  • Got some wrong info in a few stories and it seems like a couple just cut off with no end

    Commander MeowCommander Meow4 days ago
  • bait

    Sivakumar AnbazhaganSivakumar Anbazhagan4 days ago
  • what a clickbait using a photoshopped image. booo!

    Ben PintoBen Pinto4 days ago
  • I HATE Counselors

    Paul ThompsonPaul Thompson4 days ago
  • #missing topic

    Corrinne CloakeCorrinne Cloake4 days ago
  • Mc’Donald’s said thanks for that advertisement.... my next orders gonna be really expensive.

    Nat D- FrostNat D- Frost4 days ago
  • 6:20 skirts same as kilts. The million pound question is how many of these dare devils were freeballing

    Thirty ThreeThirty Three4 days ago
  • Speech impediments are deep around this mug. Seems half the USworlds narrators have one. This guy’s lisp is annoying. I couldn’t watch.

    Tennessee MinnissiTennessee Minnissi4 days ago
  • So when did Ponsi immigrate?? 103? Tho, he was still alive in the 1920s!?!

    Emma CoburnEmma Coburn4 days ago
  • Missing topic

    Garnita PerkinsGarnita Perkins4 days ago
  • #missing topic

    Liam /dhruv71 is the goatLiam /dhruv71 is the goat4 days ago
  • Missing topic

    Liam /dhruv71 is the goatLiam /dhruv71 is the goat4 days ago
  • If your life was in danger and I could say something that would save it, would you listen? If yes, please do so because your life IS in danger. Jesus Christ is returning soon to judge the nations. Do you know Him? He loves you and died for your sins on that cross so you could walk out of His Courtroom and be declared, "Not guilty." To accept His offer of free eternal life, all you have to do is repent and trust in Him. He will change your heart and give you peace. Why am I telling you this? Because I care very deeply where you're going after you leave this earth. According to Bible prophecy, some events are coming that should scare you. Don't face what's coming without Jesus. Please repent today because this wicked world is just about out of time. God Bless

    Gail YarbroughGail Yarbrough4 days ago
  • The women from Iran are awesome personified!

    bookbeingbookbeing4 days ago
  • You are lying too much,i can feel it

    caven mapolisacaven mapolisa4 days ago
  • If them cross dressers would of turned up like that in my day, they'd still be getting shit 4 it... Jus shows how times change, sry i shouldn't call em cross dressers, and on the maccies menu, they actually have a beef lolly, go ask 4 one😂😂

    Jonathan HartJonathan Hart4 days ago
  • That kid who built the tiny house is amazingly talented. I wish tiny houses could get every homeless person off the streets.

    sharon russomannosharon russomanno4 days ago
    • @Raven McKim As they say in the film industry, if you don't have the scene, make it up, create it, borrow it from another production, or just talk about it descriptively instead, but in this case IT'S ALL BULLSHITZEN, WHY EVEN BOTHER OTHER THAN AS CLICKBAIT BECAUSE THEY'VE MOST ALL RUN OUTTA NEW IDEAS TO FOOL PPL INTO OPENING THEIR MISLEADING, TRIVIAL, $$$ MAKERS FOR MORONS, SLACKERS, ADVERSE TO ACTUALLY WORKIN FER A LIVUN, Ayuh

      Dale HillDale Hill5 hours ago
    • @Dale Hill I thought something wasn't right about that. The tiny house interior doesn't match the outside either. Baffling they would bother. Guess they didn't have the footage. Hmm

      Raven McKimRaven McKim6 hours ago
    • Those guys in face pic are NOT hauling moray eels outta the ocean, that's shopped, they're tuna fishermen that use barbless hooks, Ayuh

      Dale HillDale Hill2 days ago
    • They can, could, but won't likely need to before too long if we get things straightened out and runnin rite, Ayuh

      Dale HillDale Hill2 days ago
    • What was his name

      Maylee HallMaylee Hall4 days ago
  • I don't do the lottery mate

    Joshua SquireJoshua Squire4 days ago
  • I dislike this video because some of your still pics are genuinely fake.

    Chris ZaireChris Zaire4 days ago
  • Stupid fken video

    Alex ErasmusAlex Erasmus5 days ago
  • A man wearing a skirts wearing a kilt especially if it's plaid in my opinion

    Levi FurneyLevi Furney5 days ago
  • Can’t believe they can be arrested for what should be considered a basic right. Sad...

    Madison CainesMadison Caines5 days ago
  • #missingtopic the original video was filmed by greenpeace and shows Maldivian style fishing for tuna. Some idiot just photoshopped snakes in over the fish. m.usworlds.info/slow/video/fYVqqY64oXqLiZk

    TacktickleTacktickle5 days ago
  • #missing topic This is clearly photoshopped. If you look at the side the corner is effected by 1.37 degrees

    SB VlogsSB Vlogs5 days ago
  • Max 👍

    ElderbarryElderbarry5 days ago
  • The overt van immunocytochemically invite because sleep customarily mug mid a giddy banker. nondescript, tasty enemy

    Bernie RobertsBernie Roberts5 days ago
  • Yes but if a restaurant says the third book that you can't get a reservation but then they give their best table to say a celebrity or politician that should be illegal because that's discrimination against everyone that is not a celebrity or politician and if it's open to the public then there's supposed to be no special treatment for anyone if there is then it's discrimination against everyone else

    the hillbilly gamer !the hillbilly gamer !5 days ago
  • Actually I think it's illegal to give special treatment to someone just because they're a politician or a celebrity if you own a restaurant as far as booking reservations are concerned because it's discriminating against everyone that is not a celebrity or a politician

    the hillbilly gamer !the hillbilly gamer !5 days ago
  • To those people who say it's wrong to impersonate someone else it is wrong for a restaurant open to the public to give special treatment to a foreign politician or even an American politician if it's booked it's booked it shouldn't matter who you are and that should be illegal

    the hillbilly gamer !the hillbilly gamer !5 days ago
  • Whoever heard of Peking duck maybe I'm just an old man but I never heard of that s***

    the hillbilly gamer !the hillbilly gamer !5 days ago
    • Dude, you need to get out more. It's been around for about 600 years. www.pilotguides.com/articles/a-cultural-classic-peking-duck/#:~:text=The%20origin%20of%20the%20Peking,could%20enter%20the%20palace%20kitchens.

      Niki PNiki P4 days ago
  • Well people need to support this man and contact the British government and ask what's wrong with building the historical home what is it not multicultural enough

    the hillbilly gamer !the hillbilly gamer !5 days ago
    • No the local state sanctioned extortionists just want their pound of flesh from every free man via fees and annual property tax Assessments. Situations like his happen far too often and costs everyone so much grief and pain. This is the greatest Injustice of them all. the guy owns the property he chose to improve. How can the gov officials threaten arrest and jail time when there is no crime? How do his actions cause injury? Who has he injured by improving his property!

      bookbeingbookbeing4 days ago
  • A lot of men in the west hate feminism but they can't really stop it in the west but a western man could report these women to the Iranian place striking a blow against feminism

    the hillbilly gamer !the hillbilly gamer !5 days ago
  • They probably use explosives and then it makes the fish float to the surface crocodile Dundee style that's how Australian people fish

    the hillbilly gamer !the hillbilly gamer !5 days ago
  • traffic sign guy! great

    Kevin LloydKevin Lloyd5 days ago
  • Well done boys be proud of yourselves

    Susan HawkinsSusan Hawkins5 days ago
  • People actually believed a prime minister looked like that old fat unkept guy🤔

    Silva 07Silva 075 days ago
  • Aww that’s awful to destroy a beautiful building! Surely wrong!!

    Sally MaccaroneSally Maccarone5 days ago
    • @Niki P So, inspect it and find him. All that product goes to the dump. That’s not green. It’s wasteful.

      Sally MaccaroneSally Maccarone4 days ago
    • @bookbeing I would have preferred it not to be demolished but there are usually good reasons for regulations. Certain stages of buildings need to be inspected at certain times to make sure they're safe. Electrical wiring and plumbing, for example, need to be safety checked before they're covered over. There would also be no real way of checking that it had been constructed properly. Imagine if, 10 years down the track, a wall collapsed on someone because the foundations weren't laid correctly.

      Niki PNiki P4 days ago
    • his is the greatest Injustice of them all. the guy owned the property he built on and improved. how can you threaten to put someone in jail or charge someone for a crime if there's no victim with a valid proven injury to warrant such a complaint? How do his actions cause injury?

      bookbeingbookbeing4 days ago
  • Those were fish? They look like snakes!

    Sally MaccaroneSally Maccarone5 days ago
  • Wendy's has a t-rex burger

    Jesse Nichole Harper BoshellJesse Nichole Harper Boshell5 days ago
  • Iran (and Iraq) is pronounced with a short i, as in Italy; not a long I as in Ireland. Get it right.

    Ahmed Al-HujaziAhmed Al-Hujazi5 days ago
  • Signs were great

    Rwf BellmanRwf Bellman5 days ago
  • #missing topic If you take a closer look at their ‘fish’ you can see that it is actually a photoshopped image of a Garder Snake breeding ground. These snakes are most common in North America, and are not venomous. During breeding season, hundreds of them come together, creating big piles and blocking off the ground. You can look it up, those aren’t really good fishermen, just some photo editors pulling a prank.

    Victor VaccaroVictor Vaccaro6 days ago
    • That's a jackplole tuna boat out of the Maldives

      Great GanskiGreat Ganski4 days ago
    • Yes you’re right. Here is the actual video. usworlds.info/slow/video/fYVqqY64oXqLiZk

      mohamed saaidhmohamed saaidh4 days ago
    • That's confused me at first ....it's like what kind of fish was that... thanks for the explanation.

      dodo basukidodo basuki5 days ago
  • C’mon now, those aren’t fish, they’re snakes and it’s photoshopped.... is this for little kids or what?

    Bigfoot’s DickBigfoot’s Dick6 days ago
  • #missingtopic

    Brad OrserBrad Orser6 days ago
  • #missing topic

    Brad OrserBrad Orser6 days ago
  • #MissingTopic

    Vanessa KetringVanessa Ketring6 days ago
  • Those don't look like 🐟 bro. Lol

    Michael TobiasMichael Tobias6 days ago