Apr 2, 2021
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Cool amazon products that have gone viral on tiktok with millions of likes and views. Links to everything below! ☟
12 Amazon products that have gone INSANELY Viral on TikTok
the 12 most viral amazon products on tiktok

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♡ L I N K S ♡
*if any links aren't working please let me know in the comments and I will fix!
⇒ workout top amzn.to/3wmvCnJ
⇒ exfoliating peeling foot mask amzn.to/31GPq7u
⇒ foot cleaner amzn.to/3fxzkF9
⇒ towel scrunchie amzn.to/3wj1Al1
⇒ jeans button amzn.to/2QQQuTU
⇒ 4 in 1 travel product case amzn.to/3uj6w7o
⇒ soap sheets amzn.to/3dnI5iu
⇒ lazer keyboard amzn.to/3wisJV3
⇒ sandwich cutter uncrustable style amzn.to/3wkfSSq
⇒ crunch cup cereal cup amzn.to/2R3N4xv
⇒ spatula tongs amzn.to/3doMLVu
⇒ USB lighter amzn.to/2PO0tsT
⇒ Cloud towels amzn.to/3fyTX3M

* You can find ALL the products shown in this video here: www.amazon.com/shop/vasseurbeauty?listId=Y2KOHDID2CH9&ref=idea_share_inf

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  • Ordered a few things. Thanks for the links!

    Cat BlueCat Blue41 minute ago
  • I would buy your towels Brittany!!

    Jaz ThomasJaz Thomas6 hours ago
  • Tbh Ryan’s feet have fungus. That’s why they look so bad. Prob from his gym days.

    T GT G13 hours ago
  • The USB lighter is so smart! No running out of fluid in the disposable candle lighters! Also the foot mask looks way cool as well.

    Rosemary DoranRosemary Doran18 hours ago
  • This was pretty entertaining

    KittenAtPlayKittenAtPlayDay ago
  • I think that the towel and lighter is the best. Thanks for sharing

    Denise CurryDenise CurryDay ago
  • Microfiber is made out of plastics. 700 years after we all will be dead, those towels will still be in the landfill. I know. I know. Party pooper here.

    ritabartasiuteritabartasiuteDay ago
  • Really like the lighter!!! Thanks Brittany for all your insights. Love your channel. ❤️

    Christina FelkerChristina FelkerDay ago
  • So many cool products that I wouldn't have thought to look for! Thank you! ☺

    M AM A2 days ago
  • You domestic goddess! I did not know what those towels scrunchie thinks before and I am so excited because there is nothing more disgusting and irritating then water running down my arms. I had asthma as a kid and it used to really burn and now it just Irritates me! I am ordering these right now! God bless you and your beautiful family XOXO

    Shannon Joy SharpShannon Joy Sharp2 days ago
  • A love child😂🤣😂

    Judy FlynnJudy Flynn2 days ago
  • It's funny cause that button for your pants actually came out in the 90's!! I use to own a couple back then 😊

    Tamara GriffinTamara Griffin2 days ago
  • Not even done with the video and I already love it so much!! So many cool products, great video!!!

    Cisli MejiaCisli Mejia2 days ago
  • You could try to use your leftover crust from making uncrustables and turn them into homemade croutons for salads!! Then you wouldn’t have any waste ☺️

    Leanna SteeleLeanna Steele2 days ago
  • You find the coolest stuff. Your videos never disappoint!

    BillyBeeBillyBee2 days ago
  • TYFS

    Ann MersealAnn Merseal2 days ago
  • OMG this was so entertaining !! LOL Great video Brittnay

    Johnnie DillingerJohnnie Dillinger3 days ago
  • That foot scrubber would tickle my foot so bad. 😂

    Heather SHeather S3 days ago
  • Would you share link to towels please

    skaycskayc3 days ago
  • Your husband is hilarious lol

    adrian ratliefadrian ratlief3 days ago
  • ive been doing so well not spending money on amazon, idk why im here rn.

    Harleigh StringerHarleigh Stringer3 days ago
  • I love your vlogs. Your personality is awesome. You seemed to REALLY enjoy doing this one! I was laughing the entire time - you were just so happy!

    Deb SeylerDeb Seyler3 days ago
  • Hey Brittany! Do you know if the bath towels come in an oversized option? We normally buy the bath "sheet" size for our towels but definitely interested in this material!

    Darian BlockerDarian Blocker4 days ago
  • Oh my gosh, best video ever!! Totally love all of the items! Lol @ Ryan though, too funny!!

    Terina KeresomaTerina Keresoma4 days ago
  • Wow these are all awesome gadgets my favorite is the laser keyboard 👍🏻

    CaveIt Crafting by KarinaCaveIt Crafting by Karina4 days ago
  • I need a towel made of the make up eraser material. Is that what cloud towel is?

    D ND N4 days ago
  • The spatula tongs are a must have for air fryers. Easier to flip your food and no risk of scratching the air fryer non-stick finish.

    Lisa B.Lisa B.4 days ago
  • So refreshing to watch videos like this one when everywhere else all they talk about is how there is a pandemic going on and people have no $!

    Paola HPaola H4 days ago
  • Brittany!! Just wanted to say how much I love your channel ! Your tips and tricks are awesome. You are killing it ! Keep up the great work but definitely take a break when you are burned out 💖 lots of love !

    music amyymusic amyy4 days ago
  • 😂 I've used the foot socks they are awesome!! But that travel container yes !!! And that keyboard 💚

    Lisa Marie MichaelisLisa Marie Michaelis4 days ago
  • Brittany, What’s your sign? You have the cutest personality and I like how you describe things. The laser keyboard and tongs are on my list.

    Sommer CoburnSommer Coburn4 days ago
  • There are ceramic tips over the wire ends (USB lighter). When you use it to light 50 candles those ceramic tips start slipping off, so you try to push them down with your fingers and you shock yourself if you forget to turn the bottom switch off. I use mine to scrape wax droplets off my countertops, now. They slip off constantly!

    Theresa PittmanTheresa Pittman4 days ago
  • I want that soap, etc. dispenser! Also, you could give the crust of the bread to the birds. Or squirrels. 😃

    Lisa StevensLisa Stevens4 days ago
  • There needs to be a two thumbs up options. So great!

    joe williams-nelsonjoe williams-nelson4 days ago
  • Thank you for showing the laser keyboard I saw it in a movie a long time ago and I was so interested that I really wanted one too.

    zoua yangzoua yang4 days ago
  • This is totally not related to this video but I've checked about 30 of your videos and I can't find the one where you talked about your finger holder on your phone! I love it and want one please help!

    Monica _H19Monica _H194 days ago
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    Jaymie ChamberlinJaymie Chamberlin5 days ago
  • Love the sandwich sealer/crust remover. Gotta have that lighter! The rubber tongs:) And the Towels.. Geez I guess I really love em all Hahha. Thanks Brittany, love your channel.

    Donna PittmanDonna Pittman5 days ago
  • Still laughing 😂

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  • Wow that foot peeling pad looks scary. Ryan did a great job as usual. Love you guys 💖💖👍👏

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  • I am equally intrigued by and terrified by the foot masks!

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  • Love this! I'm so glad that I found you! No more Amazon mistakes...definitely buying a crunch cup, and uncrustable tools. I don't think its wasteful, I'm gonna use the crusts as bird food. Tell Ryan great job too! Lol

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  • I’ve been curious about the lighters... can you still light up some ganga in a pipe? LOL serious question. Has anyone tried it?

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  • *It’s like a car wash for your feet* 🤣🤣🤣 *Love your videos!*

    Blush CrownBlush Crown5 days ago
  • I just ordered 6 of them...

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  • I love the idea of the towel scrunchies as wrist drip-guards! That's one of my biggest pet peeves!

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  • I love this videos can any one knows what fhone case is the one she use I know she said it on a video but I don't remember and been looking for the case please if any one knows that will really nice thank you🙏🙏

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  • I need that tong flipper thingy I'm so bad at flipping anything

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  • I just purchased the workout top. It looks so comfy.

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  • Brittany I see you inventing something great‼️❤️. Ryan is hysterical 😭 and very handsome Lucky Brittany ‼️

    Shyan FunnyShyan Funny5 days ago

    Jacqueline SuddingJacqueline Sudding5 days ago
  • The foot car wash is the most tickly thing I've ever used in my life idk how you even put your foot into it 😂😂 I had such high hopes and then my partner ended up using it all the time because I couldn't put my foot anywhere near it 😂😂

    sinead arshadsinead arshad5 days ago
  • I bought the cloud towels and I actually don’t like them! Am I the only one? The reason is because they don’t absorb water completely. It’s like drying yourself with a fluffy blanket... it leaves water droplets that turn cold and it’s uncomfortable. Maybe I’m weird like that. I only use them for my hair... but I also notice that my hair is wetter than if I was to use one of my regular towels.

    lina&kidslina&kids6 days ago
  • Where did you get your daughter’s onesie from the foot mask part of the video...?

  • My fav is the lighter.

    julie trudgeonjulie trudgeon6 days ago
  • Was that really his skin he peeled off? I’m thinking not but, hey, maybe I’m just that gullible

    Diane KikoDiane Kiko6 days ago
  • Girl my favorite is the travel dispenser that's super cool!!.. Been a fan of you for quite sometime and absolutely love your videos!!.🙌

    Every Disability Creates New Abilities!Every Disability Creates New Abilities!6 days ago
  • Wow! I saw lots of things that I probably don't need but would love to have. I like the lighter, soap sheets, the travel kit for shampoos and the laser keyboard is just too cool to pass up on it! Guess I'm going shopping at Amazon! Thanks for the cool suggestions.

    D HinesD Hines6 days ago
  • The crust on the bread is the best part lol

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    Travis AndersonTravis Anderson6 days ago
  • Noooooo! I was expecting an actual result from that foot mask! I've been wanting to try it for years but I never got the courage! hahaha!

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  • Every end of your videos 😂😂 Love this part

    Ximena KovacsXimena Kovacs6 days ago
  • the towel that you talk about, i discovered it back in 2018 when i went to Daiso in Thailand, saw face towels and randomly got them. i was soooo surprised about the quality that again on 2019 when i visited i got that face towel as gifts for all my family members and friends... i had non idea you could get bath size of that but last month i visited India and to my surprise i found bath size towel in a home essential shop!! i instantly got that for myself!! these are one of the best things one ca own

    Naziba NaushinNaziba Naushin7 days ago
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    J'SSJ'SS7 days ago
  • Laser keyboard & the cloud towel. The end video so funny...

    Neth682Neth6827 days ago
  • I remember seeing that laser keyboard in Disneyland about 14 years ago in a future gadget display. I don't remember what it was called, but it was located where the America Sings show used to be on the Tomorrowland and Fantasy land border. Thought it was pretty cool then!

    Sophia MoskaloSophia Moskalo7 days ago
  • Omg I got that USB lighter last time you mentioned it and I gotta say... the noise it makes is SO satisfying!!!

    Abigail FortierAbigail Fortier7 days ago
    • Right?!

      Brittany VasseurBrittany Vasseur7 days ago
  • I think I saw those soap sheets on The Deal Guy channel. You might like that channel if you like new products and gadgets.

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