12 EDC Gadgets Actually Worth Buying

Feb 17, 2021
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10 Vintage Jar Openers from 100 Year Ago - usworlds.info/slow/video/mKWca2elmnNojGY
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  • Lol I love the way he pronounces ceramic... keramic, he so funny

    Scott CarseScott CarseDay ago
  • Intro is back. Thank you taras 💕

    Aaron LennonAaron LennonDay ago
  • Yesss the intro is back

    Noah AliceaNoah Alicea2 days ago
  • Some great things here. Glad the intro is back to!

    EatsTreats&MREsEatsTreats&MREs4 days ago
  • You should show product names/tags up close so we can find the product later. Other than that, Great videos

    Jonathan RodriguezJonathan Rodriguez5 days ago
  • Nice, new gadjiks

    Shin MadriñanShin Madriñan7 days ago
  • You should name the brand, model, and price please!

    Teen BushcraftTeen Bushcraft8 days ago
  • Its pronounced " sir-am- ic" lol

    kyle gkyle g8 days ago
  • You demo a lot of cool products and gadgets. It would be helpful if you could give us the MSRP as well.

    Louis AzizLouis Aziz8 days ago
  • Its all trash.

    Lazorn RapscallionLazorn Rapscallion9 days ago
  • Taras is easily impressed.

    HunterXrayHunterXray10 days ago
  • Ker ramic lol

    BADBOYBADBOY11 days ago
  • Awesome Taras, good intro.

    Rahul RoyRahul Roy13 days ago
  • Safty

    Caden RCaden R13 days ago
  • Top Safty Life Hacks

    Ogre BuddhaOgre Buddha14 days ago
  • SAFTY 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    elscarfaceelscarface14 days ago
  • fefwe

    Joshua BlueMoonJoshua BlueMoon15 days ago
  • So ceramic is keramic in Russian.

    Satyam starkSatyam stark15 days ago
  • SafEty

    Maanhaar JackalMaanhaar Jackal15 days ago
  • Wuups *SPLOOOSH*

    Adam O'NealeAdam O'Neale16 days ago
  • Why is your hand shaking so much 🤔🤔

    Spr1ngfulSpr1ngful16 days ago
  • And them notebooks we used in the army and my handwriting was a lot better

    simon floressimon flores16 days ago
  • Where’s his laboratory?

    simon floressimon flores16 days ago
  • You tried to erase that toilet flushing on the weatherproof notebook 😂😂😂 A for effort 😅

    Common SenseCommon Sense16 days ago
  • Safty ez nambur wun pri ore ity

    6ix God6ix God16 days ago
  • What's the product name of the blue pen with flash light? And the tweezers?

    Sascha TraberSascha Traber16 days ago
  • 17:05 _k e r a m i k b l a d e_

    René SomaRené Soma16 days ago
  • What is safty? I think he meant SAFETY

    21purebred21purebred16 days ago
  • i love taras and all, and i know he’s from russia but his handwriting looks like a second grader’s 😭

    Chronic XChronic X16 days ago
  • The pouch is an ammo bag, they're super handy to use for working around the house, camping or even shopping !

    Edward FletcherEdward Fletcher16 days ago
  • I have been using the Rite in the rain notepads for years and they do really work. The rest of the tools you showed us looks nice also and I already have and some I would like to buy.

    Sidney MathiousSidney Mathious16 days ago
  • Malalabortory I love this guys is English

    ᴏᴊᴏᴊ ᴘɢ3ᴅᴏᴊᴏᴊ ᴘɢ3ᴅ17 days ago
  • 👍

    Campo de DemolicionCampo de Demolicion17 days ago
  • I was here before 100k and this its so awesome to see the growth

    Gabriel TalentGabriel Talent17 days ago
  • Military has been using write in the rain pads or years.

    dh2006dhdh2006dh17 days ago
  • “Looks like a...POWER CORD CUTTER.” 🤣

    Drake DocsonDrake Docson17 days ago
  • Good fire starter paper !

    Concerned PatriotConcerned Patriot17 days ago
  • Не по русски, ни по английски не умеет теперь писать))) сафти)

    Сергей ЕщёСергей Ещё17 days ago
  • And boom 💥 he’s back

    LL17 days ago
  • The pouch is prob what the naruto and the rest of the shinobi carry there Kunai and ninja tools lol

    adnarryadnarry17 days ago
  • He has a home movie theater -_- wow. That's dope.

    Gaming with PURG3 anarchyGaming with PURG3 anarchy17 days ago
  • New MRE video please

    Cari WhitedCari Whited17 days ago
  • He has at least 15k worth of gadgets

    Lil TrunksLil Trunks17 days ago
  • What brand is that drop bag ?

    tony macalusotony macaluso17 days ago
  • Available at Farm and Fleet in the large animal section

    Gold Star HvacrGold Star Hvacr17 days ago
  • BOOM! ;)

    Stoney McRockStoney McRock17 days ago

    Mark RaileMark Raile17 days ago
  • "Whoops" *continues to commit war crimes*

    Butcher BillButcher Bill18 days ago
  • Yes! My favorite intro is back! You heard my prayers, Taras!

    Maxim KakurinMaxim Kakurin18 days ago
  • you can get that note pad at any Lowes

    DannoTullDannoTull18 days ago
  • safty

    Djordje VasiljevicDjordje Vasiljevic18 days ago
  • In the Army you have to have a pen and paper on you at all times and those all weather note pads are really nice, ive got water and oil on mine and it still takes notes just fine

    Zion AntonioZion Antonio18 days ago
  • I had some of those all weather notebooks when I was in the Army. They work great

    Candace Marshall LeavensCandace Marshall Leavens18 days ago
  • poo

    King AVKing AV18 days ago
  • I love Square paper 🤣

    Joseph LanutoJoseph Lanuto18 days ago
  • The OG intro 🔥❤️

    Ruslan GogoahRuslan Gogoah18 days ago
  • Im here since his first video❤️

    Ruslan GogoahRuslan Gogoah18 days ago
  • “Splinters are inevitable” 😂

    Josue AlfaroJosue Alfaro18 days ago
    • Knowing him they really are

      Nuts and DoltsNuts and Dolts17 days ago
  • Anyone else kinda find he seems a little less happy?

    405 Driftz405 Driftz18 days ago
  • try cold steel knives, they have special lock

    M PM P18 days ago
  • Wow some of these products are actually worth buying

    spencer jamesspencer james18 days ago
  • get the enthusiasm bavk

    Godless BastardGodless Bastard18 days ago
  • Tras - "welcome to my laboratory" Background - home theater 🎥

    Sniper GamingSniper Gaming18 days ago
  • He is rising again🔥

    Priyanshu bansalPriyanshu bansal18 days ago
  • I love molle gear, modular stuff in general.

    Jeffry MeachamJeffry Meacham18 days ago
  • Let's test light 4:44 Talk about a flex Love the home theatre

    Drew 2tallDrew 2tall18 days ago
  • His latin handwriting is so cute, like cyrillic "г" for "r" hehe

    Mitchell GleesonMitchell Gleeson18 days ago
  • "SAFTY"

    Taka-KevzTaka-Kevz18 days ago
  • Hey you should review the ailen tape

    Mickey HMickey H18 days ago
  • Big fan from India

    Jaspal SinghJaspal Singh18 days ago
  • Is this a home cinema?

    Hori YosiHori Yosi18 days ago
  • BOOM

    M1lesM3rkM1lesM3rk18 days ago
  • Nice accent brother

    Rovic MolenaarRovic Molenaar18 days ago
  • Nice job ty

    Penny WenzelPenny Wenzel18 days ago
  • Where’d you get the gathering pouch? I need a new one for our in the woods

    Darren SmithDarren Smith18 days ago
  • kayramic?

    Arjuna NestapaArjuna Nestapa18 days ago
  • Good ol' safty

    MaxMax18 days ago
  • I didn't understand the reason of that little punch on 9:42 🤣😂

    Abdelwadoud BlkAbdelwadoud Blk18 days ago
  • Hi, what I like is its price for what it offers, cheap LOL PS : Concerning your English I congratulate you because I would like to see others speak in Russian MDR

    Passion KnifePassion Knife18 days ago
  • Yeah we love flying stars and welcome back everybody. This is your trademark. Love it mr taras! Your fans from Malaysia

    Zarul AzhamZarul Azham18 days ago
  • Bhoom ...

    shafeek shahulshafeek shahul18 days ago
  • I love square paper

    William O'reillyWilliam O'reilly18 days ago
  • did he just say keramic blade?

    Crazy QCrazy Q18 days ago
  • 📒

    FomoCyberFomoCyber18 days ago
  • “ look at how big the pouch is” I wish i could look at how big your pouch is 🥺😏

    chris andruschris andrus18 days ago
  • In english pls. Or subtitles... IN ENGLISH

    Dead PoolDead Pool18 days ago
  • Where do you buy these plsss write

    Kunj kariaKunj karia18 days ago
  • Where to buy ? Shop webpage please

  • I love this man

    Conor-Nolan KelleyConor-Nolan Kelley18 days ago
  • Hey i have a question. What do you do with all of the stuff you buy? Do you keep it or give it away or trash it?

    C4Booom169C4Booom16918 days ago
  • “I love square paper”

    bradly chadlybradly chadly18 days ago
  • Gajiks

    Hector CuervosHector Cuervos18 days ago
  • safty

    yaboysweetyaboysweet18 days ago
  • you need to do more edc taras!

    sadtrasadtra18 days ago
  • Kirraaamekhhh 🤣

    Sunil SgecSunil Sgec18 days ago
  • his comedy is advancing

  • i need a proper notebook like that. My hands sweats a lot HAHAHAHA

    Bryan James RodrigoBryan James Rodrigo18 days ago

    Buddy MillerBuddy Miller18 days ago
  • holyy cow, I thought I was watching a 2015 video

    Mark AnthonyMark Anthony18 days ago
    • Well us haven’t updated his crappy style for years so it’s only to be expected

      Cricket EnglandCricket England18 days ago
  • Every boom he says make me happier

    Roger RossetRoger Rosset18 days ago