$100 VACATION vs. $10,000 VACATION!

Apr 4, 2021
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Pierson and I went on a dream vacation to Hawaii and spent $10,000 while our guy friends made the most of their $100 on a not so luxurious vacation back at home. We both had a blast and honestly stoked with how both of our trips turned out! What was your favorite part?!

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  • Am I the only one who thinks the camera guy suffers the most?

    Dawson BrownDawson BrownHour ago
  • Lexi your lip sick is over your lips

    Cheryl HoCheryl HoHour ago
  • Me .Can I get an owa owa Lexi .owa owa

    IamMATTAFIamMATTAF3 hours ago
  • I like the way she says subscribe if you want to she not forcing any body

    Kihanya KangetheKihanya Kangethe5 hours ago
  • Nobody literally no body Ben : Let's go dig a hole !

    DivyanshiDivyanshi5 hours ago
  • Show me I want to go to Hawaii as well

    Olivia SwiftOlivia Swift5 hours ago
  • Ben: We're on vacation! calm down, its not that bad.... 5 seconds earlier Ben screaming about a cockaroach

    SeziSezi6 hours ago
  • Why is Lexi R always being left out

    Jovil AaronJovil Aaron6 hours ago
  • Please give me a shawt out

    Marg DuffyMarg Duffy8 hours ago
  • congrats on 2 million on insta

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  • Can I get a owa owa hahha

    Ava Sophie GamingAva Sophie Gaming10 hours ago
  • Oh my god are you gonna get I didn't get $1And you guys said you gonna get $100$100 you gonna get $100What is 0 $0

    XxxEmma RobloxxXXxxEmma RobloxxX12 hours ago
  • Yo, u Pierson are like best friends

    Knyazhevskaya FamilyKnyazhevskaya Family13 hours ago
  • SO CRAZY!!!

    Charlotte CardozaCharlotte Cardoza13 hours ago
  • all the comments: I love how welcoming she is. my mind: OH MY GOD SHE WATCHES THE SIDEMEN THIS IS LIKE THE BEST THING EVER!

    keeley smithkeeley smith14 hours ago
  • Haha I laughed so hard that the girls are so relaxed on their vacation but the boys are not

    chloe wongchloe wong15 hours ago
  • the hotel looks 100,000

    Scott LathropScott Lathrop16 hours ago
  • Omg

    Zoe BarreraZoe Barrera16 hours ago
  • What’s up with these drone shot sheesh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Fatehs23Fatehs2317 hours ago

    Mattie AnthonyMattie Anthony17 hours ago
  • yall the bestttt

    ella willisella willis18 hours ago
  • I love Pierson’s and lexi’s hotel of course 😂😂

    ES - 02SS 892627 Homestead PSES - 02SS 892627 Homestead PS19 hours ago
  • Wow

    ES - 02SS 892627 Homestead PSES - 02SS 892627 Homestead PS19 hours ago
  • I,AM so glad Lexi hensler wasnt in that penthouse were the you now was

    Fallon NicolaasFallon Nicolaas21 hour ago
  • “Kinda booshey cuz we’re on the third floor” So exciting.

    Mommy-Daughter DayzMommy-Daughter Dayz21 hour ago
  • When you say subscribe if you want to it makes me want to subscribe and I did

    Adventures of Arianna.Adventures of Arianna.22 hours ago
  • Amazin !!!

    Summer-Bleu xSummer-Bleu xDay ago
  • Hi😱

    Taya TamerTaya TamerDay ago
  • beautiful trip WOW nice views the boys.........ummmmmm well

    Autumn BurwellAutumn BurwellDay ago
  • The fact that nobody notices that the boys 100$ room is from the umbrella academy ☺️

    iCookie_CaliiCookie_CaliDay ago
  • Lexi is soooooooooooo lucky

    sumita pahujasumita pahujaDay ago
  • Jeremy always comments on everyone’s video 🥺 he cares about everyone

    Lily ContraryLily ContraryDay ago
  • Lexis hotel is nicer then my whole house. :(

    Katherine HutchinsonKatherine HutchinsonDay ago
  • ❤❤

    191_Engineer Mudra191_Engineer MudraDay ago
  • Lexi and Pierson are having the day of their lives

    •Teliquila••Teliquila•Day ago
  • Hi

    Kayla NickelsKayla NickelsDay ago
  • litterly no one: ben walking on the beach with his shoes on

    Zosia SamosiaZosia SamosiaDay ago
  • Is that a hotel or a house cause its sooooo big and amazing😀

    rachel edoserachel edoseDay ago
  • thats the bed sheets faiting color it happens when u wash it alot

    none of yo buisness BUB!none of yo buisness BUB!Day ago
  • Wait that is not a hotel that's a freaking penthouse 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    dark gamerdark gamerDay ago
  • Omg this was hilarious you are so sweet Lexi love you 😊😊

  • I would LOVE for a shoutout

    Anna WarnerAnna WarnerDay ago
  • Which hotel and island is that?

    S ParrishS ParrishDay ago
  • while the girl gang are in a jurasic park vacation, the others are pushing a car because they ran out of gas

    WINNER _WINNER _Day ago
  • omg at hawii its so fricking amazing i been there before

    Hadley FergusonHadley FergusonDay ago
  • Hi

    Shanayia JaglalShanayia JaglalDay ago
  • Also thanks for a sneak peek of Hawaii

    Kids PelletierKids PelletierDay ago
  • @sidemen

    Trampoline Wrestling EntertainmentTrampoline Wrestling EntertainmentDay ago
  • Soo cool

    Isabella CoxIsabella CoxDay ago
  • 6:51 / 1:29: when I find diamonds in Minecraft

    Taz GamingTaz GamingDay ago
  • The girls like * i like the $10,00 vacation The boys i kinda like the $100 vacation

    Tiana worldTiana worldDay ago
  • i do not mean to scare you but my friend snapped his neck and died on an ATV do not go on those!

    Jemma AllerJemma AllerDay ago
  • Sidemen are the best and then its Amp world

    happy meal habonhappy meal habon2 days ago
  • SO SICKKKKk do more

    naimah singhnaimah singh2 days ago
  • The truth of her channel is that She used to have all nice things and give bad things to her friends and we all u used subscribe her not her friends channel 🙄🙄🙄

    Maitheli PariMaitheli Pari2 days ago
  • Lucky

  • U think the motel Ben, Derick and Paris went to was bad? Well then u should've seen the place I went to for my school camp. It. Was. Horrible! There were rats, snakes, insects, mosquitoes everywhere, and the toilets were the WORST part! It was super duper dirty and mosquitoes, moths, bugs, etc. were in there too. PLUS the water smelt like sewer water. Worst part was that it cost 2500 dollars! Or was it 3500

    Ly LiLy Li2 days ago
  • Where is this in hawaii?

    Angela MontejoAngela Montejo2 days ago
  • Lexi, what island were u on

    A J GrossA J Gross2 days ago
  • My face for the 100 vacation is💥🤢😷😖 but the 10,000 vacation is 😱😇😍😄

    Maryjane GloriaMaryjane Gloria2 days ago
  • Does anybody know what island of Hawaii ther on?

    ButterflyplayzButterflyplayz2 days ago
  • It looks fun😀😀😀

    Maylie CardwellMaylie Cardwell2 days ago
  • i live in hawaii

    Joy TanezakiJoy Tanezaki2 days ago
  • i live in hawaii how was it and how did u enjoy it

    Izelbelle GuyoIzelbelle Guyo2 days ago
  • Acually I think Lexi and Pierson should get married

    RainBowLoveRainBowLove2 days ago
  • I love you so much

  • 4:29

    Andrea RileyAndrea Riley2 days ago
  • Lexi the first time : can I get an owl owa Pierson: no Me : I will give you an owa owa “ owa owa “

    Lil TVLil TV2 days ago
  • I’m 47 seconds in and I’m so excited.

    Samantha MasseySamantha Massey2 days ago
  • So sike you are amazing and I'll love to see you if I could get a chance to Meet you

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    gman3082gman30822 days ago
  • Sick man

    Max FiallosMax Fiallos2 days ago
  • Lexi is so selfish. She puts Ben, her younger "brother", for $100 vacation and gives HERSELF the $10,000 vacation. Personally, Lexi should've experienced BOTH types of vacations. LEXI HENSLER IS A HEN THAT'S SELFISH!!

    Chicken WorldChicken World2 days ago
    • agreed uvu

      BriBri PlayzBriBri Playz2 days ago
  • do a 1 dollor vacation vrs a 1,000 dollor vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

    Alexandria CentenoAlexandria Centeno2 days ago
  • Lexi: subscribe if you want to Me: uh I WANT TO

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  • The best

    Weronika PosmykWeronika Posmyk3 days ago
  • can you take me on your next vacation please

    Grizelda BiggsGrizelda Biggs3 days ago
  • The girls dont even need to worry about their budget😂

    Fanny KarlssonFanny Karlsson3 days ago
  • Anyways this video is cool

    kk worldkk world3 days ago
  • I can't understand is this a vlog

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  • Hi

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  • When u talk about the LORD don’t leave out his Powerful WRATH ✝️😊🙏❤️❤️ JESUS IS KING ✝️😊🙏👑❤️ •

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  • i have never heard Ben say “no we can’t afford that”

    bxtterfliis ୨୧bxtterfliis ୨୧3 days ago
  • Lierson in the houseee Lexi+Pierson=lierson

    Monkey KidsMonkey Kids3 days ago
  • PEXI in the houseee Pierson+Lexi=pexi

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  • I made my vacation in Hawaii and Hawaii is so good

    Fabiha Anbar Aleya KhanamFabiha Anbar Aleya Khanam3 days ago
  • Hi Lexi

    Rebecca BrownRebecca Brown3 days ago

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  • is it just me or is lexi litterally so pretty ✨🌸

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  • Girls day out

    Amazing swag by madi SweatAmazing swag by madi Sweat3 days ago
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  • Girls wow

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  • I love your hair and outfit I always love your outfit

    Aleena HadiAleena Hadi3 days ago
  • oop i live in hawaii

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  • Roses are red Viliots are blue Pierson is nice And lexi is to

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