10 NEW Amazon SHOPPING SECRETS That Will Save You Money!

Apr 1, 2021
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Did you know there are secrets to the coupons you see on Amazon product pages? Save a bunch of money this year with these 10 amazing secrets I discovered!
Here are all the pages I mentioned in the video:
Amazon Outlet: amzn.to/39OvXpZ
Amazon Warehouse: amzn.to/39ws5JL
Amazon Pharmacy: amzn.to/3wfueU0
Amazon Trade-in: amzn.to/3sGLzTL
Exclusive Prime Member Deals: amzn.to/39wY24Z
Prime Member 6-Month Trial: amzn.to/3rCGDxL
Amazon Teen: amzn.to/3fwElhq
Amazon Reload: amzn.to/3fuXFeK
Amazon Prime Store Card: amzn.to/2QW32JT
**These are affiliate links. If you buy something through these links I may get a small share of the sale.
I've been shopping at Amazon for a long time. I often hunt for Amazon Deals and Amazon Freebies so this video is long over due. People always ask me for Amazon deals today and for the month. A lot of people think the cheapest stuff is Amazon clearance shopping but really these 10 shopping secrets will get you things a lot faster.
In this video The Deal Guy is showing you the 10 secrets Amazon doesnt want you to know. If you wonder what secrets Amazon hides from you then this video will interest you. Aside from Amazon couponing other hidden secrets videos this video will really help you with some Amazon tips and hidden secrets today!
Don't miss these shopping secrets about Amazon.com. I hope you enjoy the video and learn things you didnt know about Amazon.
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    The Deal GuyThe Deal Guy14 days ago
    • @Mona S. When is the last time you got this discount? I was told that promo was canceled. (See my rant I posted here). Thanks!

      Miss ShirleyMiss Shirley8 days ago
    • Are any of The stores u cover in Canada or they are in the USA

      000010 days ago
    • I love your energy man. Usually when I watch videos I go to sleep but you really woke me up lol

      Ali MansourAli Mansour12 days ago
    • lowes isthe worst compared to home depot 1 lowes had more people that knew anything about anything and I do not know very much that they just made me mad when shopping. home depot also had more repair for toilets than anyone and when I went to lowes they just kept refreing to the higher priced options.

      Steven GrahamSteven Graham12 days ago
    • @MaryQuiteContrary It is really great if you love to read and are running out of shelf space. Our local library is doing curbside pickup s and I can get the books I request the same day or next day.

      Monika Lain-ShawMonika Lain-Shaw13 days ago
  • Hey Deal Guy, I am looking for a 2 in 1 laptop and tablet mainly to use for personal for pics and that does have Microsoft office, which now I guess is 365. Any help greatly appreciated. Have a Great Day~Military Mom from Michigan~Jennifer

  • Amazon Element will be something I will check out

    shawna deeshawna dee3 days ago
  • Do you know if Amazon is doing white glove delivery now on say mattresses? I know they stopped for a bit because of coronavirus

    Tracey PolandTracey Poland4 days ago
  • A friend of mine told me you can use your EBT CARD (GOV.Food funds) card for half off AMAZON PRIME🤷

    kara shahbaziankara shahbazian5 days ago
    • You can also use your Medicaid card if you get medicaid

      8luvbug8luvbug4 days ago
  • My doctors said I have had a low immune system. But no one is helping me only sent me back to the oncologist. She said we will keep a eye on me. I’m listening to you.

    Augusta PorterAugusta Porter5 days ago
  • I have had a low immune system for over a ar.

    Augusta PorterAugusta Porter5 days ago
  • What is prime saving when purchasing an item? Thank You

    K MK M6 days ago
    • @Kira Hill No, I am asking what prime savings is! Sometimes when I purchase things it will say “$2 prime savings with this item”

      K MK M5 days ago
    • Are you asking why anyone would choose to pay for Prime? If so, it doesn’t directly save you money. You receive items more quickly when buying items fulfilled by Amazon (vs third party sellers who handle their own shipping). If you stream movies / TV, you could theoretically use Prime instead of paying for other services (I say theoretically because their selection isn’t great) - same goes for music, but they’ve started a separate music subscription in the past few years so the more popular music doesn’t seem to be included in Prime. You get to choose one Kindle book for free every month, from a list of about six choices (which are never bestsellers). I read that they also include photo storage, but I haven’t tried it.

      Kira HillKira Hill5 days ago
  • Random: pause the video at 4:18 - and then offer him a hug. :D

    Vanessa GossettVanessa Gossett6 days ago
  • Thanks for sharing this. I wasn't aware of the 6 pm and Elements sites.

    myozbubblemyozbubble6 days ago
  • Please be aware that anyone eligible for SNAP benefits ( food stamps) will receive a 1/2 price Prime Membership. Also, I watch my You Tube subscriptions ( and all of You Tube) on my Smart TV via a Roku streaming stick. But there is no way to give you a thumbs up or a comment using Roku. Perhaps you can help Roku change this. Or am I missing something?

    pippy shortstockingpippy shortstocking6 days ago
  • Did you say the Prime Student discount also works for teachers? I can't seem to find that info in the link...can you point me somewhere?

    Material Girlz of FloridaMaterial Girlz of Florida6 days ago
  • I just watched this video- I am disabled and Amazon also offers the 1/2 price prime membership to the elderly & disabled and they will also let you pay monthly, I pay $5.99 per month. You just need to provide your ID, it takes about 10 to 14 days for them to verify but while being verified, you can use your prime membership. Just thought you'd like to know that.

    Patrick FrericksPatrick Frericks7 days ago
  • I missed where to go for cell carrier discounts...

    FaFa HeadFaFa Head7 days ago
  • Is there a list of all these Amazon section?

    Wanda PeaseWanda Pease7 days ago
  • Year 2: (my Prime renews in Nov) I found out they had a Vet/Military discount, same price as a student/Medicaid. Called & was told I had to renew within x number of days from Veterans Day! Year 3 (2020): Called ON Vet Day: They no longer offered this promo.. **Does this sound fair or anyone else? If I'm disabled/SSDI? Nope Over the age of 60? Try again Low income, not on food stamps? Service connected Disability, which is due to my Military service & receiving a SMALL Compensation Pension? Maybe next year. **'Meanwhile, they charged my card the full renewal price a week later. **I'm proud of my military service in the Navy, & would do it again, no prob.⚓

    Miss ShirleyMiss Shirley8 days ago
  • Thank you Matthew

    Cristhian FuentesCristhian Fuentes8 days ago
  • Had a case in my apt complex where they didn't leave my order at my door but left out in the steps of the apt!!! Was first and only time they did that! Got a credit for my next order think $15 or $20 off

    Doug SawyerDoug Sawyer9 days ago
  • Can you find a great deal for Audible? Lol It cost so much for membership for a measley 2 books a month.

    Adm.MonkeyAdm.Monkey9 days ago
  • 16 gig so little for those high prices. Ugh.

    Lily ValleyLily Valley9 days ago
  • Love your channel Matt!

    Costume COCostume CO9 days ago
    • Thank you!

      The Deal GuyThe Deal Guy9 days ago
  • You talk too much

    Mary MillsMary Mills9 days ago
  • After going to the Amazon Pharmacy per your recommendation, I found that they do not carry the two drugs that I take. Of course you don't find this out until after you have submitted your mother's maiden name, your blood type, and your ex wife's shoe size

    Toophless OneToophless One10 days ago
  • Thank you for sharing!

    Tracey SzczepanikTracey Szczepanik10 days ago
  • I was told last month that I would be given a credit for my constantly late deliveries, but I have absolutely no idea if they really followed through or not. I don't even know how to check.

    Vicki HodgesVicki Hodges10 days ago
    • If they followed through when you add items to your cart and checkout there will be an automatic deduction towards your overall price for how ever much credit they gave you. I have the same issues always late deliveries and they credited me $3

      K MK M5 days ago
  • I would not recommend the Amazon prime store card. I can’t remember the name of the bank that it is through but I want to say that it sounded like calamity and that’s probably fitting. Their customer service is the worst and unfortunately I did not learn this lesson until a few months after getting the card. The 5% rewards that I earned were not worth the hassles and headaches that I ended up going through just to close the card six months later. I cannot stress this enough… Google the Amazon prime store card reviews and do your homework on them before signing up. I wish I did that before signing up myself because I probably would not have done it after reading the hundreds of reviews from Amazon customers.

    conni2youconni2you10 days ago
  • Great thank you!

    Teresa AndersonTeresa Anderson10 days ago
  • Amazon ripped me off TWICE. And, after proving their actions, they refused to correct them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • you talk about those "discounts". I am on government assistance, one being foodstamps. Amazon will give you a mebership for $5.99/ month if you are on foodstamps, that is what I currently pay.

    Andrew V ReedAndrew V Reed10 days ago
  • What happened to the sound at the end?

    Pam HapgoodPam Hapgood10 days ago
  • Thanks Matt

    Dawn McMenamyDawn McMenamy11 days ago
  • Let me give u all best amazon secret. Do Not buy from amazon. They spike prices and charge taxes. If u go directly to a manufacturer of an item your will 100% get a cheaper price, no tax and free shipping along with coupon promo codes if u call them and ask for one if u dont find one online. Never use 3rd party seller like amazon or ebay.

    spoke1183spoke118311 days ago
  • Great video! Thank u

    Sarah AllgoodSarah Allgood11 days ago
  • Hate, despise and abhor Amazo’s searched!!!

    Carolyn MeehanCarolyn Meehan11 days ago
  • Thank you

    Raul CoronadoRaul Coronado11 days ago
  • My husband wants to buy a Nintendo switch, where do you suggest could be the best price?

    Alejandra CastañedaAlejandra Castañeda11 days ago
    • Thinks it's about the same everywhere. Got mine at Walmart for $299. But think lite version is like $50 or $100 cheaper

      Doug SawyerDoug Sawyer9 days ago
  • Do you live in Toronto?

    Everyday Easy RecipesEveryday Easy Recipes11 days ago
  • Absolutely nothing gets to my address in two days with prime.. 3 days has been the minimum. allegedly the fine print is two days from when it ships.. not from the order moment. Amazon's search and filters are lame. Ebay does search /filter right.. click all the filters and then apply- once.. not one at a time. I'm going to have to check with the health ranger on the quality of those elements products.

    Healthy Disrespect for AuthorityHealthy Disrespect for Authority11 days ago
  • Unless you pay off that amazon prime card each month, the monthly interest rate is 25.99%

    SusanSusan11 days ago
  • and for those of you who have EBT CARDS you also get a amazon prime member ship for 5.99 a month or also if you are low income family or your self

    Angel RohrAngel Rohr11 days ago
  • I know I say this every time I watch your videos (or almost every time LOL! ) I learn so much from you Matt and save a lot of $$ in the process! Thx for all you do!

    holiday 2406holiday 240611 days ago

    Anas SafarAnas Safar12 days ago
  • *💙Happy Easter to y’all!🐇* *Easter Blessings!💐Lisa💜*

    Lisa MoneyLisa Money12 days ago
  • I don't know if you have said this in the passed. No one has that I've seen. If you are on a State Medicaid program , you will pay half price for a membership. You will have to upload a picture of your State MCaid card then Amazon will verify you are on it. Half price membership.

    Svott HvnmanSvott Hvnman12 days ago
  • Hello can you do a video for PUBLIX AND WINN-DIXIE

    Albert D OliveiraAlbert D Oliveira12 days ago
  • Wow I finally received my stuffs successfully through the help of HACKTAB0 on insta he deserves this comment...

    Chris SainChris Sain12 days ago
  • Number 8 kind of pissed me off, but not really....but #9 has been pissing me off for YEARS! I hate that I look something up and it constantly shows me crap I do not want. Hey Amazon ....KNOCK IT OFF!!

    ThePeopleVerseThePeopleVerse12 days ago
    • Doesn't bother me anymore I just autopilot passed it.

      iWin RariWin Rar9 days ago
  • Amazon Woot

    Victoria MartinezVictoria Martinez12 days ago
    • Wow I finally received my stuffs successfully through the help of HACKTAB0 on insta he deserves this comment...

      Chris SainChris Sain12 days ago
  • Matt if anyone has EBT (foodstamps) or Medicaid they can sign up for prime for just $5.99 a month and can also use their EBT to purchase food products on there as well.

    LH SLH S12 days ago
  • I must be the only person in the universe who has never purchased anything off of Amazon or on the internet.

    Sunflower BabySunflower Baby12 days ago
  • Thank You Once Again For These Tips Deal Guy!!

    Boneta JonesBoneta Jones12 days ago
  • So cool. I had no idea that these options exist. I bookmarked them for future shopping...

    Peter SchenkPeter Schenk12 days ago

    Doc HollidayDoc Holliday12 days ago
  • Is there any way that I can see more items per page?

    Doodie HutchisonDoodie Hutchison12 days ago
  • Search for Coke. It gives pages of Pepsi!

    Terry LawrenceTerry Lawrence12 days ago
  • Great info as usual ❤️

    Kim DoughmanKim Doughman12 days ago
  • Why do I always wave back.. lol

    Mid Atlantic SlotsMid Atlantic Slots12 days ago
  • Every time an order is late I call and I request a $5.00 courtesy credit and it goes only towards towards amazon products. But, you must be a prime member and you must ask for it. I love it cause by the end of the year my membership is given back to me, love it.

    Steve GSteve G12 days ago
  • I love Warehouse - saved a lot on stuff I actually NEEDED rather than just browsing.

    Koshka42Koshka4213 days ago
  • I really get a kick out of seeing you on those Amazon commercials!

    smedgirl1smedgirl113 days ago
  • Ur so funny 😆. Thank you for your videos ! Good info

    S. AlexS. Alex13 days ago
  • Thanks so much for explaining things in a way I can understand when it comes to all these very specific discounts or even the WalMart app video from the other day! You are appreciated!

    teacupsandlipstickteacupsandlipstick13 days ago
  • Matt, can you tell us how online companies are handling porch-pirated deliveries? It's an increasing problem where I live. Package thieves are brazenly following right behind delivery drivers, snatching up the cartons, which you might say are only partially delivered. Are companies sending replacements, or are customers just out of luck?

    MaryQuiteContraryMaryQuiteContrary13 days ago
    • Yes. I want to know too.

      Sunflower BabySunflower Baby12 days ago
  • Matt! Can educators get discount on prime membership?

    Linda NamLinda Nam13 days ago
  • Thank you so much

    Justoserv / BlandeanJustoserv / Blandean13 days ago
  • I’ve been a prime member for years and I’m an educator. How do I get the discount when my work email is not edu??

    Judy KetterhagenJudy Ketterhagen13 days ago
  • Do they have a prime plan for teachers?

    Debra RandallDebra Randall13 days ago
  • You could do a whole video on saving on drug prescriptions. Good Rx website which is also app will tell you where your specific drug and specific pill size or FL Oz size is cheapest. Also pharmacist cashier can run both price options...with or without insurance. Also FSAs HSAs have strategic paths.

    Crafty Come LatelyCrafty Come Lately13 days ago
  • Thank you once again, Matt!

    Paula MaguirePaula Maguire13 days ago
  • The Honey app will tell you the price history of any Amazon product.

    • What about cammelcammelcammel

      iWin RariWin Rar9 days ago
    • Underrated

      Jessica RussellJessica Russell10 days ago
  • How can I trust buying a cellphone off amazon.

    Marvin SmithMarvin Smith13 days ago
  • Thanks once again Matt

    Beau MorehouseBeau Morehouse13 days ago
  • Are you from Ohio?

    Kathy GermackKathy Germack13 days ago
  • I have “Prime” and I can tell you they’ve been really off lately! I called to complain, they did nothing about it. Ugh! I would cancel, but I order a lot!! And I mean a lot! Amazon Prime is at my house most everyday. I’m not saying I buy really expensive items everyday, but I find many items cheaper on Amazon than at stores in my area. No, I’m not a hoarder either LOL. Just really like the convenience of Amazon. Thank you for this video. Happy Easter to you and your family 💐🌷🐣🥕🐇🙏🏻

    Kathy GermackKathy Germack13 days ago
  • Great Channel and amazing tips for Amazon! Keep up the great work!

    Jessica ChanJessica Chan13 days ago
  • Sorry that was my fault I had to close caption on I'm a dummy with a smartphone we love all your videos excellent work. And absolutely adorable little girl you have Very Precious.

    Johnny WalkerJohnny Walker13 days ago
  • No Sound

    Johnny WalkerJohnny Walker13 days ago
  • Number 8 = Marketing tactics practiced by (cuss word I won't say near my deaf mother)

    Thomas HughesThomas Hughes13 days ago
  • I love all your videos, very informative. Too bad though, because I live in Canada, a lot of these places won’t deliver to Canada.

    Jack RetiredJack Retired13 days ago
  • Hi, Matt-where is a link thru your site for Book Box? Very interested for our grandbaby and we want to give you the boost too!!

    Diane MuehlDiane Muehl13 days ago
  • I love your videos. But Matt, why aren't you telling people that many libraries' offer free books and audio books on line. You can borrow them for FREE for anywhere from 1 week to 21 days, with renewing for longer available. Use your public library, all you need is a free library card. Hoopla, Libby, and Overdrive are all available in my rather small library system. I download into my tablet and listen anywhere. Check it out.

    Cindy hiltCindy hilt13 days ago
  • Alright, laptops and other technological advancements are one of the few things I don't purchase online. I'm 28, and I grew up with computers. I even built computers, so I know more about computers than the average person but even with my knowledge, it's not enough. And there's too much information, and yeah... That's good if you know all the info, but... Someone like me?? No thanks. I bought an Acer Aspire V Nitro thinking perhaps it's a Acer V Nitro. Nope. Two completely different computers. 🤷‍♂️

    Supra KooperSupra Kooper13 days ago
    • Even when I grow up to be a grandpa, I can't imagine the technological advancements we'll have. Same with like all the solar generators. I wanted a Lifepo4 solar generator, but I got a NCM?? IDK. It's the same battery used in Chevron EV cars.

      Supra KooperSupra Kooper13 days ago
    • Basically I can't imagine being a grandpa ordering a computer for my grandchild. Luckily my grandma always bought me the computer I wanted, but I had to send her a direct link so I knew what I was getting.

      Supra KooperSupra Kooper13 days ago
  • Do you live in Nebraska?

    Matthew LlamasMatthew Llamas14 days ago
  • Great information! Thanks! Trying to avoid Amazon these days to support local businesses. It’s less convenient so I am more intentional about my purchases which is good. Still have Prime and still shop Amazon but not as much.

    C LC L14 days ago
  • Fantastic video. Thrilled at your success-very much deserved😁 your videos are informative and entertaining.

    skorpia gskorpia g14 days ago
  • I would never allow Amazon to have my health info, You hit the nail and I share your frustration on their sponsored items showing up when searching for something specific. Also their entire search engine lacks overall,

    Catalina WoodyCatalina Woody14 days ago
  • You look so good in the red shirt!

    Debbie FDebbie F14 days ago
  • If you are shopping on 6pm.com or Zappos cab you be confident the item will be genuine and not a fake? Or if an item is sold and shipped by Amazon is that safe? Thanks.

    Laughin LoriLaughin Lori14 days ago
  • I learned a lot this morning! Thank you Matt!

    Kathy HumphreyKathy Humphrey14 days ago
  • Can you do a video about Amazon products that are "cloned" products? I was looking to purchase an electric coffee grinder. And, I am always careful to read reviews and research. Many of these products were not what the product description said. People have posted pictures to prove that there were height, color, and material discrepancies. It is super confusing!

    Instructor V Garrett-CannonInstructor V Garrett-Cannon14 days ago
    • Truth... I have had the exact same experience. So, I have started to order products through the websites of the actual companies. I hope that helps 👍👍

      HM2&JMtooHM2&JMtoo4 days ago
  • You are the best! This information is very helpful!

    Tonya ScottTonya Scott14 days ago
  • Thank you for your informative videos! 👍

    KarolKarol14 days ago
  • Thanks so much! I learned quite a few things and I’ve been shopping with Amazon a really long time!

    meohmykzmeohmykz14 days ago
  • Subscribed not to long ago got to admit two things 1. You look like an older Cory Matthews from Boy meets World 2. Pretty Sweet deals became a better shopper with just a few tips from you.

    John ReeJohn Ree14 days ago
  • Just need to stop and say thank you for revealing I really need to depend on you more and email you if possible more before I purchase anything the world has become so deceptive it’s unbelievable

    Deborah KosalDeborah Kosal14 days ago
  • Amazon has become more trouble than it's worth. Their search function has gone from bad to nearly impossible to use, the prices aren't great, and they are flooded with counterfeit goods and odd brand names, almost completely choking out basic, name-brand goods of known quality. The main reasons I use Amazon at all are to use gift cards I got as payment for various things I did, and to see reviews on products I'm interested in.

    Sally ChiSally Chi14 days ago
  • In the pass couple of years, Amazon has lost 80% of my business. Been scammed by third party sales; like a Lenovo tablet that is slower than a commodore 64. or returning some items that requires a 50 mile round trip to a UPS store. These are a few of my less favorite things. Bezo sometimes flies above the clouds never seeing the truths on the ground

    PJ ButlerPJ Butler14 days ago
  • Can you do another video on cell phone companies. I have Sprint who merged with TMobile. I hate Sprint since the merger. I hate their customer service. I hate how they treat me as a customer. They don't appreciate my business nor me as a customer. Never once have I missed a payment nor have I ever been late on a payment.

    Maisie SmithMaisie Smith14 days ago
    • I got tmobile and have been fairly satisfied and they have Tuesday deals like a free movie sometimes etc!!! Can usually get questions resolved by calling or online chat

      Doug SawyerDoug Sawyer9 days ago
  • I was wondering how many other Amazon subscribers have problems with receiving Amazon packages from the USPS? I complain all the time to Amazon that the post office shows package delivered when in fact it was not.

    Maisie SmithMaisie Smith14 days ago
  • Hi Matt, always good to see you! Your the best!💜

    june tonellijune tonelli14 days ago