1 hour TikTok Compilation of Amyywoahh !! Viral TikToks from 2021 *viral videos*

Apr 3, 2021
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Hi :) just put together my best videos I made this year for you !!! Lemme know what you think
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  • Lol am I right ima borreeto

    sheri goldsheri gold2 minutes ago
    • Yas

      sheri goldsheri goldMinute ago
  • Omg that front seat thing is so relatable because my big sis ALWAYS gets it because she gets Car sick even though she hasn't in so longs that maybe she doesn't anymore. The only difference is that I don't ever get it anyway.

    xelA rellimxelA rellim13 minutes ago
  • Did anyone count how many times she said DANG IT and IM A BURRITO

    Lauren HullLauren Hull23 minutes ago
  • 🤣

    Alicia NietoAlicia Nieto30 minutes ago

    Sejal ReeseSejal Reese42 minutes ago
  • P

    Nicole AguilarNicole Aguilar44 minutes ago
  • I wonder why she does that The burrito thing

    Kendra’s PlayHouse FunKendra’s PlayHouse Fun44 minutes ago
  • What is your Obsession lama stuffy’s LOL cuz I like it

    mmmachinefox YTmmmachinefox YT49 minutes ago
  • What is your name Uber

    Zama KuneneZama Kunene53 minutes ago
  • Hi hi love you and what is your name I’ll my call old Bay you my same name do you do you know my name my name is N say

    Zama KuneneZama Kunene53 minutes ago
  • 42:10 the person in the back: Tom! Tom! Do you see that? I told you our neighbor was crazy

    •Katsuki Bakuhoe••Katsuki Bakuhoe•Hour ago
  • hey uh im nervus to say this but FREAKING LOVE THIS CHANNEL I WANT ITTO GET 5000 LIKES

    Mary WalzMary WalzHour ago
  • Ya there’s nothing good in the Clarence section everyone can’t find anything good there was a Santa outfit in my dad’s size he told me wait tell it goes on sail next time we came it was gone

    Kelly DegenhardtKelly DegenhardtHour ago
  • You look dauam

    Svitlana MerdukhSvitlana MerdukhHour ago
  • 😂😂😂

    Francesca ArenaFrancesca ArenaHour ago
  • No say this the FBI how can I help you

    Kelly DegenhardtKelly DegenhardtHour ago
  • Me when I was 7 hmm I don’t like you I just want the dino nuggets for dinner >:( *now* o.o imma go to dads

    Glitch Wolf animation_cookieGlitch Wolf animation_cookieHour ago
  • You: IM A DOUNUT

    Tia ToserTia ToserHour ago

    Adia MusserAdia MusserHour ago
  • i love biritos

  • Luv u amy your my fav

    Mehdi MakaveliMehdi MakaveliHour ago
  • 10:04:07

    Unboxing BroUnboxing BroHour ago

  • Y es

    Luna WrightLuna Wright2 hours ago
  • 7:08 I see Mc Donald’s in your glasses

    Fury the WolfFury the Wolf2 hours ago
  • My : mum stop being a burrito. Me : no and i’m a burrito

    Amelia BratleyAmelia Bratley2 hours ago
  • On the first tic tok did she just say,”see you on moday” ?!?

    Niyati PatelNiyati Patel2 hours ago
  • ⁴⁶.⁰⁰ Is relatable like damn

    Megan AllenMegan Allen2 hours ago
  • Me OwO:Hi can i hav a burito blanky 😂 Amyywoah: Okey and a push pop Me OwO: OwO Yeayyyy

    Anna ChavezAnna Chavez3 hours ago
  • YESS

    Marjorie SanchezMarjorie Sanchez3 hours ago
  • I love when she says "la da de la do la da da🐱" L0L

    Anna ChavezAnna Chavez3 hours ago
  • HuRrY uP bEfOrE yOu HuRt YoUrSeLf Nobody : My brother : *breaks his arm*

    SxmplyxsoftSxmplyxsoft3 hours ago
  • Girl dont over do it

    Amanda v ForbesAmanda v Forbes3 hours ago
  • Push pop 2000 :>

    Ron SwansonRon Swanson4 hours ago
  • 38:07 when your afraid of going in the basement they should have a phobia of that basementphobia

    __Starry__Night____Starry__Night__4 hours ago
  • Are you always this weird and funny???

    Garrett HellingGarrett Helling4 hours ago
  • The push pop weapons are actually gonna be so helpful with my paranoia. (I no longer have anxiety, I have upgraded to Paranoia) They could also be useful for TikTok’s I might make in the future, TYSM! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💖

    Sun_Shade_StarsSun_Shade_Stars5 hours ago
  • Is just me or when she said get me out of here she sound just like Ariana Grande when she played cat in sam and cat!!! Like if you think so Like if you like Amy 👆👆👆👆 👇👇👇👇👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    Shenade van ZylShenade van Zyl5 hours ago
  • Po

    Cassidy BerardCassidy Berard5 hours ago
  • 42:08 the stranger is lookin at amy like she lost her mind XD

    Roasty_Toasty PlayzRoasty_Toasty Playz5 hours ago
  • Omg you so funyyy

    Iden MehmetajIden Mehmetaj5 hours ago
  • You

    Lorenzo GardunoLorenzo Garduno5 hours ago
  • Q Ü aga €

    kärol aalikärol aali6 hours ago
  • Bro I got the same stuffed llama 🦙:) 0:40

  • Uhhʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Strawberry PlaysStrawberry Plays6 hours ago
  • Middle child says I CANT EAT THOSES COKKIES Me 5 SECOND RULE Me till she say its called 5 second rule

    Pizza LoverPizza Lover7 hours ago
  • Wait when she put the Snow in the glass cup and poured soda in it what if there's pee in the Snow?

    Tammy TerpeningTammy Terpening9 hours ago
  • Hi

    Nicole WhiteNicole White10 hours ago
  • When we and my sisters Anna Brito

    Metyaf CoMetyaf Co11 hours ago
  • We are sisters

    Metyaf CoMetyaf Co11 hours ago
  • i was born in 2021 :D

    ElisaElisa11 hours ago
  • No

    Chahrazed HedhliChahrazed Hedhli12 hours ago
  • Lol

    Emma CoatsworthEmma Coatsworth13 hours ago
  • Hey I go to Ross as well I think I saw you there

    irene osorioirene osorio13 hours ago
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ - ✧)

    Judith SalazarJudith Salazar14 hours ago
  • Amy did you it the blanket?

    XxcherrygirlXxXxcherrygirlXx15 hours ago
  • Me and my famliy are going to the cercis

    Billie PaddyBillie Paddy15 hours ago
  • yes

    Alisa ArzamastsevaAlisa Arzamastseva16 hours ago
  • omg stop

    Teeck TMNTeeck TMN16 hours ago
  • 0:46-1:19 for me my friend sleeps on the floor and my BFF sleeps on the floor too

    ssarwar1973ssarwar197317 hours ago
  • Yo I’m the youngest and nothing like that happens to me

    TreeFrogTheRainWingTreeFrogTheRainWing17 hours ago

    Jojo GamingJojo Gaming18 hours ago
  • I will try the rainbow

    Ana VazquezAna Vazquez18 hours ago
  • I’m kinda lucky, if I leave school early to get a shot I stay home after, I think that happens to a lot of people anyways - w - Comment if you stay home after leaving school early for a shot

    Psycho PigeonPsycho Pigeon18 hours ago
  • Wow how did she get the to be Friends with a squirrel😭😱 I am so jealous

    Shaunette LindoShaunette Lindo18 hours ago
  • The 4yr meme lol that’s like my cousin who talks to a random 48yr stranger in Walmart 😳

    JenJen18 hours ago
  • IM A BURRITO!!!!

    Adam CateAdam Cate19 hours ago
  • Things she said- 1: IMA BURRITO 2: YE 3: OOP 4: llama bean 5: Momma ain’t raise no snowflake 6: Ima clean bean (Time to be a clean bean) 7: Momma ain’t raise no BII 8: DANG IT 9: Lada dee lada do lada da 10: dododododo 11: REALLY 12: Push pop 13: Weapon 14: MHM 15: MAMMA-MOM 16: NUH 17: Sandy

    Gigi’s ContentGigi’s Content20 hours ago
  • I love this video so much, I watch this video every day

    kk famkk fam20 hours ago
  • She needs merch

    Gigi’s ContentGigi’s Content20 hours ago
  • hahahahaha

    Siimplly Aubriana!Siimplly Aubriana!21 hour ago
  • Why does your llama always show up

    Esmeralda ReyesEsmeralda Reyes21 hour ago
  • god

    Harlon ArgilHarlon Argil21 hour ago
  • 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

    Calvin PriesterCalvin Priester21 hour ago
  • Omg it soooo funny dad buy me a toy mom shut up jeez

    Cookie LoveCookie Love22 hours ago
  • Anyone else notice when she dropped her cookies her mom had a missing nail

    Juli AmantJuli Amant22 hours ago

    depss3d-txdbeardepss3d-txdbear22 hours ago
  • So if your name is Amy then my Name Amy for real not a lie

    morris garciamorris garcia22 hours ago
  • 39:19 we ask for extra straws and i do that then I make the straws into guns and me and brothers have gun fights Does anyone else do this?

    April BensingApril Bensing22 hours ago

    c.c camilac.c camila22 hours ago
  • She a burrito

    Juan CabreraJuan Cabrera22 hours ago
  • Me:IMA BARRITO My mom:👁️👄👁️

    Ava KayAva Kay22 hours ago
  • I’m so just with my best friend

    Sandi SnyderSandi Snyder22 hours ago
  • Maybe there is a....BURRITO SWIM SUIT

    Viviana SantanaViviana Santana23 hours ago
  • You make best tiktok wow woah

    Math BerardMath Berard23 hours ago
  • Yes

    Genesis GervacioGenesis Gervacio23 hours ago
  • Amy: IMA BURRITO!!! me: Oh cool shall I say it? *says it " IMA BURRITO!!! " LOL I LOVE WHEN SHE SAYS "IMA BURRITO!!!" Can u say it again???

  • Every in my life I’m a little nervous about the first one of you red hair hair color red hair dry and hair

    Victoria De La RosaVictoria De La Rosa23 hours ago
  • Who’s your favorite celebrity

    MermaidLilygotchaTurner KarimMermaidLilygotchaTurner Karim23 hours ago
  • I tried the calling thing

    billy heslerbilly heslerDay ago
  • My brother waken in my room with this boorito thing: IM A BOORITO 3 minites later: IM A BOORITO 3 seconds later YEAH IM A BOORITO BOYY Me: SHIT YOU BITCH SHUT UP WITH IM A BOORITO THING ITS FUCKING ANOYING 9 minites later me anoying my brother: IM A BOORITO My brother: FUCK IT IS ANOYING

    Daisy CastellonDaisy CastellonDay ago
  • yes

    Sarah OrillieSarah OrillieDay ago
  • Hey girl I just got off School I was just going home and I have a little fun.😕

    Danielle SDanielle SDay ago
  • I like frensfras

    Sandy QuintanillaSandy QuintanillaDay ago
  • Hi

    Sandy QuintanillaSandy QuintanillaDay ago
  • I love you and your girl you are amazing

    Danielle SDanielle SDay ago
  • The way she says dang it! And I'm a burrito like 🤣🤣🤣

    Idk A nameIdk A nameDay ago
  • 😸😹

    Danielle SDanielle SDay ago
  • You are so crass.

    Danielle SDanielle SDay ago
  • When I said I’m a burrito my mom was so confused but she started laughing

    BrooklynBrooklynDay ago