$1,018 Nike "Satan Shoes" by Lil Nas X Unboxing

Mar 28, 2021
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The very unique and limited Satan Shoe is a base Nike Air Max 97 by MSCHF and Lil Nas X, with the air bubble containing 60cc ink and one drop of human blood. Each shoe is uniquely numbered between 1/666 and 666/666 and sells for $1,018. In addition, each shoe has the bible verse Luke 10:18, an upside-down cross, and a handmade bronze pentagram with custom engraving. Satan Shoes Instagram - instagram.com/mikethecompass
USworlds Playlist: usworlds.info/net/PLWrsZwkJoxJVX8flcAwW0oz_ySRDCoHRv.html
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  • I threw the nike satan shoes away usworlds.info/slow/video/aKGEmYGXsXF1jos Why I got the satan shoes: usworlds.info/slow/video/rn1mpaXcbnyomZ0

    A Sneaker LifeA Sneaker Life12 days ago
    • oh' jesus for give them🙏😘

      thangtinmang hangmithangtinmang hangmiDay ago
    • @DeathRacer50 ye fr if youre mad dont buy the shoes

      Daniel RatliffDaniel RatliffDay ago
    • @DeathRacer50 ye fr if youre mad dont buy the shoes

      Daniel RatliffDaniel RatliffDay ago
    • They have real human blood

      A BattleA BattleDay ago
    • thats one of the demons of goetia king solomons treasure @4:56

      rvn6ervn6eDay ago
  • That shoe is beautiful 🤩

    VsC Free FireVsC Free Fire7 minutes ago
  • I’m tryna wear them bitches in a music video

    Cizz TravisCizz Travis9 minutes ago
  • Every black metal band

    morbid gamesmorbid games47 minutes ago
  • He just sold himself to satan wearing those shoes. People are blind and don’t realize what they’ve opened themselves up to. When things start to go downhill for you dude, don’t blame anyone but yourself.

    ChuddyChuddyHour ago
  • the shoes look cool af

    Quân NguyễnQuân Nguyễn2 hours ago
  • I want them

    Bradley BurgeBradley Burge3 hours ago
  • Oof they fire but if my mom see me with them I’m done:(

    Shadow GamingShadow Gaming4 hours ago
  • Wtf why did you buy fy

    John luis Regie salvadorJohn luis Regie salvador5 hours ago
  • This boy got views from these shoes

    Isaiah PinalIsaiah Pinal5 hours ago
  • Dude why should you even have the mind to open that no hate but do you see the simble and the verse Luke 10:18 like look them up befor you get them

    Sara MustilloSara Mustillo5 hours ago
  • Everyone is commenting about the shoes but I wanna know where you got that happy Gilmore shirt and we’re can I buy it

    Junior PinonesJunior Pinones5 hours ago
  • Dont buy that shit

    DominikDominik5 hours ago
  • No suede it’s velour and it’s on the original shoe, literally the time put into the box out weighs what they did to make it custom. I think changing that velour to a deep red velour would have been the perfect touch. But hey if adding some embroidered lettering and a pendant is considered a custom then it’s great

    DroopidDroopid6 hours ago
  • The Actual meaning to "NIke" is GODDESS

    Cherish AubichonCherish Aubichon6 hours ago
  • 1 drop of human blood in the shoe. Did the blood come from a satanist who killed babies on an altar of evil? Makes you wonder. If the owner of the channel worships God, WHY would he buy satan shoes?

    my love songsmy love songs6 hours ago

    Stephanie BecerraStephanie Becerra6 hours ago
  • I got an add of pretty spring shoes 😟🤚

    Midnight_ BellatrixMidnight_ Bellatrix6 hours ago
  • Disliked cuz of she shoes, and nas. But, I like the vid

    ThisIsDeandreCorderThisIsDeandreCorder6 hours ago
  • You are a very articulated person. Respect

    Emmanuel PetitEmmanuel Petit7 hours ago
  • He sounds like lil nas x ITS A CLONE

    BoscalorianBoscalorian7 hours ago
  • We didn't like your vid. We disliked because of the sneakers

    Liquid OcelotLiquid Ocelot7 hours ago
  • If it didn't have the satan star and the satan signs those shoes would've been fire

    ItzChillzzzItzChillzzz7 hours ago
  • Are the shoes trash or is it the devil thing attached? You need the counter to the Jesus shoe bruh? So dumb

    x iDropKillz xx iDropKillz x7 hours ago
  • 666 people gets COVID...

    laz ruizlaz ruiz8 hours ago
  • The shoes it self is a ritual i dislike it i think lil nas x is possesed by satan :flushed:

    GRU is pointing a gun at youGRU is pointing a gun at you8 hours ago
  • I want the shoes so bad

    Orgasmic Chicken nuggetOrgasmic Chicken nugget8 hours ago
  • Lemme go out and wear White supremacy shoes, but shout out to black people.....literally screwed up isn’t doesn’t even sum it up

    Jaida LynnJaida Lynn8 hours ago
  • It’s good enough to fit in me tonight

    •.•.9 hours ago
  • Honestly love how they look, just take the pentagram off

    KlinxiumKlinxium9 hours ago
  • Wata sir t7wa

    علاءعلاء9 hours ago
  • Lost my respect

    Fruhstrates CFruhstrates C10 hours ago
  • The shoe design is hideous

    Miles AltonMiles Alton10 hours ago
  • I would never buy the satan shoes

    EvilUnicorn YtEvilUnicorn Yt10 hours ago
    • because u poor

      Jhonny AlamJhonny Alam7 hours ago
  • They do everything for clout( offset)

    Michael DurojaiyeMichael Durojaiye11 hours ago
  • is this man crazy...???

    Mpho MolebatsiMpho Molebatsi12 hours ago
  • I rebuke.. the work of satan.. in Jesus Mighty Name. My God and my Saviour.

    jun laborjun labor13 hours ago
  • It's one of the greatest marketing campaign iv ever seen. But I personally wouldn't shit on someone's else's religion for a marketing ploy.

    Kemit TrillKemit Trill13 hours ago
  • If you believe in god, why would you get the satan shoes instead of the Jesus shoes?

    Mike ScottMike Scott13 hours ago
  • Popeyes chicken is fuckin awesome

    Fight MilkFight Milk13 hours ago
  • Nike would have made those if they thought they could get away with it

    Fight MilkFight Milk13 hours ago
  • Terrible looking shoe

    23_UNC23_UNC14 hours ago

    Vini ShowVini Show14 hours ago
  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    pynshynna rabonpynshynna rabon14 hours ago
  • 😅 Usa🧠

    Dany RomeoDany Romeo14 hours ago
  • Imagine if a kid goes to a school with those on 😂

    savagefnmsavagefnm14 hours ago
  • All these Jesus comments yall putting, y’all real live talking shit bout a shoe, but don’t have that same energy towards rappers

    Evans Wallace IVEvans Wallace IV14 hours ago
  • i can get a pair

    tapan neopaneytapan neopaney15 hours ago
  • Falo aqui do Brazil, é bizarro entender que a letra da música e o vídeo clip possam se encaixar com a proposta do tênis.

    H ShermanH Sherman15 hours ago
  • لا حول ولا قوه الا بالله

    ZIKOO FFZIKOO FF15 hours ago
  • I would stick those on ebay and let the bids fly! There's no way in hell I would wear those or have them in my house!

    Vixxen FoxVixxen Fox15 hours ago
  • Dislike

    MoudMoud16 hours ago
  • So they went all out on packaging added ink in the air bubble and a cheap pentagram. The box was the coolest part but we ain’t wearing the box lol.

    VEE ANONVEE ANON16 hours ago
    • wdym bro the shoes are sick

      KlinxiumKlinxium9 hours ago
  • Knocks every aspect of the good for millions of people, just to make a statement. Most people with religious beliefs don't intend to put it in your face for the sake of their own ego/pride. I think its their right to do/say what you want here... BUT this is misguided and will only breed confrontation. Who from the LGBTQ community wants that? And does coming out mean that you are devilish? Is this a hype piece? SMMFH

    Noland RyanNoland Ryan16 hours ago
  • If they were Jesus shoes, there wouldn't be a problem 🙄. Good for Lil Nas X. Everybody is mad at him, but it's the Christian faith that has pushed him to be this way by chastising him for his sexuality.

    nafstapnafstap16 hours ago
  • Anything for views. Why even bother having this shoe.

    Kick JunkyKick Junky16 hours ago
  • Please don’t where them shoes in public

    Really_ JCReally_ JC16 hours ago
  • make jesus shoe instead

    AnndrrrewwwAnndrrrewww16 hours ago
  • We need Namjesus, Hobi water, and the Bangtan Gods more then anything right now-

    Yoongles PringlesYoongles Pringles17 hours ago
    • @Yoongles Pringles I know, it’s just weird, don’t mind me XD

      Sofía GómezSofía Gómez3 hours ago
    • @Sofía Gómez it’s a BTS meme-

      Yoongles PringlesYoongles Pringles4 hours ago
    • Wtf

      Sofía GómezSofía Gómez4 hours ago
    • 🤣🤣🤣

      Andrea SmithAndrea Smith14 hours ago
  • It's a sin.

    Corey ChambersCorey Chambers17 hours ago
  • Dislikes this video because I hate the shoes

    Amin HaokipAmin Haokip17 hours ago
  • Bro it’s just a fucking shoe. It’s not like satan sponsored it. What is peoples problem. Let people express themselves damn

    stanley whitestanley white18 hours ago
  • Clearly lil nash x sold his soul also I saw on Tick Tok

    Bernabe TomasBernabe Tomas18 hours ago
  • Lil nas x is🤢🤢🤮🤮 Allha 😛🤩😍🥰

    Roblox_YambaiRoblox_Yambai18 hours ago
  • Why does it have so many dislikes ??????????

    FonsFons18 hours ago
  • Tqi ropt pse I more

    Ermela CotaErmela Cota18 hours ago
  • Yall need to chill out

    friendly.i.dontcarefriendly.i.dontcare18 hours ago
  • Nike is know for slave labour so many ppl s pain an blood an tears an life’s from kids to adult if they make it that long to make these expensive shoes 👟 they went as far as slave labour that is possessed in itself the factory’s must a been a horrible feeling being in there all the pain an suffering this is the closest thing to the truth Nike s have ever came !!! An also why I never rock Nike !!

    jonny gixxer 750 bay bayjonny gixxer 750 bay bay19 hours ago
  • I wish i could buy this

    Aarohi PanditAarohi Pandit19 hours ago
  • Imagine going from riding horses to selling offbrand satan theme nike shoes with blood inside the plastic

    SkullSkull20 hours ago
  • 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Vini OfficialVini Official20 hours ago
  • Jesus is coming soon, we must repent now and be ready. Godbless😇💖 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved. Romans 10:9‭-‬10 NIV

    Noreen AlimorongNoreen Alimorong21 hour ago
  • This video is totally disgusting for all people and don't post such disgusting content here to misguide others! Bloody hell was that

    Zainab 亗 TanoliZainab 亗 Tanoli21 hour ago
  • Kasut syoitonnn tibe

    Aina RidzuanAina Ridzuan22 hours ago
  • Minus the pendants on the laces ide rock em

    yoo toobyoo toob22 hours ago
  • May Allah bless Us

    Reez OfficialReez Official22 hours ago
  • Ink? Think otherwise.

    Angenetta WilliamsAngenetta Williams23 hours ago
  • Sick asf

    Neutral BandaNeutral Banda23 hours ago
    • Shut up It’s just shoes

      Jésus ChristJésus Christ20 hours ago
  • Pandoras box

    Highstar clipsHighstar clips23 hours ago
  • I dont even know that satan need a shoes🤣🤣🤣

    fatinfatin23 hours ago
  • I have have a great idea for a video types of ways to destroy santana shoes

    Poco LocoPoco Loco23 hours ago
  • im unsubscribing

  • It’s witch craft end of story

    Britt NicoleBritt Nicole23 hours ago
  • Instead of being six hundred shoes, it should be six billion shoes

    LonesomeWordingLonesomeWordingDay ago
  • لاالہ الااللہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ صلی اللّٰہ علیہ وسلم 🥀

    Awais AnxariAwais AnxariDay ago
    • @Awais Anxari لا إله الا الله و اليسوع رسول السلام ✝️✝️✝️

      Jigo SelnaJigo Selna23 hours ago
    • لاالہ الااللہ محمد رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم

      Awais AnxariAwais AnxariDay ago
    • @Awais Anxari لا اله الا الله و اليسوع رسول السلام

      Jigo SelnaJigo SelnaDay ago
    • لاالہ الااللہ محمد رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم

      Awais AnxariAwais AnxariDay ago
    • المجد للرب اليسوع المسيح ✝️

      Jigo SelnaJigo SelnaDay ago
  • اللّٰہ اکبر

    Awais AnxariAwais AnxariDay ago
  • I am glad nike sued this fools

    MâĐ Løve RêvivalMâĐ Løve RêvivalDay ago
  • Best shoes ever i want it ( others go cry about religic

    Rockefe:DRockefe:DDay ago
  • dislike👍🏻

    afri haikalafri haikalDay ago
  • Bruh you goin to hell for this no cap😭😭

    ThatGirlPlayzThatGirlPlayzDay ago
  • Shoes from hell

    Hydra GamingHydra GamingDay ago
  • I hate this shoes

    Popo JoPopo JoDay ago
  • 🤮

    Daniela GonzalezDaniela GonzalezDay ago
  • I dislik the video because i dont like that shoes

    Lam min LunLam min LunDay ago
  • Mann to be real tho i just feel like its a respect thing. If you belive in god why buy the devils shoes you feel ? Not to be disrespect on the ones who dont believe , do you . 💯

    Jacob GillandJacob GillandDay ago
  • We don like satan shoes🙏🙏

    King X DexterKing X DexterDay ago
  • shits dope wish i had a pair

    Jay AllisonJay AllisonDay ago
  • Makes you wonder where Nas’ brain is at. Also, it’s no different than black nikes with a red accent on them. Those who are saying that they’re cool looking, it’s literally no different

    Bear FruitBear FruitDay ago
  • Whatever is the matter with the shoes , They look sick though

    Neel ShroffNeel ShroffDay ago
  • He can’t even say have mercy 😇who else dislike the before reading to comment 😇

    Brandley 18Brandley 18Day ago