02-15-2021 Little Rock, AR - Travel is a sNOw-GO in Little Rock due to 7 to 10" of Snow - SOT

Feb 15, 2021
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Video of the difficult driving conditions today in Little Rock. 7-10 inches of snow was reported around the area. Video includes multiple slide offs and accidents including a state trooper trying to use their vehicle to push a car up a on-ramp and vehicles tires spinning on slick roads. Sound byte from Kimberly Marks a nurse who was on her way home after a 20 hour shift and slid off the road on a on ramp that had multiple vehicles sliding around blocking the road. Also some shots around Little Rock including the capitol.
#IceStorm2021 #OKWX #ice #LSM #snow #traffic

  • Повезло с зимой!А у нас-мороз и без снега!

    Yavir 274Yavir 2742 days ago
  • Blizzard here in LR and damn police just worried about arresting people for it

    Jonathon HarrisonJonathon Harrison5 days ago
  • Alternative title: people dont know how to drive in the snow

    Jesus F ChristJesus F Christ6 days ago
  • Unbelievable, never say never ..

    Viki DemosViki Demos6 days ago
  • hey guys, I’m from lr arkansas and guys that week was so crazy the stores was empty, no bread no meat anything, people cars was breaking down, lights were flicking, online school was absolutely horrible, the snow was so deep but glad it’s over now and life is back to normal 😀

    Kyla WylaKyla Wyla6 days ago
    • Facts lol I was stuck in my driveway for like a week 😂

      Vic Damone JuniorVic Damone Junior2 days ago
  • Yeah it was messed up pretty bad and cold asf for too long

    NoFrenNoNoFrenNo6 days ago
  • lived in Witts Springs a couple of years wonder what Marshall looks like

    donald d daydonald d day7 days ago
  • Well, theres a whole world of natural chaos at the moment. Its like Corona virus,we might as well get used to this,it ain't going away anytime soon.

    Trevor ClausenTrevor Clausen7 days ago
  • Don't you guys even have snow plows? pathetic

    klesk173aklesk173a7 days ago
  • 🙏

    LottieLottie7 days ago
  • I live in little rock. Was getting around fine in the side by side delivering supplies to neighbors

    Captain KhakisCaptain Khakis7 days ago
  • I don't care what anyone says snow is awful to drive in. Especially if you are not used to it.

    Melanie NagyMelanie Nagy7 days ago
  • I guess they don't sell winter tires in Texas

    JimJim7 days ago
  • I would have had me some fun on those roads

    Briggs NealBriggs Neal7 days ago
  • God has punished you for all your interference in the life of other countries and this is not the end.

    Константин ДенисовКонстантин Денисов7 days ago
  • Ppl in the south not the smartest ppl in the usa

    God Of DeathGod Of Death8 days ago
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    Ahmed MonirAhmed Monir8 days ago
  • Elites $ays Global warming. The real weather says ICE AGE.

    Tom RobieTom Robie9 days ago
  • A little geoengineering brought to you by H.A.A.R.P. and sponsored by your beloved Government.

    Jayk RoachJayk Roach9 days ago

    mariasam mariasammariasam mariasam9 days ago

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    mariasam mariasammariasam mariasam9 days ago
  • Viver em um lugar desse não deve ser nada agradável. Vale a pena conhecer,porém não vale a pena viver.

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    Ahmed MonirAhmed Monir9 days ago
  • What kind of tires do you people use? You may want to have some all season radials on hand for freak weather like this.

    Paul JamesPaul James9 days ago
  • Winter season? needs winter tires .

    Alex GuerreroAlex Guerrero9 days ago
  • we live like this all the time, we have experience of several thousand years, we could teach you to cope with it. my support for the victims.

    Grigory PetrovGrigory Petrov10 days ago
  • fk jeep

    ottobertoottoberto10 days ago
  • it's time for Texas to join Russia, Putin does everything for the people, taxes are low, and health insurance is free

    AlexAlex10 days ago
  • This is an awesome video for chevy trucks 😂😂😂😂😂

    Jason FawcettJason Fawcett10 days ago
  • A lot of these folks are essential workers and had no choice but to be out 🙏

    MsiAKMsiAK10 days ago
  • If the stupid people would just deflate their tires............

    USA Plantation: You, Me and the OwnersUSA Plantation: You, Me and the Owners11 days ago
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    Ahmed MonirAhmed Monir11 days ago
  • Peace on earth and good will to all asiatics get out the south that's we're the destruction going to start. 🤔☄🔥🌊⛈❄🌬🌀⚰💉

    Ad BeyAd Bey11 days ago
  • Esse friu serve pra acabar com o vírus, da china. Amém 🙌🙌🙏

    Marcia IsaiasMarcia Isaias11 days ago
  • Plz stay in home safely ....Lord of Vishnu support U all ....

    vetri velvetri vel11 days ago

    Fkzz FzkkzFkzz Fzkkz11 days ago
  • Looks like they should’ve plowed.

    Johnny BoyJohnny Boy11 days ago
  • And this is why I bought a Subaru with Blizzaks

    John ClassifiedJohn Classified11 days ago
  • Got dang bear the snow we get in Wisconsin. I’m glad I did a road trip before all this snow, Little Rock is where my great grannies are from.

    Infinite GaloreInfinite Galore11 days ago
  • Non of these folks should be out on weather they're unprepared for. Lessons become HARD. Bet non had a survival pack/gear in their vehicles either. Or tire chains. Sad..... Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

    Alexander FreemanAlexander Freeman11 days ago
  • Locals be like: WTF is this? We don't have plowing equipment for these roads!!

    Math:matic-al Physic-al Chemic-al Bio.logic-alMath:matic-al Physic-al Chemic-al Bio.logic-al11 days ago
    • A government will make the investment for snow plows for a few months of snow, not for a few days. And therein lies the problem, the south does not make that investment. Arkansas is NOT, I repeat NOT, Ontario...

      Ron ClarkRon Clark10 days ago
  • This is one of the many reasons why I left Liberty City, it never snows in Vice City,

    Tommy VercettiTommy Vercetti11 days ago
  • I love american people, be safe everybody.

    Odil SaidovOdil Saidov11 days ago
  • يارب ياارحم الراحمين لطفك يارب

    Sou DjoudSou Djoud11 days ago
  • Northerners tend to ignore southern reality. In the southern states that get maybe at most a week of snow and ice on the roads, days instead of months, the governments do NOT invest in a fleet of snow plows or salt. The auto and tire stores do NOT stock up on snow tires or chains. These cars are driving on snow and ice that have not and will not be plowed or salted. Those that have landscaping and lawn mowing businesses do NOT invest or do any snow plowing of parking lots or residential streets. At best the small towns and counties may drop some sand on bridges and at stop light intersections which will most likely be blown away by gusting winds within minutes. While traffic will wear down the ice on major roads, parking lots and residential streets will remain icy until the ice and snow melts...

    Ron ClarkRon Clark11 days ago
  • Looks depressing, the ☀️ is always Better. I am glad where I live we don't have to worry about that stuff.

    HRHR12 days ago
  • OK.

    TANURE A2TANURE A212 days ago
  • I was in Little Rock on that day driving Uber in my Subaru Outback. I did not have any trouble going wherever I needed to go. I was driving all through the hilly parts of town.

    Lenord VaughanLenord Vaughan12 days ago
  • Is not a journalist to give us details account of what is happening?

    Ramphul ArvedRamphul Arved12 days ago
  • Where is the voice of the speaker.

    Ramphul ArvedRamphul Arved12 days ago
  • Buy a 4x4 truck stupid asses

    Only God Knows WhyOnly God Knows Why12 days ago
  • One word... Subaru

    Nathan HannahNathan Hannah12 days ago
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    canal juancanal juan12 days ago
  • Some don’t make it because there ways where wicked

    Jose SantosJose Santos12 days ago
  • Mehhhh...10 inches?..we go to work here in Canada...just leave early and we know how to drive...we also use Winter Tires...makes a huge difference.

    Insignificant Speck Of DustInsignificant Speck Of Dust12 days ago
  • Only terrible if you got 2 wheel drive

    FloreypotteryFloreypottery12 days ago
  • America is strong .... for my opinion ....

    Abdelrahim AlamiAbdelrahim Alami12 days ago
  • 0:48 こういうクソな車にはロケットランチャーで破壊して排除したいよね。邪魔なんだよ。

    N SeiN Sei12 days ago
  • Hello Montreal 🇨🇦Canada. Be safe in Little Rock y’all. I miss the Natural beautiful Arkansas i lived in north little rock for 15 years my old home USA 🇺🇸

    Flako VillaFlako Villa13 days ago
  • How are these weaklings going to fight us in Siberia? Will they send - Canadians and Alaskans? :))) In 1918 they already came to us. They just disappeared into the forests near Murmansk. Hello from Siberia.

    Гретый ТумблерГретый Тумблер13 days ago
  • Winter Tyres plsssss 😭😭🙏🏼

    Una Familia BiculturalUna Familia Bicultural13 days ago
  • Wisconsin: "Hold my beer..."

    Dom MedisDom Medis13 days ago
    • yeah yeah hold my beer 🙄

      JohanJohan13 days ago
  • 2:34 Smart that they put their wipers up off the glass. I live in Illinois and still forget to do that and later regret it when they're stuck to the windshield lol.

    Matt In IllinoisMatt In Illinois13 days ago
  • Was it a mini ice age?

    MagdaMagda13 days ago
  • deberían tener ruedas preparadas para evitar eso, las ruedas deben ser aptas para todo tipo de terreno, la tecnología actual a permitido que muchas ruedas puedan andar en nieve y barro PESE A QUE EL AUTO NO SEA APTO PARA CIERTA NATURALEZA

    Tokidokigamer uwuTokidokigamer uwu13 days ago
  • Where are the snow plows?! Damn chemical trails changing all the weather.

    Barbara MowreyBarbara Mowrey13 days ago
  • Yeh..so much fun, I love it.

    Ceemfaj tswmCeemfaj tswm13 days ago
  • Deus todo poderoso em o nome de seu filho Jesus, cessa Senhor essa tempestade.👋

    Maria LucasMaria Lucas13 days ago
  • That GMC Acadia with the nurse needs to put it in 4WD, it’s comes standard on that thing!

    AnonymousAnonymous13 days ago
  • These Dumas turn their wheels crooked and expect to go straight.

    Rainy SundayRainy Sunday14 days ago
  • Fifteen inches altogether.

    brightvalleybrightvalley14 days ago
  • A paisagem élinda, mas eu não enfrentaria.

    Abigail Tenório de OliveiraAbigail Tenório de Oliveira14 days ago
  • Nestas nevascas os carros so sai de pôr sal nas passagens.

    Abigail Tenório de OliveiraAbigail Tenório de Oliveira14 days ago
  • Os paises americanos estão cobertos de neve.

    Abigail Tenório de OliveiraAbigail Tenório de Oliveira14 days ago
  • Glad I live in the mountains of Colorado. We deal with these conditions regularly.

    rahkin rahrahkin rah14 days ago
  • No winter tyres in Texas.

    friendduckfriendduck14 days ago
  • wow there has been wacky weather all over the globe 😨😨😨

    len brianlen brian14 days ago
  • So much for global warming...

    R RR R14 days ago
  • The first problem with snow in the south is most people are not used to it and can’t drive in it. The second problem is they have a zero dollar snow removal budget

    Kyle RiderKyle Rider14 days ago
  • i thins this is to the fact that the road keepers and people are not used to deal with this kind of weather. Where i live it's normal to have even more snow and i'm not having big issues even with a saloon car 2wd but with winter tires. And no automatic transmission, it helps in snow to drive a manual.

    nonenone14 days ago
  • People just dont have common sense anymore.

    PapaPapa14 days ago
  • Living in places where it snows and not carrying tire chains 🤣🤣🤣

    Ecchi GamesEcchi Games14 days ago
    • Living in a place that averages FOUR inches a year, there is no need for chains. This storm was one of the every 5-10 year storms.

      Dan RDan R14 days ago
  • This is nothing compared to East cost.

    irene imorpairene imorpa15 days ago
  • See thats the issue right there, im from new york born & raised, also live in Georgia now if the governor, senate, & the mayor of the states can come together yall can get these sanitation workers in the south too provide more salt & sand trucks too put on these roads & snow shovel truck as well too shove the snow off the road my dad work's for NYC sanitation for 30 years we always prepared ourselves for snow disasters like this 👌

    Tyler GarciaTyler Garcia15 days ago
  • Where are the plows, and the salt. Really. Visit Buffalo NY. We will show you how its done.

    Michael SzmaniaMichael Szmania15 days ago
  • Some folks just cant drive in snow

    Steve M DeLaCruzSteve M DeLaCruz15 days ago
  • Slow down. Sunglasses will help you see through blizzards. Leave lots of braking distance . No snow tires? stay home. Be careful with alternate heat sources because of carbon monoxide. Heat one room your kitchen . Never leave candles unattended.

    David MunroDavid Munro15 days ago
  • Mother nature has got PMS. If you do not have snow tires stay home. Be careful with alternate heat sources and carbon monoxide.StaY in your kitchen and heat one room. Never leave candles unattended.

    David MunroDavid Munro15 days ago

  • 🙏

    Alley OlyAlley Oly15 days ago
  • People what the water company does not tell you is when it freezes again, collect water, close the water valve from outside and remove all the water from the pipe inside your houses so it does not open leaks, greetings, My prayers for all the people of texas,

    Salvador SilvaSalvador Silva15 days ago
  • what Biden doing ?

    Sabel LSabel L15 days ago
  • I bet alot of cousins are cuddled up and "riding it out"

    Skrewewe ToobSkrewewe Toob15 days ago
  • I live innChicago and yeah.. We " expert " drivers in snow but even so I think this winters is weird than past ones.. Snow hasnt stop and it is hard so firceinevone from Chicago to say tgat it's alarming 😰???!

    Vero RgVero Rg15 days ago
  • Kinda makes that whole global warming thingy look like a cute little harmless booger, don’t it?

    NoisyBoyNoisyBoy15 days ago
  • It's called Global cooling.

    Diesel HaleDiesel Hale15 days ago
  • In ohio we call this a level 1 in my county that sparked slot of rage last tuesday because factory's only excuse level 3

    c tc t15 days ago
  • Always some idiot with a stupid lightbar!

    Michael HolleyMichael Holley15 days ago
  • Gotta have love for California and Miami

    Carlos JosephCarlos Joseph15 days ago